Saturday, December 05, 2009

Raking Leaves Again

Repetitive this leaf raking, but at my mother's place. I took the coaxial cables and splitter with me to get her new Tivoli radio connected, and that effort alone took some 40 minutes due to mind-fuck games as to signal quality, the correct dial (they fucked me out of knowing AM from FM radio for 30 minutes, something I would never forget, and haven't until today), and swapping the cables around to ensure the splitter was working. And standing over the TV, a CRT type and that big magnet at the back of the tube at crotch level is also just fine for perp games. Especially when they have my mother delay me starting the task by serving up coffee. Then when I went outside to do leaf raking, one of my mother's friends came by to then have lunch with a sit in the same seat at the table I had, and again when I later came back in. That the new table top radio is working is a minor feat, but there always has to be some kind of FUD/fog to delay activity onset and installation. Today's version was setting me up to expect wonderful sound from the cable FM, only to find it was full of white noise and his like an analog aerial. That spawned a round of cable swapping to test the coaxial wires as well as the splitter. All good and jolly fun for a sicko to have the victim going round in circles to no avail.

The city bus ride was another freak show; it came faster than I expected so I had to run for it, dodging through the myriad vehicles that had descended on the location. This was a 1500h bus headed into downtown from suburbia, and lo, if it wasn't packed to the gills, and forcing me to keep my plastic bag with a Christmas gift book to be placed on my knees instad of beside me. First it was the Asian female delegation posted around me, then some Asian males were inserted, and then Caucasian males. One Fuckwit who was featured in a green fleece top managed to be standing at the front of the bus and somehow finangled his way to the rearmost seat to then sit beside me. Quite the feat for a jam-packed bus. Just who the fucker wasn't known to me, but it has been made plain in prior events that they can shape-shift (or morph over) those who are known (very likely First Feral Family members) to make them appear unfamiliar.

But I suppose that catching the bus within 10 minutes of having a delay lunch at 1430h, which included a rare soup (orange in color) and then a spinach quiche was the big attraction for the fuckwits. They don't allow me to eat eggs very often, and this is the third such meal in 7 years. Something about yellow food is decidedly spooking the perps, and this was a rare instance of getting me to eat yellow colored food and then placing me in public shortly afterward to have the Fuckwits crowd around me on the city bus. Some 50 people, standing room only, on a Saturday bus, leaving every ten minutes, headed to downtown at 1500h is just the usual perp inanity.

Finally, I was allowed to do some PL/SQL study tonight following tea and chocolate, but I cannot say it was entirely fruitful as I didn't understand the declaration syntax in the provided solution. More cognitive adversity, perhaps even perp created, though it is consistent with lifelong learning disabilities over all things conceptual. I contend the perps have been riding me since birth, so it is not clear as to when they interfered or what is a native ability or in this case, disability.

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