Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Shorts

Another very brief posting as I am due to join First Feral Family activities for the rest of Sunday, and into Monday as well. Now that my old PC's components (motherboard, PSU) are in my my mother's recently upgraded PC, I might be able to post from there.

The third laundering of my two cotton T-shirts is required as they have been beseiged with a linting "from" the wool socks that were not laundered with them. Somehow, the wool lint somehow leaps into the washing machine and fouls particular garments to force their extra laundering in a later load. As always, any garment or item that takes on a linting behavior is laundered separately. So far, towels, wool socks and now jeans can somehow cast lint off and onto the other items in the laundry. Go figure. But if the offending linting items are washed with the bedsheets, why no linting takes place. And it would seem that the assholes like to have fresh laundered items flung back in the plastic laundry bin to moulder there until the next load, or even get their own laundering. The endless perp games over laundry are still in full-on mode, and especially of late as I will be cleaning up my farm work clothes for the winter shutdown they informed of two weeks ago. All is not so bad; I get to apply for a grant again because I am unemployed, and on a disability income. Plus, there is plenty of pick up work, leaves mainly, at my in-town brother's and mother's places. I suspect this winter time layoff will accord the perps other benefits of jerking with me in other ways as well.

As usual when laundering, a sudden onset to clean up the apartment takes over. A vacuuming even, as this is fairly infrequent, but I did get the planted rationale to clean up as the farm work clothing will not be throwing off grit, crumbs and straw chaff. That made sense, and so it was thus; vacuuming, sweeping and bathroom cleaning. And as always, the planted dog hairs that erupt from nowhere, and always on cleaned surfaces. And I see they are also doing this same tactic while shaving (face and front)l the dog hairs somehow arrive caught up in my fingers or on the razor, - at least five such while shaving alone.

The pounding of walls and the ceiling of the putative neighbors has started up and bears no resemblance to someone hanging pictures or whatever other apartment related maintenance one can think of. That suggests they want to noisestalk me completing this blog posting, as my mother will be picking me up in a few minutes. Suffice to say that the assholes have been diligenty hounding me at the moment of completion of anything of late, and all the more noticeable when doing the farm work job. Sometimes someone would complete a task that was mostly done by me, or vice versa, having me finish a job that was mostly done by someone else. And no end of delays and break time timing to extend the moment of completion for later, often with differing personnel present.

And now, after five minutes of wall tapping, the Fuckwit is still at it. I used to get this bullshit in my Seattle apartment when the assholes first struck and went overt. And now, 7 years later, they are still at it. The most obvious coordination is when the tapping starts overhead and travels toward a wall, and then the tapping continues, going down from the top of the wall. That takes coordination from at least two putative neighbors, har, har.

And now ten minutes later, continued wall tapping, this time with a different beat. The perps might be going a little beserk today, a First Feral Family visit imminently, and then a stayover to do gardening work there Monday morning. Another beserk coordination might be over last night's nut shave; normally a once per week event, but scripted for a two week interval this time. There was plenty of concurrent noise at the time, and I suspect there will be a heavy navy blue gangstalking color theme, the same color as the disposable razor I used. I haven't been wrong yet. Now to post.

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