Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Detailing the Alternate Reality

A post from Jeremy on his interpretation as to "getting an handle" on my strange experiences. A thoughtful answer, but not a complete one, and one that sticks in my craw from the presumptuous re-interpretation camp.  Perhaps Jeremy is intending to be helpful, and offering me some other ideas as to how my reality is being perturbed with in mostly unconventional ways, minute by minute or even on shorter time frames than that. The perps have a long history of instignating email slanging matches despite good intentions, and I am hoping that my answer below isn't taken as provocative.


I operate from the perspective of applying conventional (gravitic and human behavioral) explanations first for the oddities that regularly occur, and that is my long standing bias. I don't opt for weirdness for its own sake, nor do I try to make things seem stranger that they are. And nor am I some kind of science fiction groupie who has found some perverse nirvana of being involved in these bizarre and imposed circumstances. Two shrinks tell me I am being persecuted, and that should be enough for most people to accept my observations as a premise and start questioning their notions of the physical state of the world as they have come to know it. A tall order, to be sure, but hopefully the Relevant Science for Action at a Distance Energies section to the right, and other's similar stories (alien abductee's being one prominent category), will guide the objective reader into arriving at the conclusions I have come to. If not, tell me where I have missed out on convincing you.

Rather than getting into a pseudo-technical arguement as to how the perps are having their Fuckwits arrive around me in public locations without noise or apparent approach, something I am highly attuned to, and any other explanations as to their methods, I wish to keep this at the level of having learned all these games because they have being going on for so long (7.5 years as of now), and because the perps gently, but continuously, introduced me to these. And they have a long history of perturbing me with their alternate explanations until such time as I accept them, through my own rational analysis and also back-tested with strange events prior to the assholes going overt/beserk on me since 04-2002. I don't accept anything they tell me ar first blush, and one of the long running side games is that they often posit unreasonable events or re-interpretations of my past, or even the historical past, and if I reject them as unfounded, unlikely, irrelevant, don't care or immaterial, they will usually try again sometime later in the day, or following days.

My level of understanding as to what they are doing has been crafted by their agenda, through their examples, but analysed by me, and accepted or rejected according to my own conventional perspectives, not the least of which was tedious science classes in high school. An example is the horrific events of 9/11; about the time the "truthers" and other technical doubters began to surface in say, 2005, I was up to my neck in all manner of odd coincidences, and the last thing I needed was to engage in another significant event and re-work my own conventional understanding of the entire physicalities of those catastrophes. But as it "so happened", over a period of a year or more, and after reading many reasoned and rational opinions (likely arranged for me to find) I began to change my perspective on what exactly happened that fateful day, especially when the Building 7 fell in its own footprint without benefit of a aircraft collision, that its fall was announced in advance on the BBC with the building still intact in the view behind the newsreader, and that it was going to be "pulled" (recorded on audio or video, and slang for demolished) in advance of it falling down. I have come to the conclusion that there was a whole lot more skullduggery going on in each instance of the three sites; NYC, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania region crash. What exactly went on and why isn't clear to me, but I have come to accept a more conspiratorial take on the 9/11 events. And I see many parallels of investigational inquiry of the perps between my present unconventional Fuckover and the events of 9/11. (An example is the haul trucks that dumped soil on some of the smoldering piles the next day in NYC. I am constantly besieged with soil games (excavations in my proximity, soil digging jobs, soil on clothes etc.), and planted soil samples that are not from here. But I don't get involved with the 9/11 truthers and their cause as I carry a burden of strangeness with me, and don't wish to engage in heightened and unsubstantiable claims that do me, or them, no service. But I did come to accept that the events of 9/11/2002 were not adequately explained by the following inquiry, either in the physics or the behavior of senior US government officials, including the cabinet members. Check out past videos of the body language of Cheny and Rice as they attempt to explain what and why.

The above should serve as an example of how I come to arrive at differing conclusions than originally thought, and that is what I expect of objective readers. To quote one of my fave TI's I would like to meet, "this blog is kept real", all the time, and without baseless extrapolations. And if it seems that matter can be remotely manipulated to have extra conventional gravitic properties, like pee drops making impossible lateral leaps from the toilet or vertical ones that travel up some 3' to eye level and fall exactly back down in their upward trajectory, then that is what exactly happened. And it is not a big stretch to then have pee, or anything else totally disappear in mid-trajectory, or re-appear from nowhere. And then when birds materialize from nowhere in mid-air overhead, and the assholes treat me to teleporting operatives in my apartment when they invaded it in 2002, it is a bigger stretch to accept teleportation of animate beings. But as crumbs, doghair and lint routinely arrive from nowhere to pollute my immediate visual environment (over100x per day), have me touch more things I didn't intend to and/or to piss me off, these teleportation incursions seem to serve the perp's ongoing research initiatives in a dynamic and essential way (for them). They do teleportations routinely, effortlessly and frequently, as if were just another office prank, and were hired to be non stop pranksters. And I have mentioned in one of my Essential Introductory Postings that one of their prime objectives is related to the provenance (where things are from, including soil) of all objects, and especially foods and beverages.

So it would make perfect sense for the sickos to first arrange for local gangstalkers be in my presence as a calibrative exercise, and then insert (teleport) some Fuckwit from far away, the next block, the prior same room, the next building or whatever geographic proximities of interest to them at the time. There is a related distant dependent objective to all of this which I assume is related to the injection of teleported Fuckwits as well. How all these gangstalker are arriving in my proximity without me noticing them in advance and visually tracking them, or even hearing them, happens routinely anytime I am out it public. And it is happening more often in the past 12 months. It is likely that they have dithered me to not notice a Fuckwit arrive in close proximity unseen or unheard behind me, or an apparent sudden arrival in 60' front of me, by way of remotely applied neural intervention. But as there is a significant perp need for provenance testing, it also highly likely that many of the seeming teleportation arrivals come from other places, and in passing in close proximity in public places, they seem to gain some kind of remotely detectable analytical advantage of energetic interaction (electromagnetic or additional energies also, depending on your belief system), with all the engaged operatives availible for pre and post gangstalking testing.

The above precis should serve as notice that I have a handle on the imposed extra-conventional reality that I deal with, and that it involves technologies that are repressed from us plebians, and are routinely operational for the asshole Fuckwits that continue to make my existence a living hell. All because they lack the fucking gumption to front for their nonconsensual fuckery/experimentation, and have made grevious past fuckups that have impaired their progress after 47 years of constantly scripting and dogging me. (The fuckups being that they allowed ubiquitous pollutants to be ingested that have unpredictable quantum properties than macro electromagnetic ones, and that the traumatizations they inflicted from 1956 to 60 remain in subconcious memory, though deleted from conscious recall. Both these deemed explanations are supplied by the perps, though supported by the long standing themes, personal history and props of the imposed overt beserkness).

My last Oracle PL/SQL class tonight, and if I get the grant, I will start the Oracle DBA course Jan. 21, 2010. I have to wonder what in the fuck the perps get out of me taking these courses, save to inflict more abuse in the way of jerking my cognition while attempting to put software together. It seems in retrospect they have done this nearly all my adult life, the some half dozen times I have been involved in this activity, but they have been worse in the last 20 years with more recall deletions. Now, it is next to impossible as they won't let me even see my mistakes for a few minutes.

The pulled a big black vehicle with blacked wheels (no hubcaps) into the bus stall in advance of it coming and then jerked me around into being afraid of it. What a fucking sick joke, though they tell me that this was a subconscious reaction (what they are attempting to elicit) as my conscious recall of such vehicles with traumatization associations has been wiped out. I don't give a shit, just leave me alone, it is that fucking simple.

Then a cluster fuck of buses when outbound at the college, the first driver stopping in the middle of the bus turnaround so stop the one behind for a few minutes. More wierds in both bus commute directions; a big hatted Fuckwit had to sit one seat away, 90 degrees offset and draped his fugly hands over the seat back so they would be closer to me. I was sitting on the rear bench seat, and he got up to go, went to the rear door, rattled it a few times and strangely it didn't open, as that is how they are arranged, to open on touch. Then he comes back and sits in the same seat near me, and rides the bus for another ten minutes. He then moved some 10' away in a forward facing seat where th blond woman had been, and inside a few minutes he comes back again as he had "accidentally" forgot his gloves on the floor. I don't know how the gloves got there, as I was watching this Fuckwith as he was creeping me out, and I would of seen the gloves tumble down. An excuse to "visit me", and leave a piece of his clothing as a reference perhaps. I get up to go and exit and he is still sitting in his seat, and when walking up the hill to the building a few minutes later, lo, if the Fuckwit isn't 40' behind me. It doesn't come any stupider than that, or more obvious IMHO.

The sickos seemed to slacking off a little on the gangstalker intensity tonight. I wonder what they have going on as this doesn't last for long. It is not like they take holidays, not in my experience.

So, I will call it a day and post this, hoping that tomorrow is a little more interesting than this shut-in time until 1740h when I headed off to my Oracle database course.


Anonymous said...

Malapropism says:
Looking back, I'm sure my ex-wife was a perp. She and her relatives were in real estate, mortgage loans/brokers and DoD aerospace contractors.

problem is people who don't seem to be compromised are getting close to zero.

"Some targets will marry a person who is managed by the system. It makes a lot of sense though, as that would allow them to gain very tight and fine-grained control of a target’s life with minimal outside intervention, saving manpower. Since marriage itself is a legal contract, it allows the perps to control the married target with very fine precision. It is a perpetrator’s dream."


Anonymous said...

I find it very surprising you still have the ability to tolerate watching television.

does any of it bother you?

AJH said...

Answer to: Anonymous said... Malapropism says:...

My ex-wife was a shill/perp; I often wondered why she was so emotionally closed as there was no reason for it, me being the "share all of it" kind of person,then and now. And there were many strange reactions from her when certain disasters were on the news: TWA 800, KAL 007, Russian spies news, etc. And also, when I complained about certain individuals going inexplicably strange, she never would add to my analysis, always this blank or stupid expression. Other times, when there seemed to be an unusual amount of objects breaking, falling, moving or the like, the same blank out expression. Once, two days in succession at breakfast, the jam flipped off the knife onto the front of my shirt, and the second time I said "what is going on", as it was unlikely that this would happen once, let alone the oddity of twice in two days. She looked totally surprised, her eyes went big, and she made an expression but put her hands over her mouth to stop herself from saying anything. Now it all makes sense, every last detail with the retroactive application of the TI/covert harassment events. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I find it very surprising...

You are correct, I don't tolerate television for long, and the only time I watch it is when at my typical Sunday evening visitation to my mother's place, aka, the First Feral Family home. I tried to watch TV in 2004-5, but it was so tedious, not to mention the plethora of "coincidences" that went on. Maybe they wanted me to see the Dec. 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster news. Only a month later I cancelled TV service. Just speculation of course, but as my circumstances are so highly contained and scripted, there are no coincidences IMHO. Thanks for the comments.