Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Financial Transaction Christmas Confluence

A major Fuckover confluence over ordering online; at least 8 obstructions over paying online with two different web browsers and when attempting to make a telephone order, the web page blew up (same site). Finally I get a phone message, strangely timed to when I was attending to laundry for three minutes in the laundry room, along with two Fuckwits placed in the hallway, and plenty of prior rage-ifications, including a rare prior semi-public one in the laundry room itself (no one around). Then in concert with the interspersing of laundry and online ordering activities, why the online order guy isn't reachable when he phoned only minutes beforehand. Another round of laundry attendance, and another Fuckwit in the hall, and when I am launching the web browser, why the phone rings and it is the online order guy. Fair enough; and as soon as I reach for my wallet and for the entire remaining part of the telephone transaction, the siren noises start up while supplying my credit card details, and lo, if it wasn't verified as OK. Two days of fucking grief over online ordering and at least a prior three days of selecting the items from two other web sites to be then hit with insane shipping charges (refusing to order), and finally being allowed to find a vendor that wasn't gouging me on shipping. And with the online shopping cart staying persistent (this time, unlike the last online vendor), I also had the "opportunity" (read mind fuck game related to the "do it again" abuse that is the daily fare), to re-work my order contents three times. It is plain fucking beserk all these jerkarounds over financial transactions. (See yesterday's blog for a recent summary as of then).

Not forgetting yesterday's fuckery related to this same theme; a missing discount card in my wallet forced a later re-visit to reverse the transaction for my work clothing (discount card expires at year end), when the said card "arrived" back in my wallet once I got home after the intial purchase. Then the debit card swipe repeats with the scummy dude show slithering in at the checkout yesterday, and at least 80% of the past supermarket debit card purchases at the checkout have been fucked with for the last three weeks. Can we say, "tis the season for high abuse"? Especially when most of the Western world is in a shopping frenzy as well, this is all too convergent. Besides, I vowed to not spend anything owing to the employment fuckery, and lo, if it didn't just "happen" far more than I intended.

Then some more abusive rage-ifcations over forced typos, and I was good to go again for another round of abuse to enter my transactions details in Quicken. A wretched bill had been sitting around for 10 days, and I "forgot" for that long. Never happened before this insane bullshit erupted.

Plenty of plasma and masers as well, the noisestalking has been amplified some, especially the "noise"; aka planted noise, from shaving. I am due to meet up the the First Feral Family matriarch later this afternoon, so I suppose this relentless rage/abuse show is the sicko's form of preparation. No doubt there will be a huge gangstalker squeeze when I do the driving for her to the sundry locations that she has in mind; getting the Christmas turkey, and the new countertop for the ongoing bathroom renovation. Remote manipulation of my testicles also seems important as well this morning.

I am due to stay at the First Feral Family for the next five days over Christmas. Posting will be intermittent but possible from there as I use the updated PC (with my old motherboard which is suprisingly faster with a new hard drive and graphics card). Have a perp-less and harassment free Christmas time as much as  you can.


Anonymous said...

They've been ramping up the abuse to a new level the past week. Seems they know I was with friends and family, and having a good relaxing time, and hence, had to compensate by taking the harassment up a couple notches.

I've been reduced to one day per week work the next semester. The perps screwed me out of my second job. Maybe they were doing me a favor, because they might allow me to go back to school or even find full-time employment. They've been pounding me pretty hard with the notion that I need to "be an engineer" instead of teaching part-time at the community college. I had a recruiter out in California get in touch with me; I'm not sure what that's about, but I've been getting a lot of hints about moving to California the past 6 months. Like they were dropping hints all over the place that it's such a great place to work. I'm sure it would be a nice place, being from Pennsylvania. Still not sure I want to make the move yet. Not with my mighty one day per week job. But I am not complaining, because at least I can make car payments.

I also get planted notions that I should file for unemployment while working that one day per week job. I sure could use the rest, though I miss teaching 4 days per week. Well I was making a meager salary doing that anyways, and maybe they are kinda being "nice" by allowing me to take "time off" to look for full-time employment.

AJH said...

Answer to: They've been ramping up the abuse...

The Christmas time at my perp abetting mother's place was decidedly more vexing for many reasons which I will detail in an upcoming post. They love to piss on a party (any good time in fact), and Christmas might be their optimum moment with all the lights and extra colors, especially reds.

Interesting that you are getting both constraints on employment and guidance as to where to go next, including the detail of getting an unemployment claim going. (I have also been getting this, still on my 7.5 years of "disability" payments, but having sufficient work time in 2009 to make a claim for the first time since 1975.)

The perps have a VERY strong interest in the theme of employment, and all its myriad of facets including not having much income, making unemployment claims, applying and eventually, taking on new jobs, feeling insecure in a job, etc. I won't engage in the notion that the current high unemployment and economic slump at their door, but one never knows.

Interesting too that they are hinting that you become an "engineer" (software I assume), as I have been getting a similar (planted, IMHO) drift, though legitimately as I am taking Oracle 11g upgrade training in 2009, and hopefully, 2010. I also get the planted notion that I am to eventually re-locate in Alberta in late 2010, and they have been inserting this notion in a low key way for months now. Not the same as California of course, but relocation and employment in software as common for the New Year (2010). It has been rare that any kind of longer term employment has been under consideration by me for the past 7.5 years of abuse and harassment, until recently.

For me at least, this all spells longer term (2+ year) continued harassment and abuse, albeit in an employment situation, something they haven't permitted much of until 2008, and more of in 2009. They whacked me out of regular employment for good in 2003, with 2002 as partial employment when the harassment started with the clinical bullshit cover story. I find these common threads interesting, though I really don't know why the perps are so interested in such a broad theme as employment. (It is because we need to eat and do something meaningful as well as be engaged in an useful activity, all things they can and have manipulated in my case. They can even have me not eat for days, and not be excessively hungry afterward, though this was in their "blitz" harassment of 2002). Thanks for the comments.

For the benefit of casual readers, there is nothing in my life that is a coincidence, and nothing has ever been in retrospect. I say this to dispell any notions that I am reading too much into the commonality of above Anonymous' future looking experiences and those of my own as stated above.

Anonymous said...

Probably it's not a coincidence they keep insisting I get an Engineering job, as I live in a small town in PA. Most of the Engineering jobs around here are manufacturing, mostly low-tech as far as engineering is concerned, compared to other states which are booming with high-tech. It feels like yet another keep-down tactic. Or perhaps it was just an excuse to beat me down, to make me feel like I wasn't a good teacher. I had plenty of compliments from students, though, and some of them complained to the director who was perping me (obviously) that I was in fact a good teacher.

Perps want us to feel like we're useless, worthless, and can't do anything right. Sabotage plays a big role in this, setting up the scripted failures we experience. Seems they want us to feel exasperated, incompetent. I've had some students (perps, apparently) complain that was incompetent, when in fact most students say otherwise. Again, a tactic is used to make us feel utterly worthless and useless. There are other things they do, but I can always tell I'm being perped. They carry out some of their tactics as though they are being very sneaky, when in fact those tactics have PERP written all over them. The only difference is that, being a TI, I know I will be discredited and intimidated even further, and there will be lots of denial, so I figure "what's the use in complaining".

Perps are so hilarious, I feel like laughing. You know, how they do the whispering thing with the insults using trigger words. Wow, they sure have a lot of perps working for them, but maybe they should think about giving it up. Seriously. I realize world domination is so extremely important to them, but I am surrounded by so much bullshit and harassment... that when I see or hear anything, especially anything distressing, I know it's more scripted bullshit. Particularly the distressing stuff: if I see or hear news dealing with anything I personally consider distressing, I can tell it was a scripted perp stunt geared towards me personally. Then again, who is going to believe me?

AJH said...

Answer to: Probably it's not a coincidence...

I wrote up a long reply last night and it went poof, gone, when I posted it. Fortyminutes of effort and the assholes deleted it.

The short story is don't despair; they have a plan for you that involves continued employment. The reason I say that is because you get good work/teaching references, even if there are a few antagonistic ones for no seeming reason. But you are correct in identifying that the perps are consumed with competance, often creating incompetance stunts and obstructions for us TI's. It is one of the major perp themes that I haven't written about, largely because it is so pervasive. Thanks fof the comments.