Monday, December 07, 2009

A Monday of Cold Temperature

A relatively slack day, but not free from abusive fuckery to get me rage-ified by any means. This is a return to the full-on Monday abuse earlier in the year when staying at the First Feral Family home overnight Sunday (arriving there in the afternoon), and then undertaking various tasks while there Monday morning. The plan was to do a four-way compost amalgamation; the chopped leaves, the loose leaves, the stalled compost in the compost bin and the everything else pile (pulled plants, flower pot dumpings etc.). But as there is an Arctic front over the Pacific Northwest and into the Prairies, it wasn't the best idea. So.. in the prearranged and scripted life I lead, I was doing driving duty for my mother to a few local stores and then onto another suburban mall from where I took the bus into downtown Victoria, where I live. Anytime I accompany quislings of the First Feral Family is always a big gangstalking show, vehicular and ambulatory, and this was no exception. Feeding Day at the Trough of Covert Abuse Operations, all in the name of mind control research and whatever else the assholes are riding me for, though seeming to be hugely important given that they haven't come out of the closet for over 7.5 years.

And it was so cold, (ahemm, the putative rationale), that the store staff were wearing toques and black fleece gloves for crissakes, not unlike me as well. Call it parallel clothing emulation, but I am sure there is much more to it than that. And I did get my freakshow on the city bus again, and they are putting on many more male shiftless Fuckwits with no apparent day job but to wear gradations of brown hued clothing, and as the coup de gras, only three stops short of getting off, a (brown skinned) Asian male next to me and a woman on the opposite side sat down at the same time on either side of me in the wider bench seat facing the aisle. I don't normally sit where the geriatrics and handicapped types sit, but as there was over 30 Fuckwits on the bus at 1130h, there wasn't much availible seating. As the Unfavored crowd went the bus ride wasn't too freakish; no skinheaded males and no negroes, something they have been heavy on for the last two weeks. Mondays are often a change up in gangstalker themes for a week or so, so perhaps they will put this on for the rest of the week.

It looks like the cold spell will run until Friday, with some hint of snow for Saturday and Sunday. One cannot take the weather forecasts as accurate as they like me to be faked out as much as not knowing. It is rare that they have me know the forecast and then have actually know it was accurate. These Arctic fronts that chill down the Pacific coast aren't unusual, there is usually one or two per winter, so I won't ascribe any perp manipulation to this event, though they do like to impose temperature variations to aid in their remotely applied energetics surveillance methods. I routinely get the hot and cold supermarket items placed around me at the checkout; gangstalkers ahead and behind with frozen and hot cooked food items is very common.

But I did get some extra-stupid checkout action today after getting off the bus and before returning to my apartment. The items were rung through, and lo, if the cashier's computer didn't freeze up and I couldn't pay, the problem first assigned to my debit card but that wasn't the case. And so, the cashier took me to another checkout, she packing the bag, and then taking it all out and re-scanning it into another bag. As part of the cash register shutdown there were a few phone calls she made to see if she could get help as well as logged into the new checkout. Anyhow, regular readers will be familiar with the perps' ongoing insane and unrelenting interest level in all financial transactions, be they debit cards at checkouts, mailed checks, ATM transactions, exchange of cash (recieved or given), and even the lowly coin trays of the washer and dryer on this floor. When they first went overt in 2002, the gangstalker dudes would suddenly arrive at the checkout and then turn their backs toward me and pretend to be engaged in shopping. It was a bizarre as it was consistent, and often an additional posse was in place before I went to the checkout. All this time it has been no different, just less blatant, and usually with Favored demographic group members (blonde and/or attractive females as one example), and now they are inserting more (Unfavored) dudes at the checkouts again, usually freakish weirds and adding more Unfavored clothing colors (browns, reds, yellows). All that elapsed time of abuse and they still haven't made it back to where they started at, likely a blitz in an attempt for quick achievement gains which didn't materialize. (The putative reason, as imparted by the perps, and sustained by their antics and props, is that they cannot remotely detect my energetic signature due to ubiquitous envornomental pollutants in me (like anyone else), that behave unpredictably at the quantum scale compared to the macro scale. To date, these are said (by them) to be PFOA's (teflon manufacturing compounds), PDBE's (fire retardants in carpets and furniture), glycols, PVC's (polyvinylchlorides), Polypropylene, bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, DHMO (Dihydrogen Monoxide), urethane, phenols, PFOS and others. No doubt many of them were introduced into industrial production if my read on the depth and breadth of their machinations is approximately correct).

Another item of gangstalker clothing that is getting more attention these days is black leather jackets; at one of the stores I went to with my mother this morning, the shirt and tie dude was in a black leather jacket doing his encirclement of me with the store proprietor, also doing brown bag lugging. I get the black leather jacket brigade with me on the bus, and even for me to see through the open rear door from my seat when the bus has stopped. I don't know what the significance is from the perp's past (possible) traumatization games during the recall deletion years of 1956-60, but leather tanning involves a number of metal salts and it may present a more energetic surface from which to remotely detect energetic interactions with the victim.

One oddity in the realm of the vehicular gangstalking parade was parking a stump grinder next to me in traffic; an exposed circular blade of some 18" and with large projecting teeth, on an arm that can be swung in a horizontal arc. I often get tree and brush chippers being arranged around me, so this stump grinder was a variant on this regular theme that has persisted from the get-go in 2002.

Enough rambling on old themes, and time to call this one done for the day.

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