Friday, August 22, 2008

Pointless Doctor Visit

I did my 30 min. walk to see the doctor, and it was arranged that he was out in the patient area when I arrived, and hence, did not sit down prior to seeing him. It is all very ordered and arranged, having me breeze in and directly to his office. It was the same pleasant banter, with me doing most of the talking, and he doing his eye rubbing, with and without his glasses on, something he does each time I visit. He is East Indian, almost Ghandi like, and is reasonably pleasant to talk to, unlike his Asian predecessor. Like I have mentioned before, the chain of doctors is of increasing browness, and my prediction is that the next one will be a negro in a year's time, when the current doctor gets gifted out of there. The doctor was wearing two shades of a similar green, a deep olive green, and a browner variant for his pants. Not the most flattering combination and nor did it suggest any summertime color selection.

The doctor is the fount of benefits, therefore he is a vital member of this "disability thing" I have got tagged with. Suffice to say, when I told him about the implied "don't come back" from the day program that offered the gym class twice a week, he didn't say anything. Not even offering to make an inquiry as to why I wasn't taken back into the classroom where the gangstalking is moderate. Just another strange reaction IMHO, the passive response thing again.

It has been a busy gangstalking day for olive drab green. I wore my jacket of the same color today, all to keep a letter inside the breast pocket for the doctor to fill out and then forward to the insurance company who covers my life insurance premiums while disabled. A big joke that, as I have no idea who the life insurance firm is, and if they would pay out for a Canadian in Canada after acquiring the policy coverage as part of my employment in Seattle, Wa, USA. It is an annual ritual to say the least, and gives the doctor an opportunity to diagnose me in the privacy of his office without me there, as he hasn't done so yet, just like the last one.

The first gangstalker popped out of the elevator on the sixth floor when I was getting in, an Asian girl in olive drab shorts and a top. Then she "realized" she was on the wrong floor and came back in again, effectively gangstalking where I had been standing waiting for the elevator.

There were plenty of other Unfavoreds of the ongoing freakshow (read, ambulatory gangstalking) around me; the red clothing was very evident today, as were wheelchairs (4), "plastic bagmen". long haired males, skinheads and grannies holding up the cashier at the checkout ahead of me with their fumbling act, and then "needing" another plastic bag to hold all their items in. Back to the perps plastic antics again, and it is a daily event in all the variations of plastics in common use.

I was wearing a black shirt today, and that also brought on extensive vehicular gangstalking, sometimes clusters of four black colored vehicles, and rarely less than two black colored vehicles together. I also deposited my check at the ATM, and lo, if both machines weren't tied up, and the one that was availible first was by way of an olive drab dressed male gangstalker vacating the ATM. The perps find no end of fascination with the contents of my wallet, and I assume that taking the green colored paycheck out was all part of the planning they put on for me. They had me use the last green $20 yesterday, and the only bills that I have in my wallet are a blue $5 and a purple $10. This makes for dull writing, but the perps have arranged at least 8 wallet "losses" in the past 20 years, and find the contents of my wallet intensely fascinating.

Now the siren cascade has erupted, just as I finished a forced fart. I am sure there is some plan behind all the noise barrages I get; the perps make a firm distinction between sounds that are new or rare, and seem to want to map them to sounds that I am wholly familiar with. I do not know which is preferred, as the perps often alternate between the two types of sounds.

An ongoing trail of loud mufflered vehicles and motocycles has pervaded the noisescape for the last 1.5 hours; about six per minute, and most often when I plug my ears, there is another planted noise just as I take my fingers off my ears. Hearing protection doesn't work as the assholes penetrate the sound dampening somehow, and render them useless.

An interesting read session of William Thomas' writings, that brought on plenty of noisestalking, especially with respect to the nuclear weapons stories. Said stories fitting the themes that the perps are so obsessed about.

Time to call this one done, save mentioning that Anonymous "showed up" again when the comments were reinvoked. My request to this person is to send me an email, as I don't really find that a blog is an appropriate place to conduct a defense of my medical history, such as it is. And identify yourself.

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