Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bone Chilling August

A rather chilly day in August was on while I was relatively immobile, sorting through the conveyor belt of import daffodil bulbs, looking to eliminate debris, stones and soil clods mainly. The Agriculture Inspectors came around twice, which is code for someone standing directly behind me (aka, gangstalking) with a reasonable excuse. The latter two inspectors came just before the afternoon break and then as a seeming part of their duties, stood in the same location I had been standing at while the conveyor belt was shutdown. As mentioned in past recent blogs, the operatives and shills cannot get enough of standing where I once stood, which is also applicable to walking, as I have my posse around me, at work and in public.

And it was a super vehicular gangstalking today when coming back on the crew bus; slews of white, black and silver grey vehicles accompanying two to six embedded red colored vehicles in a tight cluster at the center. Traffic would pass by for minutes at a time in this mode. All the while they kept me talking to this Australian ditz woman who "happened" to get off at the same stop as I did, though she doesn't take this one in the morning. As far as I can tell, I am the only passenger who gets off and on at the same location, while all the others, up to 16 of them, get on and off at varying bus stops. The perps are more concerned about varying the operatives and shills than they are about presenting a realistic bus/passenger egress. As always, when it is important, the perps will dispense with the guise in their quest for bioenergetics interaction information that they really want.

A turbaned Punjabi man sat next to me on the inbound crew bus ride, and it seems that the take down of the larger yellow school bus was timed to have the same passengers sit closer together now. He got off about 10 minutes before I did, and when I got off, why there was an East Indian dude blocking the sidewalk within 15' of the bus. Talk about fucking rude and blatant, it doesn't come any more obvious than that. I also had a five man posse on me when I got back to the apartment lobby; two in the elevator, a negro dude to precede me through the front door which was held open by this strange kid, and a lastmost vagrant loitering outside the lobby, visible through the glass, and fresh from his extended hug with a brown wearing blonde woman some 60' away, and who then tracked me all the way to the building. That wasn't all the ambulatory gangstalking street action for the three blocks it took me to walk from the crew bus drop-off location, as there was at least three times the normal pedestrian traffic on the street. The mornings, 0650h, are the same; the perps have ramped up the vehicle and ambulatory gangstalking to be twice what it was on a weekday back in July when I first started this daffodil bulb picking junket. Even the police are joining the morning gangstalking throngs; there is no less than a minimum of four drive-bys or walk-bys for the 15 minutes that I typically wait for crew bus pickup.

And I routinely get the hooded street vagrant dude attempting to bum a quarter from me during this enforced delay for gangstalking at that time. They like to have them line me up, and then for me to notice them, and to interpret their intent, neutral or foe. There are no real friends when the perps enforce reduced social interaction.

Every day I toil on the farm has also been a laundry day, as "somehow" I get covered in soil, even if on the conveyor belt all day, standing on concrete in the same place for the most part. No one else gets as much soil on them as I do. Today was an exception; I did a towel load instead tonight as the assholes have caused the new towels to "somehow" lint, and must be separated. And naturally, they have also demotivated me in getting a refund and a new towel set. More games; are the current ones the keeper towels, or do I have to go through this bullshit again with a new set?

And lo, if the assholes didn't prevent me from getting on with the laundry, and when I was finally allowed to do so, why, another tenant "happened" to be using the washing machine, which became a later delay in using the dryer. Finally, I was allowed to put the dryer load on, and it will be an hour from now, assuming I am allowed to recall that they are there. I have suffered many laundry thefts and sabotage, and this activity continues to be a perp obsession. More gangstalkers are in the hallway when I venture out to the laundry room, and today's obstruction was the first I have experienced in the 15 months of living in this seeming derelict apartment building.

There was a hint of rain when I walked back from the crew bus drop off, and I see that it came on to be a full evening time rain, replete with the hissing sound of tires on pavement, moving water from their tire treads. Regular readers will know that there is a profound conicidence rate of rainfall onset with my activities, nearly always begining as I set off, just as I get back to my apartment, or even timed to occur as I step out of a store. As the sun incidence also seems to be terribly important to the perps, it does not surprise me that they appear to be managing the weather to suit their every need, as they are unrelenting in keeping me in the harassment zone. Even the farm vehicles are left with their headlights on, and which happens to be aimed at where I am about to sit in readiness for a work break. There are endless faux reflections which also "erupt" and they seem to find me for extended durations that defy normal reflections in brightness.

The typo sabotage is getting severe, and the perps have cranked up the provocations and rant "responses" tonight, so I will post this now to staunch this blatant fuckery.

Back again, as seems to be a perp theme; the premature sign-off, good bye, etc. On of their longstanding games is to have me either bookmark a link, or add to my Amazon.com wish list, now at over 1,000 books. And of late, the latter has been "modified" to have the wish list button from the Amazon.com display removed, to force a game of having me find it with the mouse by moving the cursor over the white location of the removed buttons. And of course, the game is then to further confuse me by changing the layout to have me select (with no visible button) the order, wedding list or other feature instead of the desired wish list button. This is just a sordid example of what small surveilling minds do to create forced web page button selection "errors".

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