Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Recovering From a Cold

I was given a head cold last night and decided to nurse it at my place rather than try anything heroic today. The vitamin C and echinacea have been put into service, and to no surprise, I am getting noisestalked while taking these substances.

I got the all too usual provocations this morning to keep me sufficiently enraged; pulling objects from my grasp, foiling my finger control, planting fake noises with my actions, planting fake touches on me (usually my inner arms, elbow to wrist area, foiling me picking up their crumb inundation and others to sustain my controlled rage show. It is all they do of late, possibly because it has the biggest outcome for their bioenergetics stalking.

I was left alone while on the PC for the most part, "just" finger and hand jabs, some typing sabotage, and of course the outside noise, as if living next to a freeway, which I am not. Like yesterday, any activity more complex than web-surfing get mercilessly disrupted with extra-conventional gravitic abuse. Which is why I find lolling at this PC relatively peaceful, and I don't get the same level of harassment.

They got me up at 0630h which is a piss off as I wanted a longer lie-in to fight the cold they gave me last night. I was awakened at least three times in the night to play some kind of games with planted thoughts; seismic upgrading was the planted dream theme, and all kinds of BS "floated in" at varying degrees of awakeness. Finally at one point a thought came to mind that all of it was total bullshit, as I know next to squat about such technical things. As soon as that (seeming) uncontrolled thought came to mind there was a huge overhead noise and the fuckers zapped me at the same time. And I had the strength to yell at the assholes after that, something that likely served their purposes as much as mine. They have laid off zapping me for the past two or more weeks, and then they pull this stunt. As I type this I am getting Windows dialog boxes coming up, one on top of the other, and it seems to be the latest fuckery when typing up this blog posting.

The perps were planting the notion for me to take the bus and head out the clothing-optional lake, but instead demotivated me to websurf for the morning. And besides, the sun hasn't been out much. This is another example of how this life goes, all these "ideas" and no action taken. It might be "warm up" in the style of their incremental introduction methods of building up the notion of this plan until it happens. They had me going there in 2003 and then the "need" stopped suddenly and hasn't been resumed since. I never went to such places before, and I can only assume that the perps can regulate my inhibitions to a fine degree. The naked abductees of the aliens are also similarly affected; they show no embarassment when there are many such unclothed parties in each other's presence.

More torpor while web surfing since lunch. And one of the themes in the blogs was honesty and con jobs. And too, the noisescape erupted with more noise while reading such stories. The demotivation is getting so bad that this might be time for a nap.

What a nap it was, 1.5 hours with the latter half hour spent awake but I could not get up for some strange reason. Then still sleepy, I headed out to the shoemaker to retrieve my boots that had been fixed for the four or fifth time since 2003. There is nothing wrong with them, it is just that the assholes wish to continue with their foot/shoe fetish, this time having only half of the sole with new glue, as it was only the toes that separated.

And it "so happened" the attractive woman ahead of me at the shoemaker's was talking to the proprietor about steel toed shoes, a topic that has been in recent rotation, as it is a prerequisite for any construction jobs. For the two block trip and back I had my phalanx of gangstalkers, and even a native Indian act of four, putting on public drinking for me. They stayed in place and were there for my outbound and inbound trip legs, only 100' from the front door of this apartment building.

I notice that many of the proximate gangstalkers are drinking from various kinds of vessels; colorless plastic bottles, green glass bottles (not just wine), red and orange polycarbonate bottles (Lexan), and stainless steel bottles. They also put a drinking bottle down on concrete away from the work area, and once finished, another operative puts their bottle in the same location as the first operative. And on hot days the management has sprung for pop on the house, mainly in aluminum cans. The material and color of the drinking vessel seems to be of profound importance to the perps.

There is too much time today, getting up so early, and then doing nothing much owing to the imposed torpor under the cover of cold symptoms. Anytime I say anything the coughing comes on to choke me down to limit my intended statement.

Another eveningtime tea and chocolate, making the latter's cost for the day $10. This imposed chocolate "need" is getting out of hand, and as I see it, serves the perp purpose of placing a pleasant brown colored substance in my mouth and very close to my brain region. And as the perp's brown color problem is mixed in with everything else, I would not be too surprised to learn that eating chocolate is some kind of color inculcation game. It is just that they have been at it for six years, and have even increased the intake of chocolate from 200g/day to 300g/day. Enough is enough; I cannot afford this.

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