Sunday, August 03, 2008

Significant Visual Jitter

I am getting the PC display screen contents jumping around on me as I flit from link to link and it is extremely annoying. This might be a very short posting if this fuckery keeps up.

I added some more to the Answer to Anonymous, the last posting this morning. It would seem that the perps wanted me on a late evening, 2100h to 2330h session, and then again, over noontime to 1400h. The Anonymous poster has all the markings of Ms. C asking the same questions back in 2002, the year the harassment began. I would not be surprised if it was her as I am quite certain that she is a central gangstalker and operative to the ongoing harassment. It is clear that the perps like to utilize former friends a family, and it would seem that this collection of assholes would continue to provide improved harassment benefits. That being the quantification of my bioenergetics for all cognition as applied to all the tasks that I do, right down to Windows cut & paste.

There were other concert venues in town when I got off the bus, and lo, if two more the fuckwits didn't "happen" to be around when I got off. One was at the bus stop, and another, Redshirt, was three blocks removed when I was walking to my apartment building. Next, they will be in the building if that line of blatant gangstalking continues. So far, three disruptive members of the crew have "happened" to be acting as (gangstalking) greeters when I got off the bus. To date, there have been no others, "normal" folk at this gangstalk moment.

I am due to take the bus to my parent's place later, and that too should be an all-out freakshow at full capacity. Last night's 10 minute return trip to the local supermarket was a freakshow. The freaking dwarf "happened" to be in the hallway when I was about to take the elevator, and so I deferred. I took the next elevator, and went out on the street past this ridiculous woman in black and white clothing sitting in a PVC chair outside a restaurant on a cool evening smoking a cigarette. She was under the awnings in which there was a flourescent light overhead. It was too cool to be out, and the only surprising thing was that she wasn't there when I returned five minutes later.

But the dwarf "happened" to be out, some 60' ahead, walking down the street, but thankfully didn't gangstalk me into the grocery store. I would of turned back and nixed the trip. In place of a dwarf in the store, I got a cashier that was about 4'11", a new woman I haven't seen before. An attractive blonde cashier, also new, was two checkouts away, and did a little pose for me to see her. I got some other freakshow representation; a wheelchair act, a negro, a buzz-cut haired woman doing the running act on the street just ahead of the entrance. She wasn't running in the store, and wasn't dressed in athletic gear, so what was the hurry? Just more of the freakshow variation it would seem. I got at least five gangstalkers all walking the same direction as I exited, two from the immediate left, another from mid left, and two more coming at me. In other words, in making a store exit and turning 120 degrees outside to walk back, I had three gangstalking parties seeming to cover three angles. Like I have mentioned in past blog postings, there is huge component of anisotrophy in this harassment, the ridiculous used toy left-hand drive Japanese vehicles being the most prevalent. Last week I also noticed that the perps put on a left-hand drive 5 series BMW next to the crew bus that ran alongside me for at least 5 minutes of exposure time. I have never seen such a odd vehicle in this town before, but there it was.
anisotropy, Physics
of unequal physical properties along different axes.
And I noticed the above dwarf exited from what I call the floor Common Room #2, where all manner of personnel have been sighted from the same apartment within a short period of time. This apartment, across the hall from the laundry room doorway, has had Asian males, Caucasian males, couples and a dwarf egressing it in the past two weeks. There is another Common Room, #1, on this floor, but it has been quiet of late. It had negroes, grannies and middle aged male egressing it within a month, but now it has gone quiet. The improbability of so many disparate characters frequenting one apartment also "happened" at the last residential apartment building, and it got to be equally absurd.

I did a day in the daffodil bulb fields yesterday at a new location, and with sandier soil which made the digging a whole lot easier. It was near a public road, and lo, if there weren't trains of color arranged vehicles arranged, equi-spaced as usual. Some of the other crew members did the walk around the bus act, a seeming innocent "stroll", it is just that they do the same thing each day, posing in my vision to be seen through differing combinations of windows and door glass, or even through the open door. It is all planned to the last millimeter it would seem, all the angles of the posing fuckwit. And too, faux reflections that "happen" to beam into my face from traffic outside, or even the bus interior.

There were no women on the crew and no wackos or disrupters either. For a day of toil in the soil it went reasonably OK, save a few odd encroachments and at least two differing crew members re-digging the area I had dug up. Once is odd enough as it plain obvious that a bulb picker has covered an area, but twice by differining individuals makes it outright improbable, save the harassment orchestration rationale. (The perps like to have their gangstalkers follow me in every detail, down to where I once stood, sat, parked, walked etc.)

Yesterday's background chatter for me to hear was two 12 year old boys in constant chatter mode at varying distances and volume. It would seem that the Unfavored demographic group of working age males, extends to hearing them speak, and it would seem the perps are starting with young boys, have them natter in my proximity for inculcation purposes and then move up the age range. The perps put boys around me when gangstalking me at the gym, and I have always assumed it to be as a thin edge of the wedge approach to move up to males in their 20's. Whatever the perps are looking for in the way of planting young males around me has a long way to go; six years of unrelenting life-rape and here they are fucking with the age of gangstalkers and who I like least to listen to. One night last week, they woke me up at about 0400h to 0500h so to treat me to "dude talk" for over half an hour.
inculcation, noun
teaching or impressing upon the mind by frequent instruction or repetition

And I see that many of the yellow curb and center lines on the streets on my walking beat to the crew bus pickup location have been re-painted recently. And not only that, they went and scuffed them up so they wouldn't be so noticeable. Suffice to say, the streets in this town get repainted even if they don't need it, as a covert party has been testing me with this color extensively for the last three weeks or so. They even pick me up and drop me off in the yellow school bus now, rather than the smaller white colored one. Today's yellow games when inbound at the end of the day were a yellow turbaned Punjabi in the seat in front of me adopting several different seated positions (facing forward, and later to the aisle and even picking up his feet), and a now-talkative farm worker in a yellow shirt who I bantered with on the bus trip.

Another advance on the yellow color fuckery was that I took my yellow raingear out of my pack this morning, as I didn't need it for the sunny weather. It wasn't all sunny yesterday, and the clouding and sunbursting did seem to have some coordination with what I was doing at the time, e.g. standing up, sitting down, moving to a new bulb picking location in the row, visiting the green plastic Porta John to take a sudden need piss, etc.

Another event that I suspect was put on for my benefit was a traffic accident, a vehicle and bicycle collision as viewed from the farm crew bus. The cyclist changed two lanes and didn't bother to look much and was then rear ended by a deep metallic red colored vehicle. I saw the cyclist tumble from behind the vehicle, and from all accounts he was OK. A same red colored vehicle stopped in mid-street beside the involved vehicle and a white one also came to add to the arranged colors. Later, I saw that the windsheild of the involved vehicle had been smashed, and there is no way the cyclist ended up on the hood of the vehicle to cause it. It was a good stunt to protract the operatives and shills to stand in mid-street in my proximity, something they routinely do, as vehicles or as pedestrians. The bus driver also went to evaluate the scene and to help out the fuckwit cyclist. The perps like me to be totally impassionate and cynical about these stunts. I also note that they once abused Brice Taylor to make her emotionally unresponsive to the many terrible events she witnessed. I wonder if the same malevolent party was covertly involved in her abuse. It is odd that this same imposed behavior occurs twice in such disparate events.

The set up and then the jerkaround. My mother "couldn't" drive into downtown to pick me up so I said I was going to take the bus. Guess what? No fucking bus came, so the end of that plan. I will have a rare Sunday evening at my place, and no doubt serve as ongoing harassment bait for the noise parade that has been playing this afternoon.

I had a shoe examining Asian woman with me in the elevator; again, there is a predominance of gangstalkers playing with their shoes, and this was only another example. The elevator was in motion at the time, making all all the more odd.

The post mealtime noise and phenomenon is upon me. The knee torquing has been added into the mix; this is where the lower portion of the leg is turned by itself until knee pain is evident. Then they do it again, sometimes alternating the left and right knees, though today it seems to be the right one only. Last night this happened at the same juncture, about 40 minutes after dinner.

I am also being put "into the beam", the faux reflectivity that erupts off the opposite residental tower and "finds" its way into my apartment to cast light upon me and the floor, often over 20' of full apartment length. (There are pictures in past blogs). The faux vacuum cleaner noise has started up, now louder by dint of fuckery. It is the same noise as before, so how did it get louder? As nearly always, the sound is projected, and not actual, hence the endless games that go on with this kind of assault. Then more noise comes on to be heard through my earmuffs, hearing protection. This is another mystery as to why they don't block out the sounds they should.

And I am being getting hammered with visual jitter again, this time while being rendered in a near sleep. This suggests that mere forced naps aren't enough, and that visual jitter harssment isn't enough, so lets try them together.

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