Monday, August 04, 2008

Sleep On

A 11 hour sleep last night was truly unique. It started as a forced nap at 1900h, and I really didn't feel sleepy but was compelled to do this. I woke up some hours later when it was dark, changed out of my clothes and got into bed, instead of on it. In the morning I had some vivid and highly technical dreams that would not stop until I was awakened at 0600h. It is unheard of me to have naps at 1900h (7:00pm) and almost as rare as a 11 hour sleep. Two sleep rarities back to back. My conclusion was that the perps had me in a test of clothed sleep on the blankets and sheets through the dusk period, one they have a singular interest in, and then compared it to a in-the-bed sleep without most of my clothes on. Anyhow, here I am blogging at this time, also very early for this activity, though I have been up for almost 4 hours. Yesterday was a 0945h getup time, today is a 0600h getup time, and it is extremely disorienting to have such a wide variance of getup time in two successive days.

A yelling at the perps is just over; they wouldn't let me turn one page of my appointment diary for at least 40 seconds. This was when I was starting Firefox, so I can only assume the changing display screen was important while infuriating me. Now a siren cascade has erupted on this holiday, BC day it is here, making for a long weekend. The motorcycle noise has been going on all morning, and has coincided with the siren. Now a car alarm has started to take over from the siren, and now, seagulls, the always squawking birds when there are so few of them around.

The Snowbirds have come to make some noise overhead. That is Canada's aerobatic jet team who tour across North America. It is a holiday, so I won't get into speculations about ulterior purpsoses.

The Snowbirds have departed, and it is back to the noise procession of Harley-like motorcycles, the most loathed noise of all. And I suppose no one knows that better than my tormentors. How they know it is unknown to me, as is nearly all of the freakshow (gangstalking acts) they put around me.

An unexpected call at 1400h from my mother that she was nearby with her vehicle and could I do the driving to my brother's place where they were invited. She and my father has come into downtown to see the above mentioned Snowbird aerobatic display, though it wasn't a full show. The Prime Minister was even in town to enjoin in the Province of British Columbia's 150th anniversare of creation. The first call happened exactly when I had poured a cup of tea but before I opened the chocolate I usually have with it. With my mother's cell phone kicking out twice within 15 seconds of making the call, this added to the confusion, along with the perps fucking me around and suggesting she was outside the building. She wasn't, but the gangstalkers were out there on the street ready for me in black and white clothing and even a white plastic protest placard. As part of the confusion I had a cup of tea while waiting for the next call which took an inordinant amount of time to come through when there is a redial availible on the phone.

By the time the third call she was phoning from the building's intercom, and even that didn't go smoothly as it seemed she couldn't hear me much. So I went down again after cleaning up the teapot and mug. Regular readers will know that the perps have a total obsession over tea drinking, and routinely jerk my ass around when making it; e.g. spills, teabag tags pulled into the teapot, spilled hot water, overboiling kettle, etc.

Of I drove to my in-town brother's with the fossils in the passenger seats. As it so happened, there was a friend with them, one who had sprained her wrist at their place two days ago. It maybe even broken as X-ray is scheduled for tomorrow. As it "so happened" they hadn't anything to eat for lunch, and my brother seemed relatively prepared for this with plenty of food on hand; bread, pre-sliced ham, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. As I had lunch already, I had the cookies which were put out for me it seemed. It was most strange that the three of them, my parents and my mother's friend had left lunch so late, 2.5 hours past the usual 1200h time. I reckon this was a pre-lunch (them) to post-lunch (me) comparison, as the perps are totally obsessed over my digestive bioenergetics, and the likely associated changing color dynamic.

Later, it was time to drop off my parent's friend and then proceed to their place and have dinner with them. My father put on his usual gangstalking of pacing, standing, sitting, getting up act again, and even proceeded to perform it outside as seen through the bay windows. He also did his dining room doorway posing and loitering until I closed it off. He then did more loitering in the doorway to the hallway. He even put on a babbling act, pretending to ask me questions and engage in conversation. The first question I answered with "I don't know what you are talking about", and in response to the second question I made up an answer based on what he said, giving me the information for it. This is all under the cover of dementia or Alzheimer's, but as far as I know, it is totally uncharacteristic, especially when they do exactly the same thing in the same location each time I visit. It is a total bullshit show as far as I can tell. All the time while listening to his babbling I was running this alternate scenario; was this for real, or is he faking it, and how is now that he can at least get the correct emotional tone of a question when he couldn't do this before. It is a mystery, and I have no idea what it is all about. That he lays on the dementia extra thick, almost consistently at every visitation, suggests this entire scenario is an excuse for him to do odd things in aid of the perp fuckery. It is fucking obscene to see someone grovelling that low on behalf of the perps. Given his history of committing me to this lifelong depravity I cannot imagine how anyone could be so obsequious and pathetic.

After dinner I got a ride to the nearest bus stop to come back into downtown, but that left me hanging out to dry for 25 minutes before a bus came. That made me driveby gangstalk bait, and they put on quite a show. Senseless encirclement, back and forths with the same truck full of furniture as if moving, at least one turbaned taxi driver staring at me, and even a "Operations Command" police vehicle with the police driver putting on the stare while passing by. And lo, if the bus wasn't filled with at least 30 "kids", all under 24 or so, and all very vocal and ebullient. My usual seat location at the back wasn't availible, so I sat on a transverse seat 6' back of the driver. The bus filled up with at least another 15 youngsters adding to more chatter noise, and at least two of them were on their cell phones in my immediate proximity (3').

A woman in a red top and white pants sat next to me for some 15 minutes of the bus journey, and a boy in black sat on the other side of me. A woman wearing jeans and a black top with visible red bra straps was facing me. Once the first woman departed (in red and white) the latter woman sat in her place for the latter 10 minutes of the bus trip. There were at least three blondes beyond my immediate seatmates, likely as some kind of color and auric reference. And when it was time to get off the standing passengers didn't make much of a move to get out of the way, and I had to bang into their yellow plastic shopping bags to exit.

For a downtown that was having a concert with Sarah McLachlan and then Feist afterward, I thought it was most unusual to have so many passengers on the bus, and then again on the street when I got off the bus. I was also packing some blueberries in my pocket that my mother gave me, and I am sure this also added to the color referencing the perps like to pull everywhere I go.

I am back at my place for the evening and battling the vision impairment games that are now becoming constant anytime I am looking at the LCD display.

Time to call this one done for the day.

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