Monday, August 18, 2008

Eye and Vision Attacks

Those that follow this TI's blogs know that vision assaults are no new; what is new is the increased precedence of them, even as I type, and presumably the source emanations are from the LCD display. These same "catch up" emanation levels have occured before, both following physical activity until it was dropped. Then the vision buggering emanations were stopped. The reason I call them "catch up" is that it seems that the perps cannot get enough measurements off me while transiting, walking or hiking. And as these and other forms of exercise cause me to dissapate energy, it creates a situation where the perps add extra eye/vision buggering emanations to catch up to their desired level. That's the theory, and it may well be dead wrong, but there is a high correlation with the vision attacks following exercise in some form.

Though I cannot say that I was doing much walking today, as I was standing in one place for the most part and sorting daffodil bulbs, separating the good ones from the bad (soft). The good nes is that I don't feel whacked out form doing this, which is different than the previous weeks, and who knows, I maybe allowed to put three days in succession. My mind-minders have very strict rules as to what I can do, and demand "rest time", i.e. days off, aka forced shut-in time. For what exactly I don't know, but they need a high degree of controlled variation as to what I do where. Standing on a concrete surface is good news for their concrete energetics interaction games, going by the number of passing redi-mix trucks going by when on the crew bus, travelling exactly in the wrong direction for that time of day. That is, the redi-mix truck is travelling into downtown where their plant is at 0700h, and then "delivering" at 1700h, heading away from their plant. Anyhow, I am long familiar with the perps' passing need for authenticity, and that they will dispense with it if and when needed.

Presently I am getting the "ancy treatment"; made to feel ancy and ill-at-ease for no reason, just a general (imposed) state that provide no benefit to me, as it is highly disruptive.

The goat milk has gone sour again, tow days ahead of its "best before" date. This will precipitate another late evening shopping in a few minutes, and I am quite sure I will be major gangstalking bait with tea and chocolate inside me. This infernal "need" for chocolate only erupts at my apartment where I have it on hand. I do not take any for lunch as it won't travel very well and I have no problem not having any. It is all to serve the perps' brown color problems, for which they have decided that I am the vehicle by which to inflict their abuse until they get it, and many hundreds of other objectives, solved in terms of bioenergetics.

The perps have been working hard on yellow colors; they pull these forcasts of rain to then neccessitate me bringing yellow raingear in my pack, and then parade yellow shirted native Indians and yellow turbaned E. Indians around me.

At the end of day mill-about time, which makes no sense outside the orchestrations of players, skin color and clothing color, they had four dudes in all black, or black and white, and they aligned themselves N. to S. for a few minutes, and then again, E. to W. some 10' from me. That I was wearing my black stretch Cordura pants also added to the game it seemed. And the last person to get on the bus was this dude they have been parading around me for the last week, and here he was dressed all in black and chose to sit in the seat in front of me that had been curiously left availible by at least a half dozen "passengers" before they elected to sit elsewhere. Just another day of being gangstalk bait, dealing with this infernal parade of fuckwits around me, and even worse, I probably know many of them if they weren't morphed over. The excessive juvenility of some of them also serves to create plenty of disruption.

Time to post this and set off to get more goat milk for tomorrow. This has been about the fourth late eveningtime shopping trip, the first such in over two years. The perps also like to test out my perception of colors in the evening time, bringing the reds out of the shadows for me to see in the streetlights.

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