Sunday, August 10, 2008


The joys of PC activity are becoming more strained by what the perps see as their right to apply force to the lower leg to then create knee pain, or knee torquing pressure. They did this last night, and it seems to be a regular evening time harassment game. I suspect that the severe emanations coming off this LCD display are a "golden moment" of opportunity, though for what remains a mystery. Recent research in a past blog posting has determined that the knee sensations are on a brainstem neural pathway. And I have long suspected that they are working on this brain region as they often fire masers through my neck, above my Adams Apple.

I was sorting bulbs on the conveyor belt for 8.5 hours today, and I must of had over 500 fake touches applied to me. There were minor whacks in the foot, exactly the same place and intensity, false touches applied to my fingertips when attempting to ascertain daffodil bulb firmness, and the faux bashings into the PVC pipes that were either side of me. In the latter case my arms were at least 4" away and yet they would apply a sensation as if I had blundered into the PVC uprights.

I am being dociled as I write this, and chances are that this posting will not be long, no matter all the intrigues of the gangstalking assholes.

I see Anonymous knows my first name, and is still at posting comments; the obdurate clinical explanation thing again. No, I am not perturbed about some asshole playing shrink over the internet; I just wish they had the gumption to engage in debate, and keeping personal diatribes out of public places. It is time to shut down the comments for a while until this fuckwit finds a life apart from invading mine. As is I haven't experienced enough invasion and associated adversity.

Picture time again, this of some recent sabotage. And no, this does not prove that I am being harassed by dynamic extra conventional gravitic forces; all it means is that some very odd things are going on around me, and it is not always applied to me directly.

The first two, take 07-22.2008, of my former Patagonia Capeline shirt before I tossed it out. (It is still in the trash, not yet taken out, hmmm...). The splatter marks "erupted" in the laundry "somehow". The creases were never there at first, and became permanent fixtures of the fabric at some point.

Near the hem of the shirt on the most prominent fold in the center of the picture, there is a fuzzy patch that "erupted" some months back, identical in location and type to another shirt of a different color. It is best seen when zoomed in. The streak also "erupted" in the last laundering, and it has the orientation of being precisely othogonal with the fabric direction. Hard to pull that off randomly; see it in the zoom shot below.

Never have I placed a mark with such precision; then again, I wasn't alone when my past garment markings "happened".

Taken 08-10-2008, this fleece pull over was laundered for the first or second time in the 8 years I have owned it. I don't wear it that often, as I don't like pullovers all that much. This sweater has been taken into an alterations shop a half block away, and I am sure that fact figures in the endless distance dependent games that go on all around me. I took my boots into a shoemaker one block away to be repaired the same day. Again, it could be more distance dependent games, this time in a S. direction.

Anyhow, time to call this one done for the day, and I apologize in advance for such paucity about the extra conventional goings on that are my life.

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