Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Clogged Sinuses

More battles with perp caused pop-up boxes, and not even a hint of attribution to keystroke fumbling, dispensing with the "usual" cause.

Another day on the conveyor doing daffodil bulb sorting; a reduced crew of five "somehow" worked out for the increased bulb quality. Funny how they knew that in advance. And no territorial encroachment fuckery today, what I relief I wasn't put through that bullshit again like yesterday. And I note that the first 40 minutes of bulb sort time is in direct sunshine; yesterday they had me facing E., (and the sun) and today facing S. with the sun on my left side. Orientation with respect to the sun is very important to the perps, and they take great measures to ensure that this variable is exactly how they want it.

And I see that some of my TI colleagues of the TI activist group are interested in a new cognitive improvement supplement called Prevagen which is based on a protein that causes jellyfish to convert calcium to photons, making them glow. The buzz on this is positive and I have no idea where it is availible, save I am not promoting this in any way, just passing on the TI "buzz" du jour.

It seems like a perp ordered variable to me, given the extensive pit-lamping I get, even in the daytime. (Pit-lamping is the act of keeping headlights or other sources of light trained on me). I am staying neutral on this one, as I seem to invite flame wars for no substantive reason, not unlike (mentioned below) police vehicles around me.

I was waiting for the crew bus at a prominent arterial junction in downtown at 0650h, and there had to be at least four police vehicles "passing through" over the 10 minutes I was there. This is on the low side, and I even get them getting out of their vehicles to access the ATM nearby. This is not new among the TI community, and I do wonder what it is all about. My mother watched a whole lot of crime/cop shows on TV in the 1970's, and 1980's and it seemed totally out of character, especially that they weren't very good. I asked her why she watched these shows more than once, and she blew me off each time. Ergo, it might of been for the perp's agenda, that manifests itself presently with plenty of police sightings in my proximity. The disgusting pot-bellied sargent gangstalk strut of last week still takes the cake as the most odious, not being a drive-by event. I even get the stare-at-me drive-by from the police, as if they know who I am, and wish to contribute to all the other schmucks and assholes who engage in this orchestrated ritual. Yesterday, a couple on the crew bus stared at me when I was boarding for no reason, acting in unison; that takes coordination IMHO. And I am sure that the stare time is scripted to the millisecond, as the averted eyes is the next play after staring at me. By then, I am at least noticing them staring at me in my peripherial vision, an depending on my circumstances, I may return the stare. Often, as when engaged in a higher priority activity, like standing up on a moving bus, I don't get the opportunity to return the stare.

The most blatant staring I have had was this well dressed woman in a organics grocery store, stepped into my path where I had intended to walk, and I was also compromised some as I had just landed on my left foot, and typically like any right handed individual, use my right foot to lead in changing direction, especially if unplanned. Anyhow, she was in a nice pantsuit and blouse, way overdressed for this hikey-bikey town, and staring at me, having lined me up perfectly to be in my way. Instead of getting rude or pissed off, the perps had me avert my gaze for chrissakes when this woman needed a taste of staring back. This has been the most deliberate staring to date, along with a forced "reaction" that wasn't my own, but I get at least a dozen starings per week.

When bulb sorting ended prematurely "due" to time/watch problems not of my making, and extended the "hang around time" waiting for the field pickers to arrive, I noticed I got the brown skin treatment from three sides while sitting on the picnic table; a negro woman 2' to my right (N.), an East Indian Punjabi male with a turban across from me (E). and another to my right, (S.). Both Punjabis had their backs toward me in typical gangstalker form, and were "stalk still", like sentries, as was the negro woman. The latter has been friendly even, and we exchange the odd banter, and even a bus ride duration yesterday, which also had some interesting timed events.

Anyhow, I also noticed that the two Punjabi males were seated near me at the rear of the vehicle on the bus ride home, which is unusual as they like to form their own tight group together at the front. I had the usual 2,000 to 5,000 vehicles on the route that were color and vehicle type coordinated; the whites and silver greys, then deeper grey tones, a red (building up to two or three later), and then the black colored vehicles, and then repeat, wave after wave, changing the vehicles from sedans to SUV's and trucks, and then alternating with the odd tractor trailer and commerical vehicles of intervening size.

Other bizarre events in adult form was one individual throwing daffodil bulbs around, seeming to have plenty of time to do so, unlike the rest of us who were constantly on alert to the bulb sorting task. This escalated into more items being thrown about, especially toward the end of the day, and eventually he threw a bulb at my knee. I immediately got into a snarling riposte, and he did the near-patented "look away" countenance. I was amazed how incredibly hot-tempered the perps are keeping me; I am never like this and it represents a managed state of behavior that never occured before. It does make wonder if they know what they are doing.

This individual who was throwing bulbs around has the strangest visible body modifications; he has extended his earlobes and stretched them to accomodate a 2" disc of black and white sandwiched plexiglas, presumably to elevate the perps' methods of remotely detecting the energetics of plastic pollutants inside of one to those that interact with skin tissue (the 2" disc). The entire ear looks disgusting with this black disc wiggling around. I have moved my seat on the bus at least once if he sits in front of me with this fugly visual intrusion.

I just learned from the apartment manager a few minutes ago that he has locked the garbage chute room on this floor, and the ones below as they cannot unjam the garbage chute. Totally silly, and all the more odd that he didn't put a notice up on the door in the first place. He began with a question as to whether I put any garbage outside the room, and I admitted to one. This struck me as odd as a way to communicate a week-late notice, and all the more that he knocked on doors to do so. I noticed that after I closed the door, and looked in the adjacent closet mirror, that the perps had been busy bleeding the cold sore they gave me over a week ago, and "somehow" keeps getting reinjured to sustain a sore there, no doubt for other purposes by another party. The generic term I use is "blood samples", though I am of the opinion that they can extract a blood sample by way of teleportation methods, and what they need a sample for is to have on my skin or nearby, and evaluate it against the blood sample, which might even be on a full time basis around the clock. At least twice this week I have seen some blood on a daffodil bulb on the conveyor belt passing by, and is not from the sorters ahead of me. I can only assume it is mine, lying on top of a mid-brown bulb, or someone close by. The method of presentation was identical in both cases.

And the dude who got into a slanging match with me yesterday seemed to be OK today, and even said good morning, as if nothing had happened. I returned the polite entreaty. He has been wearing a Montreal Canadiens hockey sweater in red, with a single horizontal blue stripe edged in white for the past two weeks. This morning, he was wearing a dark green over a dark brown shirts, presumably to up the color exposure combinations for me to see and interact with for the perp's games. After the first coffee break he had changed again, and was wearing the red and blue hockey sweater for the rest of the day. There is only so much brown color I can take it seems, and the perps know exactly when that is.

Time to call this one done for the day, as scrambled the order might be, but I am getting some kind of annoying feet movement activity, and it may be time to have my weekly bath as it was missed for whatever reason last night.

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