Friday, August 01, 2008

Strange Antarctic Dreams

The perps kept me in a light REM sleep for much of the night where the perception is that one didn't get to sleep, when in fact they were in a light sleep. And for whatever reason, they involved me in a protracted tour of a facility that replicated the conditions in the Antarctic as well as providing huge diagrams of all the warming sources that were causing ice loss. At one point in the dream there was overhead glass, and I could see the ice above it. There was also a large model/diagram that showed that the climate warming ice losses were related to sedimentation from major rivers of the adjacent continents. The rivers were individually named no less, many from the Asian subcontinent. How such disparate river sedimentation has an impact on Antartica, I have no idea, but if this shows up in the science news in a few years, you heard about it here first. As before, I never had such vivid and specific dreams until the harassment started in overt form in 2002. Also, in 2008, it seems that the perps now have the capability to keep me in a dream where normal prior circumstances were that I had a neural "circuit breaker" to get me out of a dream that was too odd or freaky.

I forgot to mention yesterday's pee hopping as a extra-conventional dynamically applied gravitic anomaly. I was peeing in the toilet in my usual cautious fashion, and two small drops 2" apart hopped out of the toilet and onto the floor, taking identical and parallel trajectories. Odd enough. After I finished peeing, and still standing over the toilet, the perps hopped another identically sized pee/toilet water droplet in the same trajectory of the first pair. Pee-hopping, with and without causal action it would seem.

A day of tending to daffodil bulbs as they passed by on a conveyor belt. This is the sorting phase, after the field picking, and it follows washing and loose skin removal. Though in fact, much of the loose skins were still on them, and plenty of leaves that got in the way of evaluating each bulb. The perps like to place interfering objects in front of what I am tasked with, and seem to have increased this activity of late, including using more plasma fuckery.

And when looking at the conveyor belt for hours on end, the perps like to arrange situations to shut it down, and as soon as that occurs, they give me some kind of energetic shot to my cerebellum to create the perception that my horizon is changed, as if on a ship at sea. I am then obliged to look at something further away to secure myself in the fact that the moving belt has nothing to do with such a perception. There were at least 20 of these "horizon attacks", and it would seem they want to know what part of my brain deals with detecting and correcting the erroneous sensation they imposed on me. Even the act of maintaining one's horizon and balance is a fuckable perception they want to master from remote locations by unseen means.

I am getting my knee jabbed and torqued right about now, and may have to stop blogging here.

On Gangstalking (here) has some interesting perspectives identifying the perps' objectives as psychic energy related. Regular readers will know that I touch on the psychic energy agenda the perps seem to have, most often evident by noise or other phenomenon eruptions while doing mundane things like buying groceries with a debit card, paying bills by check, making links, copy & pasting in Windows, Bookmarking interesting web sites etc. Mostly I just report on the perp's inane methods and noise games and their concurence with my activities at the time. It seems that few of the TI community, with the exception of Rachael O. of On Gangstalking understand this huge agenda beyond "mere" mind control. It is gratifying to know that it is recognized, and hopefully more of the TI community will address this. I don't mean to sound supercilious, as I suspect the TI community at large, and including me much of the time, are being kept from putting all the details together to understand the massive scope of the perp's intent. Just imagine, being able to send someone ill feelings by way of their online picture, blog or mention of their name. That is how big it is; the shills and operatives are constantly name dropping, keeping with a person by name as a theme for the day or week, and then resuming again in a few more weeks. And that is what all the morph-over shills are about; finding some intrinsic energetic properties that is related to the person, no matter what they are wearing, or if morphed-over to be someone that appears to be someone else, sometimes another gender. Mentioning the scripted pseudonym of a person who is someone else is all part of the process of determining what those intrinsic psychic energies are.

As an example, one of the farm workers is named Glen, and he is very talkative, and relatively easy going. I don't know any other Glens currently, but the foreman mentioned his name a few times, once to me personally as a general comment that day was going quieter as Glen wasn't at work that day. In another "Glen event", I missed the last payday, as did Glenn and it "so happened" that we both went to the farm office together for the same purpose (a financial transaction in effect, note). Glen has also been used in a primary gangstalk role when they bookended me between him and a woman who looks very much like my daughter. It is highly likely that Glen is a morph-over of someone I know, but why do the perps make point of "featuring" this guy in my proximity so often, as well as the name-dropping? I postulate that the perps are looking for some intrinsic psychic properties about this person, no matter his name, look, clothing colors/choices or gender. There is usually a dozen or so gangstalkers in more prevalent circumstances among this farm labor crew, and I suppose they are all someone else after their interaction script activies are over.

And a gruesome news item that surely fits the perp agenda; getting a blood sample and much more from an unsuspecting person on board a moving vehicle, in this case a Greyhound bus. Some poor schmuck never had a chance, getting knifed while sleeping, and then beheaded by his beserk seatmate. The calls to screen bus passengers will start soon, that personal invasion that the perps like to arrange. I don't mean to sound excessively conspiratorial here, but I will go as far to say that this horrific news event seems to fit the perp's agenda as I know it. They hounded me in 2002 for weeks on all kinds of road surfaces in varying cardinal directions, and very much liked to arrange bruised or cut knuckles and fingers while I was dealing with their fuckery while driving.

It is getting late, and I haven't written up today's fuckery and gangstalking related to brown skin, brown clothes, the policeman that was called in when a worker up and walked after 20 minutes, never to be seen again, and other dodges and feints that are consistent with ongoing harassment. Maybe I will get a composite blog posting done, covering all my days of daffodil bulb sorting.

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