Friday, August 15, 2008

Onto Some Down Time

The perps have me in a state of being highly frazzled and extra reactive today. Hence, some time spent at my place, "chilling out" in the 27C degree heat. They have these ways of telling me, usually not long in advance, that my run is done, back to a shut-in at my apartment.

They re-arranged my morning schedule of getting up at 0500h for the crew bus downtown at 0650h by screwing me out of setting the alarm, and then waking me at 0600h. That precipitated a shortened breakfast (no coffee or chocolate only cereal and toast with peanut butter and jam). And too, a shortened bathroom time, no frontal shaving today. I shouldn't of been too surprised to find that I was being encircled by a fuckwit in a deep brown shirt at the crew marshalling area once we got off the bus. Said fuckwit was from Europe and might have been a little more sensitive to acting like a Nazi goon, even if it is a half a globe away. But no, another shill dons the clothing and methods of the Nazis and gangstalks me after a bus ride.

Later in the day they came around with free Coca Cola for us converyor line sorters, and I am sure that everyone drinking a brown substance from a red can was of great comparative interest to the perp's remote bioenergetics harassment games. It was the first time I have Coca Cola (the real thing), in decades, and I wasn't overwhelmed by it. I suspect many of my taste sensing abilities are corrupted and dithered, just like they do with chocolate. And I don't think it was any surprise from the brown color harassment obsession of the perps that they had me nattering to a negro woman in the next seat of the return bus trip. I got to tell my story to underwhelming interest, and it did not escape me that the woman behind me, who can mysterious appear a coffee break on days she isn't working, was leaning forward, getting as close to me as possible. And the perps even obliged by putting on three same red vehicles in file and bounded with a white vehicle at each end ahead of the yellow school bus we were aboard, at an intersection to demonstrate vehicular gangstalking to her.

Suffice to say that I highly demotivated today, and this planted mind state was begun early in the day, likely to inform me that it has precedence over me attempting to garner more lucre in the immediate two days. My mother says to make hay while the sun shines, and I would if I was allowed. And too, the message might be a way to disuade me about having any regular or partime employment in the near future. I haven't been fucked enough it would seem.

From Advice Goddess, but in this context, it pertains to the recent Anonymous commenter who went passive/agressive on me. (The latter being his kiss-off from me).
Look, if you've got a problem with something I've written or said, bring it on: verbally, or on the page or on my site site, and fight fair: truthfully and on point. If you're not smart enough or articulate enough, well, sorry, you should have watched less television or something, but leave the debating to people who use their heads as more than staging areas for their hair.
I see the perps are going to legimately send some inspection video devices and smoke testing into the septic system in this building and street area. I have long blogged on the perp's brown color problem, especially as it relates to excrement, and have noted they dug up some 400' of sewer line and put in twinned 30" PVC pipe, though about 100' short of this building. And they are going to blow red colored smoke into the sewer in an attempt to find any leaks. All I can do is laugh; for a couple weeks or months cooperation they could solve their shit problem, and yet they carry on for six years from remote locations applying harassment technologies, playing life rape fuckery all my waking hours, in their research efforts. Instead, now over six years while the assholes continue to play color games, arranging thousands of vehicles in color coordinated formations (today, on the crew bus on the way back), and continue to put red vehicles in front of whites, then silver greys and are attempting to do this with dark green (like vein coloration). Then they repeat with blue, and likewise for dark green, and the piece de reistance, brown colors. It is senseless and utterly mendacious criminal activity 24hx365days, predicated on pretending they aren't doing anything.

They have me on a short fuse again tonight, instant rage at their incursions, even the faked noise and typo fuckery that is being applied as I write this. I wonder where this is leading, as they had me more relaxed before. Now, the mind keepers have decided that tolerance isn't allowed, and instant affrontive rage is in. I didn't need a new personality, so why have I been given one?

While waiting for the crew bus this morning I got my police "action"; they even pulled a squad car into the parking stalls in front of me, doing a half assed job at that, and had one of their kind go to the ATM about 30' away. There were three other police vehices, "passing through", and have increased of late along with the rest of the vehicular traffic at that same time of day. In other words, the gangstalking has increased over the duration of weeks that I have waited at that intersection. Another neverberfore; nonattribute increase of street activity for the same time of morning on a weekday, 0650h.

And the rumor has it that the farm manager responsible for the daffodil bulb operation is moving on. Supposedly he was expecting to apply newer methods here, as they haven't picked bulbs by hand in England for over 50 years, where he is from. My cynical take on his departure is that he got "gifted", an award for being complicit and abetting the Fuckover Force. That is the history of nearly all my interactions; new jobs and business, early retirement, promotions etc. for those with extensive dealings with me, usually afterward. And institutional awards too; new building wings (they like to build near me), new computer systems etc. The perps must have a highly algorithmic method of determining compensation for shills and quislings, and have a full time management/accounting operation on this side of their business. As far as I can tell, they always deliver what they say they will, and even extra. Save the Targetted Individual victim of course; no compensation will address the psychological abuse, relentless life rape, and the utter depravity that goes on for me.

And I notice the perps are also doing more physical hacking at my knees; yesterday the boy worker/nutter was throwing daffodil bulbs around because he was "bored" and nailed me in the right knee. I reamed his ass out to no avail, as his kiddie games weren't done, as per the perp script. Today, the nutter wasn't here, and yet the perps fired at least two bulbs from nowhere at my knees again. They like to hit the side of them for whatever reason. This might account for the surfeit of ambulatory gangstalkers wearing freaking knee braces and other leg-worn paraphenalia to physically augment one knee.

Time to get this one posted, and hopefully listen to some music.

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