Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Day of Relative Rest

There is no rest for TI's; a day at home isn't as restful as it seems with jabbings to my fingers, inside my arms, in my right foot and in my nuts. And no posting yesterday as it was a day of "toil in the soil", picking daffodil bulbs on this site that should of been finished a week ago. My last field picking day before yesterday was 08-05-2008, more than two weeks ago on this same site and we returned there yesterday. Then they have selected individuals "talk it up" for my benefit as to the delays in progress. It is another "who knows" situation; why the delay, why the provacateurs talking it up (making excuses), and why do the perps keep on insisting that I think about this when I don't really care.

I was sent to the bulb sorting area yesterday to begin there, and lo, if they didn't change it up and have us go bulb picking (per above) instead. Thankfully it was not hot, and there were enough light on/off rains to suggest that they were timed for harassment purposes. I have been through these last minute switcheroos before, getting one tour guide who is swapped out after a minute or so, and a replacement one comes in. I have also had female cashiers swapped out for a male cashier in mid transaction as more curious event manipulation. Again, I have no idea as to why this is going on, except that it is much more often than before overt harassment onset, (BOH), 04-2002.

The yellow school bus used as the crew bus broke down yesterday, and it would seem that they needed to write this vehicle out of the script. Instead, they have yellow turbans planted around me, as well as ensuring I have yellow rain gear in my pack in response to expected weather conditions. It is interesting to note that the "coworkers" don't prepare for rain, and I can only assume they know they won't need it. I take my cue from them, though I am sure this will ultimately be a sucker punch one day.

And no posting yesterday due to a strange "need" for a nap during dusk onset. It was from 1900h to 2100h, going to sleep when it was bright out, and then waking up when it was dark. The diurnal dusk event is of intense interest to the perps, and I assume it is for the onset of vision changes for dim light conditions. Having me suddenly wake up in the dark is what they were looking for, rather than a slow incremental gradation. The evening was basically done for after the nap; I went to the local supermarket to get peanut butter which they had screwed me out remembering at least twice in the last week, all because they wanted me to aquire it only 12 hours ahead of its first use (this morning), instead of days or weeks in advance. This is all important for the perps, and I am getting fucking tired of playing these games of minutue for gumptionless criminals who have invaded my life and are too depraved to know they have overstayed their welcome.

I got my gangstalkers at the supermarket last night as I acquired at least two more brown food items, tortillas and chocolate. Again, the combinations of foods and colors is of vital interest and highly governed by the perps. And lo, if the stocking carts weren't out in the supermarket, putting on their brown cardboard box displays along with aisleway constriction and a skinheaded stocking/stalking "staff member".

Then, after shopping, I went to bed early, as if I needed the sleep, which I didn't. That made for a 10.5 hour sleep, more than 2.5 hours longer than I need. One can never get enough nap and sleep time for the assholes, and given that I wasn't interupted by strange dreams, what was it for? More "who knows" again.

When walking back from the crew bus drop off yesterday at 1730h, the perps put on six wandering skinheads, aka gangstalking males with a completely shaved head. This is straight from the Unfavored demographic group, and all were wearing their shirts and ties, but no sport or suit jacket. I got fed up with my vision being redirected to see these skinheads/freaks, and then they put on another ahead of me on the other side of the crosswalk I was about to cross. So, I averted my eyes again, and as the supposed skinhead passed by, I caught the glimpse of blonde hair. Once I got the sidewalk and looked back, the person was a blonde woman. In other words, the perps has swapped out the skinhead and replaced him with a blonde woman when I wasn't looking. So it would seem that they are continuing with the "blonde auric goodness" games, but in wholesale swapping form, and not the usual "auric penumbra" stunts. (The skinhead standing and walking behind the blonde woman is what they usually do for configurining a blonde (Favored) with a skinhead (very much Unfavored)).

And I see the perps were busy this morning whacking down another nearby boulevard tree. They like having the chipper rollers running in my proximity, not to mention the noise of the chippers and the associated chainsaw. They also put on some needless power washing opposite, adding to the noise and event barrage. The perps like me to visit newly cut trees and/or wood, and doubtless they were instrumental in my chainsaw milling activities of the late 1980's when I was into this. I sawed lumber directly from the log with a special chainsaw attatchment called an Alaskan Mill. One needs a very large chainsaw, 100cc displacement size or more, and for a time I had this gear with all the extras to facilitate it. Those were the days of relative freedom, little did I know it was highly orchestrated then.

I had my yoga class this morning, and the gangstalker brigade was all over me, when outbound, and then on my return when I made an extra loop to pick up my fleece sweater the perps had pulled the cuff stitching off. Last Saturday I attempted to pick up the item, and the shop was closed. This time the cost of retrieving it was that the sweater was inside a translucent red plastic bag. There is no more loathed abiotic combination of color and material than red translucent plastic, and here was my clothing inside of it. Once I had left the store I pulled the plastic off and shoved in the nearest street litter receptacle, and took the sweater in hand. I had my gangstalker sentry while doing this, he positioned on the sidewalk doing a blatant sit-around for no seeming reason. And of interest, the waste receptacle is within view of my apartment, some 300' away. So it would seem that the perps are attempting some kind of red plastic interaction detection from that distance, and will doubtless try to do so over the next few weeks.

I don't know why I immediately loathe the sight of red translucent plastic, but I know the perps know, and take many opportunities to plant this around me, especially the "plastic bag people" on the bus. They once arranged for a red condom to be placed at the junction of two walkways at my last apartment residence location, and it was "left there" for over two weeks, this disgusting color and substance. And for a location that undertook daily cleanup and grounds maintenance, it was mighty curious as to why they left such an offensive item in a prominent location, 8' from the front door. Regular readers will know that I speculate that I am the only apartment dweller in this building, and it was even more apparent at the last apartment block, the place being like a ghost town.

After breakfast I dealt with the disposal of recycle and trash garbage. Normally the trash is sent down the chute, but "somehow" the chute got plugged and cannot be fixed. Totally absurd nonsense. Anyhow, it seems the perps need me to walk down with the garbage and put in the bins inside the locked garbage room. My last two visitations had a "street person" (aka, criminal operative) sleeping on the floor of the garbage room. But today, and likely just for me, why, all the bins were pulled out of the garbage room, and were arranged on the drivethrough area. Not that any garbage trucks came today, but who cares, I don't look for much in the way of logical consistency anymore. And again, such changes are big things for the perps, and today's garbage disposal activity was likely planned for months or more, separating the bins from their usual location.

And a phone call a few minutes ago from the ISP/phone company, aka Shaw Cable. The dude was pushing "cable" service on me, trying to talk it up with a special offer. He couldn't stop calling it "cable", until I asked him, "you mean television?". Why yes, and my answer was no, I don't want TV. To me, this is another case of using one term, often an ambiguous one, and having me re-map it to a more precise term. Similarly, so-called green initiatives talk about "carbon" or "carbon footprint". No, it is "carbon dioxide" for chrissakes, though I have given up on this owing to the sheer ubiquity of this imprecise syntax. Actually, it is greenhouse gases such as CFC's as they are very much more damaging than carbon dioxide, but enough of this rectitude. Using alternate or unclear terms is also of intense perps interest, and I have no idea how much they are meddling to create this in the public domain.

The third round of chocolate consumption today was just completed. The eveningtime tea and chocolate is a total perp mind control invasion. I never had tea at this time of day and I don't need the chocolate either. All to play more brown color games where they can get it close to my brain, from inside the mouth. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed with this color and have created some kind of early developmental (age 2 to 5) subconscious traumatization association with this color that they are attempting to resolve. The Indian Lake Project provides some clues, though I have no recollection of this place and the military activity related to testing children. One such photo shows children in cages; Caucasian with negros and blind children. The latter two factor heavily in the gangstalking action, especially planting negros in my proximity. That I had two negros working for me, and then later, a negro boss in Seattle just wasn't enough action for the perps. I suspect that skin color, especially of negros, factors into the perps' brown color games.

And speaking of the Unfavored, I notice that the perps put on the Scottish accented kid on this farm work crew. They use him judiciously, but it doesn't take more than a minute before I cannot stand the sound of his accent. Again, I have no recollection as to past associations with this particular regional speech accent. That I lived as a 2 to 3 year old in Montreal in the era of the infamous Dr. Ewan Cameron at McGill University where my father was in a graduate degree program might have something to do with it. Dr. Cameron was partially CIA sponsored in various macabre methods to rewrite someone's brain. He also undertook clandestine LSD experiments on his patients. One of the Duplessis Orphans told me that he was also responsible for sexual abuse, though this is not widely known.

A quote from Rachael O (On Gangstalking) is captures the essence of what it is like to be targeted and hounded;
We do not imagine the stalking and harassment. We do not imagine strangers knowing way too much about us or that we are treated like mindless toys our whole lives. The whole thing is creepy and a living hell. True insanity would be much, much easier.
I had no idea that gangstalking and harassment was a fact of life for unlucky persons who were selected. Then the perps outed themselves in 04-2002, and it has been hell ever since. And, it has got worse; incursions into my recall, knowledge, estimation of quantities, making logical choices and actions, knowledge of traffic rules and error trapping have all been selectively corrupted since BOH. The perps did not make any progress on these while they were in covert mode, and there is only a faint trace of brainstem level thoughts that they cannot yet control (fuck me with).

I have covered this ground many times before, and probably sound like a broken record. Time to call this posting done.

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