Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Sleepy Saturday

I got a 10 hour sleep in last night, and that excess hasn't been enough to keep awake today. Not that I had a nap, its just that I am being contained in some kind of soporific slowdown while online. I was allowed out for a Chicken Run, the acquisition of a hot cooked chicken that becomes my major protien source for the next two weeks, added chopped into the tortillas that I eat 2x per day. Expect this to be another demotivated blog posting, like others recently, but without a preceding day of toil.And too, the sleepy stunts come with the assholes interfering with my vision, as if I really were going to sleep while seated at my desk.

Laundry was done earlier, another perp obsession. The laundry contained a combination of dusty work clothes from yesterday and shirts. The towels are being kept separate owing to the unresolved linting fuckery the perps have attached to them. They introduced their fucking dwarf to me, having the person arrive behind me while I was cleaning the lint trap in advance of using the dryer. The dwarf was with another woman of normal height who got into a defensive state as I had been intending to use the dryer, but unbeknownst to me, the dwarf's clothes were in the dryer and needed another round of drying. In other words, my intended plan to use the dryer was thwarted by one of the freakshow. Again, I don't know what the perp's fascination with dwarves is, but the have planted a number of them around me, and have now installed the dwarf as a nominal tenant on this floor, a resident of the Common Room #2 apartment where no end of improbable differing demographic acts originate. All the better that it opposite the laundry room door to have them loiter in the apartment entrance while I am in their proximity, accessing the laundry room. The perp's abiding fuckery over laudry is not over yet.

And for all that above grumping, someone removed my clothing from the washing machine and put them in the now-vacated dryer and started it going, presumably shelling out the $1.25 in quarters it needs to be started. And when I later went to check on the laundry, thinking that is was a partial time allotment, it was done. A rare freebie in my favor, such events being so rare that I can count them on one hand. The perp fascination with laundry extends as far as my out-of-town brother owing and running two commercial laundries, and I often wonder what the perps are so obsessed by this activity. Why not buy my cooperation and figure out their bioenergetic games in days instead of life-raping me for over six years now? Pure bloody minded depraved madness, all because they fucked up traumatizing me in the developmental years it would seem, if reading the consistency of their gangstalk and theatre games is anything to go by.

Or, as I have once remarked, that the payoff for all this harassment is so incredibly huge, that they are totally beserk about anything else, and cooperation isn't even a concept they would even consider. And what is their supreme objective? Taking a flyer, I reckon the complete control of all bioenergetic properties related to human and animal conscience, and even that of the Earth, and inanimate objects. This concept of consciousness in all things has been touted by many respected scientists, often physics specialists.

I had a forced nap for an hour earlier, as if I needed more sleep, which I don't. It is most strange being compelled to have a nap notion come over me, shutdown the PC, and lie down when there was no precursor sleepiness. One has to trust the compelling controllers to actually let me nap, and not be sucked into a fitful attempt where no sleep is attained. And the post nap teatime in the evening is the opportunity for the third chocolate bar of the day, something that is getting to piss me off all the more as it is totally unaffordable and outside my monthly budget. As far as the perps are concerned, I reckon it is their big events of the day, getting a brown substance in my mouth which is as close to one's brain as one can get. And did I mention that the perps are totally obsessed over all things brown; at least every other blog posting.

It has been a boring day so far, and I at times I am also grateful for that as I am not being harassed to a significant degree. It is indeed rare that I find solace in boredom, and this represents another distortion of my life that is imposed. The perps like to instill the sensation of boredom, and as mentioned in past blogs, have arranged the circumstances with my past employers for that to happen. Even yesterday they brought on a sensation of boredom on the conveyor line, having me in the fourth selecting spot and only a trickle of bulbs coming through at times. The sensation of boredom seemed to be remotely instilled, as it wouldn't of happened in the circumstance before overt invasive mind technology progress that they now enjoy. Sometimes the over-reactions are the tip-off it is more neural meddling from afar.

A long read about video store clerking, and then onto some other distraction. Which "happens to be" photonic entanglement, or quantum entanglement. Two entangled photons can instantly communicate 100,000 times faster than the speed of light some 18km away. The physicists don't have a explanation, and of course wouldn't embark on something so all-pervading as the luminiferous ether, or the omniplasma continuum. No sir, we cannot have boldness in science, as the "cold fusion", (terrible name, but replicated by others), guys got their asses kicked so bad that they set an example for scientific intolerance that will take us back to the nonsecular days of imprisoning leading thinkers who defied the status quo. But there is a certain allowance for the quantum mechanics world to discover some strange particle behavior, as long as they don't go outside their pen. As one contained within a pen by depraved assholes who haven't yet discovered that they haven't fucked my life up enough for 54 years (including 6 years of overt harassment), I just wonder if the said assholes aren't attempting to energetically solve the phontonic entanglement at my expense. The assholes are highly advanced in the physical sciences and operationally manipulate the ether around me for harassment purposes, which would be termed research to them. Anyhow, I am bored and this is one of those imponderable musings that I am passing on to my readership, if I have one.

I notice the typo sabotage is getting more specific; here is a short list of harassment fuckery they like me to suffer through of late, and of course, yell at them when they fuck me into making the same mistake three times in succession, another never-before behavior;
  • to add a space with the space bar after forced me to needlessly delete it
  • piss me around in making contractions, especially the placement of the apostrophe
  • piss me around when typing a word suffix, e.g. ion, ly, ing, ed, s or es.
Which tells me that the assholes have a long way to go; like years of this abuse before they can extract what they are after when I am typing any given letter or symbol. And having me needlessly nap isn't going to make it happen sooner. Call it the functional decomposition rape show.

More web troving, this time a Madonna fix. now that she is 50 y.o.. I don't go for disco/electronica music much, but I have a healthy respect for her talents and ability to bring in new themes into her life.

Time to call this one done for this dull day.

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