Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Joys of Errands

Three closed stores in succession were arranged for me while I was attempting to complete my errands today. I wanted to take my sabotaged boots (fourth time in six years) into get repaired, but lo, if the shoemaker was shut down for holidays, and the other shoemaker was closed down altogether. So, I got to pack my plastic bag around for a four block return trip, and I got plenty of gangstalking action for that. As I have mentioned in the past, the perps are totally obsessional about the varying kinds of plastics and planting them in my proximity. All the better that I was making an unusual round trip with a plastic shopping bag in hand. This was Shoe Repair attempt #1 today. The perps tell me that plastics do not energetically behave the same at the macro level as the quantum (particle) level. This may be true, but I don't care; it is no excuse to life rape someone after tailing them for 47 years with prior fuckery.

I gave up, not "knowing" of any more downtown shoe repair locations, and came back to deposit the boots back here. A two skunk morning so far. I then departed to go to the bank and deposit a check and get more rolls of quarters. The laundry has been going on almost each day of the week, and the washer and dryer are 20 years out of date, taking only quarters and no dollar coins. This trip was successful without major obstruction or incidents, save four tellers and a manager hanging around chatting and a "repairman" squatting down below the counter to work on a safe. In other words, the two males, the apparent manager and the repairman were both hid from initial view, and the female tellers were chatting and circulating, one having just come in from outside through the very door I used. The manager emerged from behind a pillar, and slowly became visible, doing the incremental exposure stunt. The repairman was only visible when I got to the counter. It seems to me that the perps like to introduce males, and others of the Unfavored in slow incremental steps, and ensure that all my looking and glancing is tightly controlled in accordance with their intended rate of exposure. Very strange, but very consistent.

I took my fleece jacket to get mended at the cuff edging "came off" in the first or second laundering it has ever had. But, the "back in a minute" notice was on the door, and so I headed to yoga thinking that I would be early at 1115h for a 1130h session, but I wasn't. This was the third skunk of the day. The instructor even started early, and it was excellent class. From the harassment angle, it seemed that the perps wanted me to have the fleece jacket taken to a yoga class for some kind of color reference purposes, and they had my mat only 2' away, as the new woman hadn't arrived then. (The instructor has taken my usual location in the room). And lo, if the instructor didn't bring the same tired music to the class as the last instructor which played in the background. This might of been the incitement for a significant increase in outside road traffic noise, something long familiar to me at this apartment. The room of the yoga class is about 80' from a secondary artery and on a residential street, though one would not know that, as the loud traffic noise was uncharacteristically loud and incessant.

My tail, on a bicycle and pulling a vagrant-with-plastic-bags-on-a-bicycle act was on me before attempting the above errand to get my fleece jacket mended, and even parked his bicycle outside the alterations shop. When on my way to yoga he was "featured" again for the third time, some two blocks distant, this time with an additional bicycle that he was ferrying beside his as he was cycling. This vagrant had plenty of plastic garbage bags and sleeping foam with him, so I can only assume he too was part of the plastic acts that erupt around me in public.

I phoned the gym class coordinator about how annoyed (politely delivered) I was with working out in the so-called "transition" area, where plenty of people wandering around me (read, gangstalkers) while I was on the floor. He intimates it is my problem, even though he was the one who selected me to be in this special group. The arrangement was that he would remain in contact while I worked out at the nearby Crystal Pool, and if I needed an annual pass he would split the cost 50:50. In other words, don't come back here. I had no problem working out in the concurrent classroom exercise session before he shunted me into the special transition group, and he didn't offer that as a solution to my annoyance to working out in a public, (read, busy) area. But as I have stated in past blog postings on this topic, I have long had the suspicion they were going to cease the 30 minutes walking each way to/from the OB Rec. Center, just like they removed my ability to go hiking, and long before that, gangstalked me from swimming. The theory is that exercise causes me to dissapate energy, and all the while perps are irradiating me and do not want me to lose any. The same set of symptoms "happened" after gym sessions as after hiking until it was stopped; a vision trashing barrage of energy off the LCD display for the next three hours immediately following when I returned from exercise.

Anyhow, I went to the bank after Shoe Repair attempt #1 and dealt with getting quarters for the increased laundry activity of late. That I also had laundered my bedsheets this morning was likely another reason to lay on the gangstalking today. Fat people seemed to be featured the most, and red colored clothing was also prominent. The perps have even resorted to having shiftless males standing at the downtown street corners doing nothing, save smoking. They post these sentries on the corner that are reasonably dressed, and have them loiter as if waiting for a pedestrian walk signal and yet they continue to stand there. Then on the later visitation to the bank, these same sentries "happen" to be passing by on the sidewalk. Other gangstalking variants were shirtless males wandering around downtown, though I have yet to encounter a shiftless and shirtless male, I can only assume that it will happen and I will be duly informed after the fact for more word/concept association games.

After yoga finished I went back with the fleece jacket to the alterations shop and I was finally allowed to get it repaired. The skunk fuckery was over for the day.

After lunch I was treated to a sleeping session while sitting up at this here LCD monitor. Then the perps did something very strange, something that hadn't been experienced before. They planted the notion that I had been doing typing while I hadn't, as I was "sleeping" at my desk, still in the seated vertical position. This fuckery alarmed me enough to get the hell out of my place and set off to my parent's place to retrieve the boots I had there. This was a city bus trip, and thankfully it wasn't too freaky; a wheelchair and a walker, and nearly no out of place weirds. I had my weird exposure at the bus stop; two males together making out that they badly planned this outing as they had to wait 30 minutes for the bus they wanted. One was in a wide brim straw hat, and it was one of many I saw on today's outings on this hot sunny day.

Once I got back from a dude filled bus ride into downtown, (in the suburbs on a mid-workday) I looked in the phone book to see if there was any other downtown shoe repair shops. There was one I had "forgotten" and another I must of passed by for decades and "somehow" didn't know. I went to the former shop, and lo, if there wasn't a "customer" ahead of me getting his runner fixed on the spot with black electrical tape. And lo, if he wasn't also on "guitar stalking", having it well in the way, the black case propped up to face the full door width as I came in. Regular readers will know that the perps like to utilize certain objects as props on a frequent basis. The reasons are many; it may be associated with putative prior traumatizations that have been wiped from my memory, or the object, often food, offers some color consistency (banana stalking), or it is unknown as to the perps' fixation, e.g. bread stalking, guitar stalking. Anyone leaving their guitar out like this bozo did is looking to have it tripped over, and I would surmise that genuine musicians are fully aware of this, and do not leave their instruments in vulnerable locations. And yes, I did get "banana stalked" at the bus stop. But no bread stalking if one does not include walking past a long established bakery.

This was Shoe Repair attempt #2 today, and it was successful in that the shoemaker said he could repair them in two days. Here is a little rundown on how the reprise gangstalking worked out between my four in and out errand trips today, two of them being Shoe Repair attempts. When returning from the boot retrieval trip to my parents I had a lead-ahead blonde gangstalker on me who preceded me into the apartment, and she took the stairs while I took the elevator. There was also a loitering dude outside the apartment in a yellow shirt who didn't seem to particularly care that he was sauntering directly in my path between me and the blonde. The loitering dude in the yellow shirt "happened" to be exiting the elevator 5 minutes later when I was headed out on Shoe Repair attempt #2, telling me the elevator was availible when it was still headed up. (The request light was still on, and he had no way of knowing which direction it was headed, so why did he make this bullshit up?). He hung around in the hallway 10' from me at the door of the apartment I call Common Room #2, where no end of gangstalkers emerge from, and the varied population just doesn't make any sense from a tenancy perspective.The above mentioned blonde "happened" to be exiting the apartment about 20 min. later with a plastic bag in hand when I returned from Shoe Repair attempt #2. And the weird with two plastic bottles prominently held in hand who accompanied me down in the elevator for Shoe Repair #1 also "happened" to converge upon me as I returned from Shoe Repair attempt #2, five hours later). I took the stairs not wanting to loiter in the lobby with this freak, and lo, if we didn't cross paths again in the hallway outside my apartment, as he was headed for Common Room #1, another nexus of odd tenants on this floor that just doesn't make any demographic sense. Get all that, the reprising gangstalkers all over me after my second plastic bag trip with the boots dropped off at the shoemaker's?

More web surfing with the odd overhead pounding erupting, though I forget the timing. I have heard fake bus noise many times today like any other day, and when I was in the kitchen and looked to verify that there was no actual bus (noise only), a car alarm went off the instant I determined it was a noise only event. I rarely check any more, as I can usually distinguish the difference, and only did so while standing in the kitchen. At my last residential apartment the perps played all kinds of bus noise and I could view the street from my desk, unlike here. As soon as I looked to find no buses I would rag the assholes as to where is the bus, and the noise would subside. Here too I can "talk down the noise" should I go to the window and attempt to correlate the freeway-like noise activity to this actuality of six stories above street level on a putzing secondary arterial street.

I was allowed to perform my month end reconcilliation and cash flow entry for July. It wasn't the usual nonstop screaming event with nonstop provocations, but they did crank up the heat in the latter part of the exercise to make sure I was truly pissed off by the end of it. They pulled plenty of recall deletion stunts to obscure my knowledge as to what was spent, recieved and notable transactions. And a new record for monthly chocolate expenditures was incurred, now $211 for July. Those evening time chocolate and tea "needs" add up. It was also the month that this PC cost me $300 for the new case and swap over of all the PC components. If I were to undertake such a job myself the perps would render me useless with finger shaking and put up endless roadblocks to ensure that I couldn't complete the job. It is better to submit and pay the extra cash that to go through the imposed hell of these assholes on my back. There is are certain monthly heightened expenses the perps impose: obstruction of undertaking one's own repairs (e.g. PC), extra cost of items (box of pens at the per pen price), sabotage recovery (at least three liters of goat milk was prematurely tossed out in July), and stunts such as the linting fuckery which entailed extra loads of laundry.

That should be enough of a posting to see how I spent my day in the service of my mind-keepers. Nothing too straight forward by any means. I get to see what daffodil bulb picking will be like tomorrow in the heat. I sense the replacement pair of boots I will be wearing will be a huge interest item as they were at my parent's place for the last 6 months, not here. Regular readers will know that the perps have a total obsession over footwear, and feet, and this will not be any exception. I learned from somewhere recently that toxins are released via one's feet which might account for the intensified fuckery they lay on.

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