Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dry Mouth

This is the dusk onset, the silly time of day for the perps, and they have also introduced a plugged up nose, "from" the head cold they gave me, which in turn neccessitates breathing through an open mouth, and while that is happening, they are also drying out my mouth. Have I mentioned that the ambulatory gangstalkers are nearly always playing with their mouth when passing by, or else spitting, chewing gum, eating food or otherwise exposing their mouth contents in my immediate proximity? At least once per week I reckon.

It was another day on the conveyor to sort daffodil bulbs; I got more of the personal encroachment fuckery, he pulling bulbs from under my hands as I was about to pick them up, and the he got pissed off at me. We had a little slanging match, and I moved to a new location on the conveyor, one that had been vacated by an unexpected absence. Yet another person walks off the job for no seeming reason; funny how that keeps happening around me.

Back to dry mouthing again; I figure this is the optimum state the perps wish my mouth to be for their remotely applied research. It has to be the most difficult area to model for their energetics studies, if that is what they do. A constant state of energetic flux, hence more of the imposed condition, nicely arranged to force me to have my mouth open. I suppose it is not enough that I have eaten the same foods for five years, no doubt mind controlled as I would never, ever allow that to happen when I had volition, or the appearence thereof. About the most egregious stunt on mouth contents comparison was when I was talking to a woman who knew for all of the day, as she was directing my activities. Then, at a day-end chat, a fuzzy ball maser flew out of her mouth and into mine. I still cannot get over that one. Normally the perp's masers don't go too fast, and are often observable; they like to slow them down for some reason. If one originates from a distant radio tower it will take about two seconds to travel the distance to me, often with some minor wiggle in its path.

Nearly all cell phone, radio and radar towers emit masers of some kind I have come to observe; sometimes it is a wide broadcast, other times a fuzzy ball that arcs directly at me. I assume that they want me to see them, and add this to the list of targetting sources that are all around me. If there is someone who knows their aerials, I would really like to hear from them, as there are so many different kinds in this city, and more are coming up every week, or are added to extant masts. Not all are cell phone towers, and their presence is most unusual for a city that is going to all digital TV (no analog, only by cable) by years end. Anyhow, just a diversion from the typing sabotage and my breathing problems with the imposed additional dry mouth. The perps started the dry mouth when I was talking to a woman on the crew bus, she being negro. I also had two dudes in red shirts seated around me, and "forgot" to look behind me to see if there was a third one. No doubt this was a big perp event as she distracted me from seeing the many hundreds of arranged vehicles on the highway, something that is a regular event. For this chat with the negro woman, the perps also changed my voice, and possibly my hearing, as it was labored with an excess of background noise as well.

And more pop on the house today in consideration of the heat; I reckon these "fill ups" with brown cola are of huge benefit to the perps as they can do comparative studies between individuals (all perps or shills) and me. Back to those brown color games again, and the piece de resistance was later conversing with the negro woman. Just my take on what the perps have in mind, as nothing is free, especially with them as a permanent and malevolent ogre.

Tea and chocolate again tonight, inkeeping with a sustained effort to have chocolate 3x per day. I don't need it that bad, so who does, and why don't they subsidize this for me? They could even teleport them in from the store or the factory. Only once have I known the perps to add an extra chocolate to my in-house supply. That was back in the days of having my own recall, 2004-5; now they disrupt my recall, and I have no idea how much I have on hand, and cannot recall this pertinent fact.

Another likely big perp event today was wearing my boots that were repaired from a sabotage attack; the fourth or fifth- not allowed to keep track anymore, when before recall access/depletion began, I would know for sure. Translated, that means keeping me in deeper FUD; Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, the IBM credo as to how to manage customers.

A song/performance for TI's; Sabotage by Gamine here.

I see the garbage chute room on this floor is still locked, and as before, I have no key to open it with. The desired solution is to leave it at the door, and it mysteriously disappears at the right moment. It suggests that the bins downstairs where the chut terminates are too far away from this apartment, and the perps need somewhere closer, ergo, obstruct the disposal by locking the garbage chute room doors. (Same problem on other floors too).

Time to call this one done, and get ready for another day of toil, aka personal space encroachment games.

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