Monday, August 25, 2008

Catch Up

No posting yesterday, as I was subject to a very unusual nap attack. I was made to nap for two hours in the evening, from 1930h to 2130h (9:30 pm) and was awakened only to find myself unable to get up from the nap, and then I lapsed into another two hour sleep before I got up at 2330h. Essentially, I was "napped" the entire evening on the bed, only to be awakened at bedtime to then sleep in the bed.

The precursor events are likely tied to the above nap attack, as it was a day of digging daffodil bulbs in the rain for the most part. Not a good experience as my rain gear was sabotaged as part of the skullduggery. The rain coat zipper "broke" and was unusable, and the pants leaked at the knees as I was kneeling when digging the bulbs. The rain finally lifted in the mid afternoon, though that did not prevent me from five pounds of caked mud per boot.

Today I got some new raingear, having thrown out yesterday's rather than cleaning it as it was not functional. That the raingear was directly placed in a black garbage bag with the other trash, and taken down to the ground level garbage room was likely another bonus for the perps. They have shut down the garbage chute, and that means walking the garbage out. I also noted that the recycle tote bins and the dumpster were pulled out of the garbage room still, with the latter being used as some kind of makeshift room for "camping" by the faux vagrants. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over the energetic interactions of me and concrete, and that having operatives camp, lie down, sit, or otherwise contact concrete more directly is all part of the continuing research/harassment.

Today, I was back on the daffodil bulb sorting line, and it was a special event as a purchase of a new variety was the subject of an Agriculture Canada inspection. So far, we have processed four palettes of this new daffodil variety, scrutinizing the unloaded sacks on a conveyor for any soil clots or rocks. They had eight sorters ensuring that there was to be no soil contamination from this UK supply of daffodil bulbs. I was moved around to do sorting on both sides of the conveyor, and I noted that others came to stand in my old spot, all part of the ongoing games in attempting to stand in my precise former location on concrete. This bulb sort was "so special" that we had to place olive drab green plastic tarps underneath the working area, and double bag (plastic again) all the rock and soil lumps. We were to even let the rotten bulbs go, something that is totally opposite to what we usually do, culling out the defective ones. Anyhow, all manner of special measures were in place, and much of it related to utilizing plastic bags and tarps at greater frequencies than we normally do. Having someone sweep a broom over where I formerly stood or traversed on top of the plastic tarp is also a huge draw for the perps in choreographing my every move.

My new raingear was given to me free by the outgoing manager, and lo, if it wasn't a bright dayglo orange with reflective strips across the front and back of the rain coat. Most TI's know that the perps are rabid about getting dayglo colors in as close as possible to the victim, and today, in taking the raingear home was a huge vehicular gangstalking event. There were some 3,000 to 5,000 vehicles on the 20 minutes of highway travel, and they even were bold enough to put four to six red vehicles together in mobile formations, usually lead and followed by white and silver-grey vehicles. The perps were into heavy color formations for the mid-greys and black colored vehicles, often moving up the greyscale from white through black with at least four intervening tones. They were also heavy on the deep metallic blue vehicles in some locations, having one lead the crew bus for the first 10 minutes of travel. It was lead by a tractor trailer (white trailer) that took a circuitous route to also stay out in front for about 20 minutes of travel.

One physics researcher of the unconventional, J. K. Harms has a reasoned theory on what properties constitute dayglo colors (constructive interference). I suspect he is correct, as it fits the perp agenda/behavior with so many other of their activities. The perps make sure I cannot understand his lucid writings, keeping me cognitively impaired as to the physics of what they are up to. Which makes me wonder when next, and in what circumstances will I be using this newly acquired dayglo raingear. One can be sure that I will be the last to know; all manner of planted notions of hitting big-time money in the Athabaska oilsand projects "come to mind", but this has to be wholly planted, as keeping me broke is keeping me contained.

I have the suspicion there is much more to write about, and yet I cannot form a theme bring these into this blog posting. What I am trying to say is that the full scope of the last two day's harassment activities isn't getting as fully detailed as it could be. There has been so many feints and games going on, especially the interpersonal distance challenges that go on for no seeming reason. On the bulb conveyor line for example, of all the seven sorting personnel, they placed the red net bags the UK bulbs came in some 2' behind me, and no one else. After I was moved to a new location on the conveyor belt, they then moved these same red net bags opposite for me to see the entire time, and were adding to the pile of them incrementally as the bags were emptied of bulbs. Then the perps dropped some notion that I have always hated the sight of red mesh, and of course failed to enlighten me as to how that came about. The red mesh bags might be yet another subconscious recall prompt, but I have no way of verifying it, and don't particularly care. Just leave me alone and the cash in my bank account.

The above is another way of saying that I am running out of gas to add to this posting, and I am getting some severe pop-up sabotage in mid-word as I am typing, along with yelling at the assholes to remove them, which they won't.

Time to call this one done, and post it.

One more notion that "came to mind"; what is with all the shills and operatives placing their head onto surfaces for extended durations? In the crew bus at least one person is leaning on the rail in front of them as if totally tired and whacked out on their way to work, and others doing the same, putting their head on the conveyor belt frame (red painted steel) as if too tired to hold their head up. Other strange dudes have been leaning on utility poles at intersections, as if they need to support themselves waiting for the traffic signal to change. They even had two men at diagonally opposite corners both leaning on the nearest utility pole. Today, while headed to and from the laundry room in the hallway, a blonde woman was leaning her head on the wall, as if totally tired and unable to hold it up. More head hanging stunts are sure to follow.

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