Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bulb Picking in the Sun

A day of toil in the soil, picking daffodil bulbs for the farm, and dealing with the "crew members" wandering around me, encircling me or doing senseless back and forths close by me. It is all too predictable, and that doesn't include the vehicles parading by 300' away. I am on show, as this field is closer to a busier road, and therefore, there are more color aranged vehicles. The "crew members" also serve the cause by holding up my egress of the crew bus, and also tighly follow while on their cell phones. It is fucking nuts, and not a minute off.

The biggest game going down while bulb picking was that I was using a deep green colored foam pad to kneel on, and a same deep green hooded brown skinned "farmworker" kept loitering around me, as well as doing some extensive time visiting the plastic Porta-John, also the same green color. He even laid down on the ground on his side, putting on an appearence of working. At one point in the day, the perps treated me to a silver-grey sedan towing a deep green wood box trailer followed by another silver grey vehicle. In other words, a trailer was substitued for a vehicle to be the day's prominent test color. And too, there were farm tractors hauling green hay from the adjacent fields and of course many of them were green colored John Deere tractors. There is a whole lot of history with this color of green as it is very commonly used in the forest industry and forestry where I spent the majority of my carreer before software development. My estimate on taking stock of today's putzing around with deep green colors is that the perps need at least two more years of torture and life-rape before they are done with me. I wonder what the assholes have in store for me as the next paying gig.

I was obliged to go shopping tonight as the perps had soured the goat milk again; it was dated good until Aug. 12, and here it was going off. Judging by the gangstalking silliness, it would seem that the outing was highly planned and they don't care one whit about costing me more money for milk. Just as long as they get me outside at 2100h for a shopping visitation. On the freakshow line-up I had the elevator rushing stunt, two dudes attempting to get in before the door was open, but I was right there to exit the elevator. No quarter given to absurdly bad elevator etiquette. The fucker was attempting to board the elevator without even knowing if there were other passengers in it besides me. Another of the freakshow was a motorized wheelchair act, an occupant who was in white clothes and a loud red jacket and a red fedora hat. This act was gangstalking in the aisles, and came to "join me" at the checkout as well. My financial transactions are of intense perp interest and this was the latest test, having two Unfavoreds together (red clothing, wheelchair). They had plenty of coverage on me inside and outside, and I got the British Biddie act in the elevator, she in white, and putting on this bullshit twee act over finding money on the floor, this being a bright penny in the elevator. And too, there was a bright penny on the floor at the checkout, and it is a common perp augmentation to have a penny appear where they want a dependable color/material energetics/properties reference in my immediate vincinity.

Time to post this, even if the act of posting brings on more noisestalking and typo sabotage.

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