Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thunder, Lightning and Plasma Beams

Another day of rest, all to see the sunny weather turn into a brewing thunderstorm, the clouds still darkening, and a distant rumble, soon to visit here. When I look out I get straightline plasma/maser beams projecting from the horizon, vertically or at a 45 degree angle. No real lightning yet, which one should note, is actually a plasma event. An organic one to be sure, and very unlike those greyish straightline beams that are put on for me, but of the same genesis; ionized gaseous elements that glow together under the application of electromagnetic energy. And such foreboding weather also serves as an excuse to flash the wall behind this LCD display, a stretch as much as the faux vehicle "reflections" from six stories below that is also used as the "excuse"/cover story. And I do hear thunder much closer now, so this looks to be a doozy of a storm and I have a ringside seat.

Anyhow, I did my outing for the day, getting another pair of leather work gloves as the last ones were inexplicably holed in the left index finger. It is the second such mysterious glove sabotage in as month, this time on the other hand. And as before, the hole in the finger "happened" over a break with the gloves off my hand. While waking to the workwear store I got the usual gangstalker freakshow around me; the tattoos in full arm display, the skinheads, the improbable dude clusters, the gut strut (males usually), and the middle age males in wide brimmed hats, the latter being the most curious category, but the most persistent. And who thought those ridiculous Tilley hats were just for tourists? I don't have any idea why they arrange these loathesome wide brimmed hats for me so often; is it just because I cannot stand the sight of them, and/or is there a deeper traumatization association from the "lost years", aged 2 through 5 years old, where I had most of my recall wiped out? Sometimes they arrange the brim to be folded up on one side, something like an Australian bush hat. Once, they had the operative wear the wide brimmed hat with the brim on both sides pinned to the top of the hat. It is all to absurd, the same the ongoing relentless gangstalking and presentation of themes that I don't care to see, save the odd blonde. Check out the Favored and the Unfavored if you are unfamiliar with the genesis of the gangstallking freakshow.

I have been in a more favorable mood state today, though not a terribly energetic one. There must be some need for the perps to suck me down as there has been too much of this in the past for it to be of any organic origin.

I got sucked into that one again, the bogus planted story that comes to naught. I am referring to the above mentioned thunderstorm to be; one nearby rumble only, three flashes on the wall behind this LCD, 20 minutes of light rain, and that was it. The perps like the rain for its street cleaning properties, in lieu of sending the streetsweeper in advance of where I am to walk. They also like to schedule the sidewalk sweeper in the early mornings of getting the crew bus. And, there has been more than once where they have power washed the sidewalks in advance of me transiting it. They like to plant the notion of being an honored "guest" in these circumstances, rather than the reality of being monitored, surveilled, hounded and controlled per the imposed reality.

Anyhow, there has been plenty of Harley 2 cycle engine motorcycle noise tonight to keep me on edge; this is another perp obsession that they like to immerse me in, even visually by planting parked motorcycles on my outings. Again, I have no idea what it is about, it is just that I don't care for motorcycles in any event, and here I am hounded for six years in two countries over this pecadillo, along with other predilections that should be of no consquence to anyone but myself. However, these seeming inconsequential predilections are of intense fascination by a phalanx of fuckwits who go about making my life hell in very unconventional means. Their nonconsensual human research objectives take precedence over the subject's objections, a reality that is true for thousands of TI's. Whatever the objective is for the perps, it is not my problem, so why do I have a constant public posse of assholes parading around me, mostly drawn from the Unfavored?

And that above complaint begets me faux neighbor noise in this apartment block of 12 stories. I once told my brother that I had yet to be convinced that anyone but me is living in this building, and that the entire building is given over to harassment operations. He did not reply to that statement, which is most odd, as it is an "out-there" supposition, inviting a challenge, and he ducked it.

The perps had me examining online sources for workclothes, which might be in my next vocational script. They have whacked me with various debilitating sensations after three consecutive days of work; to make any longer term commitments to be doubtful. The perps have also taken full advantage of the ultimate job flexibility, of showing up whenever one likes, given that it is a 7 day per week operation. And as another bonus for the perps, I have been in many different locations on any given day; they like to change up all the locations, work day durations, job tasks as much as possible, and they have made the most of it so far. Which is another way of saying I don't know where this is all going; is the present circumstances a way of incrementally introducing me into work situations, ultimately ending back where I started in database software development, or is it just to give me some longer leash time, which may be withdrawn at any moment? Or is it to only help paydown the chocolate consumption costs they impose on me, all to keep playing their brown color games? It is all part of the great imposed mystery, of which I am the last to be informed about.

I am getting a steady jab in the back, which is my cue to rearrange my seating, and lifting my back off the chair. All to have them re-impose the same sensations in the same locations without any causal event/cover story.

This is the dusk time, when they go silly and arrange more fuckery. It seems the dimmed down afternoon while reading the newspaper was a big deal today, and having me "forget" that I had the newspaper since I acquired it yesterday.

Another tea and chocolate break in the evening following imposed anciness, an indescribable generalized discomfort of no apparent cause.

More web surfing followed, the planted theme of interest (read, perp interest) being outdoor work wear; one has to take these with a grain of salt, or even a larger dose. The perps had me planning a PC rebuild for some six months of elapsed time; It was to be an AMD CPU, Tyan motherboard and all the trimmings. Then the "urge" lapsed and I didn't surf those topics anymore. Some six months went by, and at the time I was going to moving in three weeks and the perps burned my extant motherboard, creating a situation to need a rebuilt PC. And lo, if I wasn't in the hands of a PC service outfit that I trusted who only dealt with Intel CPU's and Foxconn motherboards. All my new PC rebuild planning was on the hard drives I could not access, rendering all that "planning" for naught. Then to add to the confusion, the PC service shop claimed to have a certain motherboard and didn't, and I was fed up with some of their high prices and ordered some components online to be delivered to the PC service outfit, and then motherboard on/off availibility kept playing out, and was finally decided with all the other components in place. This played out for six weeks or so, (I should read my 2006 blog postings to get this correct), and was finally resolved with a new motherboard, CPU, memory and the extant hard drives. Anyhow, it is a long way of saying that some of these protracted perp themes do come to fruition, but in ways one doesn't expect. Only recently has a new case been added to the PC rebuild, effectively stringing the rebuild over some 1.5 years. Both hard drives failed together last year, some five months after they were re-installed. Even the PC experts ask me how that happened, being similar to two different make, model and year automobiles failing to start the same morning from the same "cause". Its just another mystery, like the rest of the sabotage events that go on.

Time to call this one done for the day, and post it ahead of a forced "forget".

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