Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nothing In Particular

A short post for today as it was taken up by more daffodil bulb toil, though in comfortable circumstances standing on covered concrete beside the conveyor belt passing them by for inspection as to firmness. All those bulbs that were picked in the field end up on the conveyor, and no doubt the perps have managed for me to be sorting through the very ones that I picked some weeks ago. They may well keep track of all the bulbs, who picked what, when and in what box, and where is the field picker on the conveyor belt, E.-W section or the N.-S. section and which way are they facing when they do this task. All that must be going through the perp's minds as they arrange these scenarios, presumably most of the others being operatives or quisling family and/or once friends.

And it is confirmed, the head bulb farmer is leaving the employ of the farm next week, and is headed off to a construction gig in Fort McMurray, way up north, in a three weeks in, and one week out, venture, airfare paid for. That sounds like the gig I would like to score, and put this minimum wage bullshit long past me. Who knows what the perps have lined up for me. The head bulb farmer has spent his entire working life dealing with daffodil bulbs, and here he is jumping to a construction job. Not only am I envious, but it would seem that this might be an interim position for him until he gets the ideal daffodil bulb gig, possibly back in the UK where he is from. My take on it, just to reiterate yesterday's speculation, is that this job is an arranged gift from the perps, as a new job seems to be a very common outcome for all those shills who aid them.

All I get is more masers and plasma beams flitting about, especially at the farm where they like to cover me at transitions through doors by augmenting my vision with green and red plasma beams, often 2' in front of me, and continuing as I walk along, about 30" horizontal, and 2" high. Just another imposed stunt, fairly low on the annoyance chart.

I continue to get my posse of police vehicles around me when waiting or returning from the crew bus; in the former instance I get at least four per 15 minute wait for the bus at 0650h. I even got a pair of them in a police cruiser on my way back to thei apartment; they drove by, I crossed the road they had passed by on, and they had pulled onto the wrong side of the street to then put on their flashing red and blue lights, and were getting out of their vehicle, making out that they had to deal with someone on the street.

And I did get the angry theratening psycho act only five minutes early, coming at me shirtless and his muscles all tensed up, and he even ranted at me over something from the perp themes, though thankfully didn't attack me. Just more bullshit, and more variations of it.

It was a major vehicular gangstalking on the crew bus riding back into town; at least 3,000 vehicles ordered by color and vehicle type, with the whites, silver-greys, mid-greys and the black vehicles escorting red, green or navy blue colored vehicles. There was the odd yellow vehicle in the mix, as well as copper colored ones, and even a deep brown colored vehicle. This was on the main highway to the ferry, and was commute time, though there were just as many in the reverse commute "escorting" the yellow crew bus I was on.

The big excitement for the perps might have been the bus switch-around before we set off; on the yellow bus, then the small white bus that was too small, and then back again on the yellow bus. In the process, the negro woman who I talk to sometimes had snagged my first seat on the yellow bus, she sitting on the very spot that I had. The perps do this all the time when we are cleaning up the bulb sorting area; sweeping over where I was standing, putting plastic boxes in those locations, and otherwise chasing me around so to close in on where I was and as soon as I have vacated the spot. Which explains the increasing numbers of yellow and red traffic light running, and even the buses are doing it too. All to leave the minimum amount of time between the crossing vehicle and me crossing its former path.

The military helicopter came by when I was in the lunch room today. This makes it the third time that it has made a trip outside for me to see, and as usual, there were some blackish emanations from its radar dome that came at me. This is "normal', co-opting radar of other vessels and aircraft and have them direct some kind of emanations in my direction, if not right at me. This time, it was through the double pane glass of the lunch room, and glass in all its various kinds is also a perp obsession.

Two of my supposed work colleagues were in the lunch room with me, and they each had some plastic lunch packaging that was painted or printed in a silver-grey color, and each had this in front of them, seemingly as some kind of portable color reference. I left the lunch room early because I had enough of their parading around, and took a plastic box and sat outside as the sun had come out. And lo, if those same two work colleagues didn't follow me in a few minutes just to loiter around me while seated in my supposed getaway location. They always know where to find me, and come coursing by on the flimsiest of excuses, or even none at all. The phrase, "just gangstalking", should be burned in their foreheads for all the obviousness about it.

I am going to call this one done for the day, as I need an early night to get up early for a day's bulb sorting or picking. This will make it three days in succession, which is the limit the perps put on me for successive work days. By day's end tomorrow they will have me begging for two days off. The big thing is that the bulb picking and sorting work may come to an end after this, and I will be back into "do squat" again, another imposed state the perps like to keep me in.

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