Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Unscheduled Sabotage Abatement

Last night, after forced into a delayed towel laundering, why, if the perps didn't pull a major toilet stunt after posting yesterday's blog. They forced a rare late evening crap, and then backed up the toilet again, this time to overflow levels, dumping about 1/2" of shitwater on the floor that had to be soaked up by the just-laundered towels. Such a coincidence, along with the forced later laundry timing, making neighborly (har, har) laundry use untenable until this morning. And lo, if the towels didn't unload more lint again, an on/off problem that seems consistent with the assholes creating bird shit-like marks all over the streets and especially at intersections, with no overhead roosting cover stories.

So..., instead of picking daffodil bulbs, the assholes forced a home day, dealing with last night's towel laundering again, this time using a different towel color makeup than yesterday's towel laundry load. It is all too calculated, having some towels re-laundered, and others not, along with forced use of the towel with my hands immediately before using it to dry myself after a shower. And there were plenty more other forced touchings of seeming crumbs and lint this morning to suggest that the perps are now in a phase of extended touches and contact with specific objects and food items. This is also supported by the extended head leanings of the shills and operatives on the daffodil job mentioned in a recent blog posting; the "too tired" bullshit again, leaning their heads on seat backs, conveyor belt supports, picnic tables, walls and the rest of the faux world weary bullshit acts that erupt in my presence.

This being yet another forced "home day" suggests the assholes don't like me to be absent for more than four days at a time. They continue to fuck me with stunts or mood states to then force me to have a shut-in day, or something like it, perhaps one outing for shopping. It is all too repetitive to be anything other than orchestrated life-rape, still ongoing after 6 years, and the same assholes pissing around with the placement of lint, water drops and crumbs at every turn, among other telported impositions. I also note that the perps are also increasing plasma activity, placing brown, yellow, red or blue light point sources and dots in my vision on an as-needed basis, especially if what I am looking at is deficient in one of those colors.

And it would seem that my email is getting sabotaged; more than one unreturned email is not a coincidence, and that would include the Anonymous commenter who goes by the email name, "Tim D. Bunker", with an email of "tidbunker". Get it? Even the perps let me in on that one, but only after "not getting it" for the first few reads of the name. In my view, "debunking" is code for vituperative and wilful obstreperousness. (Obstreperous; resisting control or restraint in a difficult manner).

And now, when I want to use an infrequently used word, the perps have me misspell it, and force a visit to to read its definition and "learn" to spell it again. I never had a spelling problem in my life until the last few years, all concurrent with the harassment fuckery. Now, they make me go through this ritual each time, re-learning spellings and definitions; been there, done that, over 50 years ago, and the perps were monitoring me then, if not guiding and controlling me at the time.

More phoney phone calls again; the perps like to present foreign names in spamming emails, and for the first time have begun to do this very thing on my phone's call display. There has been a more significant presence of strange names "happening"; verbally, or visually, they like to gauge my reaction to non-English surnames, first names, etc. Just another stunt of increased recent prominence. Yesterday they put on another ISP (seemingly) phone call, yet again referencing the term "cable" as their inaccurate euphemisim for "TV". It was only a week or so ago that the ISP phoned me about this in the same vague manner, and now they are at it again. More syntactical ambiguity; been there, done that, it would be over if it weren't for the World Gestapo fucking up the victim in ways they are still attempting to determine, all the while on top of my every move and thought.

A busy afternoon, suddenly waking from the imposed docility, and summoning the motivation to acquire safety toe boots, the first in three decades, and hopefully, of vital need, and not just a ruse to screw me out of money. I got shafted in not getting the 40% discount with my VIP card from my brother, and supposedly that was because I was not an employee. Instead, I got a 20% discount. I had my same blue shirt dudes wandering around me, and one was on the spot as soon as I decided which pair I "decided" (read, per mind fuck script), and they spent a lot of time circulating around where I had been trying out two different pairs. Eventually I settled on the brown leather pair, and that set up the extra brown colored gangstalking, both vehicular and ambulatory. Of course all the reference colored vehicles were in place, at least three cases of four white vehicles in file, and similarly for silver-grey colored vehicles. As always, my presence anywhere gets the full-on gangstalking treatment, and that includes jerking me around with obstructing stalkers to take up more time to keep me circulating for longer. And lo, if a fuckwit wasn't looking for safety toed boots ahead of me, with the salesman adressing us both at the same time, when each of us thought it was for them only. More inadvertent (seemingly) ambiguity games, and there has to be at least twenty of these per week. The fuckwit "happened" to be looking for exactly what I was looking for, 6" high safety boots made with a Kevlar composite, an improvement on the steel toe design. So..., the salesman, a crooked tooth slimey dude, "happened" to go through the same rundown for the fuckwit as for me. Once he brought out the two pairs that fitted, he ignored me, except for when I sought him out, and then that got disrupted by another staff member. One doesn't get any respect when spending money, or at least, not as a TI. Just more fucking around according to the script.

My outings were heavily populated with skinheads of all stripes; the suited executive, down to the street bum and in between. The even posted a skinhead each side of me in the elevator when returning with my boot purchase, and their discussion seemed to be out of an old movie script. They spoke as if mutually loathing each other after a long absence. Fucking bizarre for this seeming derelict building.

2105hJust now, a zapping of my right hand pinkie finger just as I read the words "total war" from this interesting link (Systems of Surveillance) on human experimentation, especially the nonconsensual aspects. It is apalling that there was widespread ionizing radiation experimentation on unsuspecting subjects in the US and Canada in the 1950's and 1960's. My conspiratorial take on this was that this was done to supplement the work of the perps, aka World Gestapo, Shadow Government, The Powers That Be and other titles one can deduce. As far as I know I have not been irradiated with ionizing radiation, the alpha, beta and gamma and like rays, and have only had the odd x-rays from the dentist and once when I was hit with a series of strange symptoms in 1989 that appeared to be panic attacks in retrospect. Interestingly, this latter clinical investigation was conducted in Nelson, BC where I had moved to in the middle of the panic attack spell I was subjected to. Nelson "happens" to be in the downstream weather track of Hanford, Washington state, the notorious nuclear research site, now designated as a polluting blight for all its ionizing radiation leaks. This was the same location where a neighbor burned PVC and other plastics every Saturday, presumably to lighten his garbage load, and the frigging smell would permeate our residence that was downhill.

I also once had a holiday that was only a few miles from another notorious nuclear site, Windscale, aka Sellafield in 1994. I didn't choose the location and wouldn't have, as it was supplied by my ex's relatives. Little did I know that there might be more sinister aims to that holiday.

More noise stalking in the form of overhead thuddings (of 12" of concrete and steel) as I read the pre-scripted key words or conduct actions they constantly place in front of me. And then a 40 minute phone call from my in-town brother who just got back from a week away to find that his neighbor has had contractors running equipment over his front lawn. Been there, done that. And now the perps are getting my brother steamed up, presumably as a method to add a property territorial theme to this harassment. The perps have me broke on a disability income, so there is no way that this issue could arise in my circumstances, so they have their perp abetting family member put on this show instead.

And while on the phone, the creepy crawlie sensations have "erupted" on my back, even if pressed into the office chair I am sitting on.

Time to call this one done and post it, no matter if it hasn't been reviewed and edited.

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