Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ticked Off

Ticked off in more than one way. There has been two ticks that "showed up" in my apartment today, one live, and the other dead. They have also "arrived" previously to leave a big blood splat mark on the wall, one of which was timed to be the day of the filming that took place in my apartment. Today's live tick arrived behind this LCD display on the wall, and was scooped up with the aid of a paper towel and put into the garbage. I suspect the perps wanted me to get out of the office chair at that moment for more remote energetics study.

And I have been rage-ified much of the morning, busy as it was. Though a Thursday, yoga was cancelled, and instead I did my laundry, always a perp obsession. They may have kept me annoyed in advance of heading out to gym later, and it will be a highly gangstalked event I predict.

Last night, after blogging off, the perp had the fire alarm go off when I was in the bath and finishing up on shaving. The firebell is outside my door in the hallway, and noise accompanied me getting out of the bath, towelling down, and putting on the same clothes again. (Normally I don't bother to put clothes on after a late evening time bath). When I got the stairwell, and before I descended, a granny in a light blue anorak was listening to a dude who coming up, saying that the emergency was over, and was a piece of paper alight in a mail box. Just then the alarm went off, and I got back to finishing up my dental hygeine routine, while dressed. (Don't forget that I had my teeth cleaned by the hygeinist yesterday). Is this the sixth or seventh fire alarm since I moved in here last May? I am not allowed to recall and I would ususally remember. Not once did I make it outside in an "emergency", only as far as the first floor lobby. And it is at least the third consecutive alarm where I meet a granny in the stairwell.

The light blue anoraked woman in the stairwell got me thinking that the perps not only have an obsession over this color (a sky blue), but that they make some association with it and one's crotch. I have had spread-leg gangstalkers on the bus with a light and navy blue banded belt end hanging in their ample crotch area.

The overhead vacuum cleaner noise has gone off for the sixth time today; I never knew that the "neighbors" could be so diligent. By that I mean, it is a projected noise, and there are no actual neighbors in this apartment building. That is the way it seems here, and for the past three places as well. Last night, after the fire alarm stunt had finished, the overhead pounding noise started up almost immediately. As I would of been one of the last residents to get ready to exit my apartment because I was in the bath when it went off, it is mighty curious how "someone" could of returned so quicky and started pounding 12" of concrete overhead. This same eruption of noise accompanied the last fire alarm as well; the "neigbours" returning ever so quickly to start pounding the floor overhead. Me thinks it is a projected noise, and is not resident created. And the vacuum cleaner noise too for that matter.

I did my gym workout this afternoon, and to my suprise, the gangstalking was only moderate though the ambulatory street gangstalking was increased. I still had my posse of "do-squats", the inveterate dudes doing nothing but looking away or down at the floor, or else purposely carrying weights around and then not using them. The native Indian dude was dispatched to do that stunt, lugging them across the room behind me, and excuse for back and forth trips, and did not lift any weights. The perps even put an Asian in a brown shirt beside me when I was doing lunges, who "happened" to be the same individual I saw entering the building when on the treadmill. I also had my lead-ahead gangstalker, Mr. Jaguar, who exited his parked Jaguar about 30' ahead of me for gangstalking in advance of me crossing the street and entering the building, and lo, if he didn't need to go to the changeroom as well. Last week, Mr, Jaguar arrived when I was on the treadmill looking out the windows, parked in the identical location as today, and he crossed the street and preceded to join the activities in the gym. And he has been hanging around me on the equipment, and is getting to piss me off. It must be his shock of white hair. I haven't quite figured out why the perps like me to see their gangstalkers arrive from outside and then loiter in my presence; I can only assume there is a "through the glass" energetic interaction they want to determine as well as that of interactions in a direct line of sight and in the same room, typically 10' away or closer.

It was a two freak class and five non-freaks as well as some planned disruption games from a "latecomer", as in 35 minutes late for class, as the latter portion of the hour session is in the floor exercise room. This dude, who makes no bones about loitering in my trail, came to stand in front of me and block my reflection in the mirror. Then, with some more back and forthing, he then "returns" to stand over where I had been working out. It is fucking tiresome being hounded as to everywhere I go or look.

The gym class freakshow included Ethnic Gut in his bright yellow shirt, and for the first time, he laid off planting himself everywhere I looked. "Only" about half the time was he positioned to where I looked next. The other freak, Fat Fuck, who showed up having shaved his beard, seemed to stay out of way thankfully, save the odd directed look at his ample girth which I did not want to see. Regular readers will know that I have no choice as to what I look at as the mind-control and the scripting is so pervasive and complete. For the most part, the perps control what I see, and if they have arranged a freak, an Unfavored, or a Favored demographic group member, then they force me to look at him or her. There is a new woman in the class, blondish like yesterday's dental hygeinist's hair, but I never saw what she looked like, which was also arranged I suspect. The perps have been very careful to introduce some of the gangstalkers very slowly, keeping them out of view for the most part, and only allowing me snippets or infrequent glances in their direction.

I had a red-headed woman tail me for 15 minutes of walking time when returning from the gym. Normally the perps don't put someone on my tail so obviously, but today, they made no bones about it. She was dressed in a modern WIB (Women In Black) outfit; a black tracksuit with white stripes down the side of the arms and legs and managed to stay within 40' of me the entire time.

The gangstalkers were all over me at the supermarket when I stopped by to acquire some items; four around me when picking up a basket, then another five around me getting the goat's milk, and at least two additional obstructions in wanting to get to other locations which I didn't for the fuckwit loitering there. At the checkout, the woman ahead of me puts a cigarette in her mouth while messing with her plastic bags for whatever reason. One is not allowed to smoke in public access buildings, so it was rather hilarious to see someone "desparate". Though in fact, I suspect it is used as a localized brown color reference, the brown tobacco inside the white cigarette paper. I also note that the bottom most 6' of the telephone poles on my walking route have been painted the same color as that of the jacket I wear, an olive drab color. Then the graffiti in black, white and sometimes red is painted over top for additional color reference purposes.

When I was finishing up at the checkout at the supermarket today, some 60+ y.o. male weird in shoulder length thick white hair was pointlessly shuffling around, evading any eye contact, and not actinng as a customer in any respect. Just an out and out deranged weird in a bright yellow jacket and bright blue pants, and seemingly planting himself to be at the near center of my wide turn around him when headed out. It is amazing the weirds that "show up" for no apparent reason and the cashiers just "accept it". He looked suspiciously like my ex's brother in a wig, and he did not want to engage in any eye contact. A heebie jeebie case to say the least.

One of my "street regular" gangstalkers, an older East Indian male of slight build, who for at least two weeks "happened" to be walking the opposite direction each time I was walking to or from the gym, twice in one day even, also "happened" to be wallking by the entrance area to my apartment when I returned via the supermarket today. This regular gangstalker "happens" to encounter me when downtown with a plastic bag full of groceries instead of me unencumbered when headed, or returning from the gym. It defies all probability to cross paths with a total stranger so frequently, and especially so when the fucker was staring at me in some kind of emotionless zombie mode. The perps tell me that this is my current doctor in morphover form, though I can never go by what they say.

Another instance of vacuum cleaning noise from above; the fifth time today.

Taken 05-04-2008, 1655h. This is a camera zoom in of some red and white vehicular arrangements outside my apartment. The ambulance has parked at the street stalls where there is no parking allowed at that time to accomodate rush hour traffic volume. And it "so happened" that the bus did not need to pick up any passengers from the bus stop the ambulance is encroaching upon. Note the top of the ambulance has an uncharacteristic sheen to it, almost as if it is out of focus. When I zoomed in with Picasa, the top of the ambulance seems to be treated to some plasmic light games, many of which I get to see every day.

Taken 05-04-2008, 1655h, only a few seconds later with the camera on a wide angle setting. The bus has pulled forward and the ambulance driver is jaywalking across the street, a very common gangstalker move. And lo, if there isn't another white vehicle in the mix as well as a black colored one beside the ambulance that is also unduly reflective in agumented plasma IMHO. A "Ladder Patrol" vehicle is parked on the crossing street at the far left, an near ubiquitous event of late, even tonight. The light metallic brown colored vehicle seems to be at the center of all the vehicles, as if surrounded by reference color vehicles (black, white, silver-grey, mid-grey) the white ones with red livery.

Taken 05-02-2008, 1135h. This was two days earlier, and was first displayed in a blog posting some days ago, and is replicated here for comparative purposes to the image above. This one is even more outrageous, parking a tractor trailer in the public street parking stalls and into the bus stop. I find the symmetry interesting, as if this is a earlier take of the scene above, with the perps working up to getting a light metallic brown vehicle in the mix. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over the color brown, and that they introduce it incrementally by tone and amount, that is, "working up to" larger brown colored objects and darker browns in my proximity. Never mind the fact that I eat brown colored food at each meal.

The vacuum cleaning noise has started up just as I finished swearing out loud at the assholes for swapping Windows on me, and then uploading this image above.

I was reading this PDF file (US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights, 48 pp.) about directed energy weapons and mind invasive technologies; when encountering a part of the document, a technical specification surprised me, and at that instant the overhead pounding noise started with a simultaneous brightening of my hall light fixture. The perps had only allowed one bulb to illuminate, and at that instant, they decided they wanted both bulbs working. I never had such erratic lighting before the harassment started, and I also knew when any light fixture was of reduced brightness and would then replace the bulb. But "somehow" I wasn't allowed to notice that one bulb wasn't working, and only became aware of it when it came on with the simultaneous noise tonight. Yet another incidence of overt mind control when lifelong capabilities are suddenly and inexplicably defeated IMHO.

More Project Camelot interview listening. I get some noisestalking while the headphones are on; having magnets close by is an important component of the harassment. They stole my magnetic healing vest possilby because it conferred too much magnetism that they could not cope with. As mentioned before, music listening and/or is a temporary escape for the most part.

Time to blog off and call this one done.

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