Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pounding the Ceiling

While slumbering at 0715h this morning the perps started up the overhead pounding, putatively from the overhead neighbors taking a sledgehammer to their floor. As there is 12" of intervening concrete and steel, and the noise was directly overhead of me in the bed, I assume the noise was from the perps' projected sound machine, one that can deliver any noise anywhere without conventional causal. Regular readers will know that this apartment block seems to be strangely bereft of authentic residents, just like the last three residence locations.

True to form, the perps then had me turn my head to the other side and then added more pounding to complement what they had just done. As best as I can tell, this is their method of stimulating deep neural circuits to then explore adjacent ones of interest. All my neural circuitry is of interest to this party that won't declare themselves, and they seem to be working on the brainstem area, which oddly, is being energized with external sound. And there is plenty of internal head noise too; crackling swallowing, internal head clicks, jaw thwacks and others, again all created by some remote means, and in this case, intended to bypass aural hearing.

Curiously, the perps kept me in a sleepy state while the overhead pounding noise was going on; normally they have me instantly "react" and yell at the assholes, which usually results in the annoyance ceasing. Today though, they kept me dociled while this noise erupted, and I have no idea as to what this infers. Perhaps exciting the emotional circuitry gets in the way of their current exploration games.

When I got up at 0730h I had my first insect of the day planted in front of me on the wall while making the bed, and lo, if it didn't burst into a bloody mess all over my fingers and require a visit to the bathroom to clean up. As I have no insect bites on me, this episode begs the question as to whose blood it was, and how did it get placed to self-erupt from the insect? This would be a planned disruption of normal routine of getting changed and then going to the kitchen and making breakfast, and not visiting the bathroom until afterward. I have seen so many disruption games of late that I have given up blogging them all.

I also have given up counting the blood eruptions on the walls in the apartment, as it is becoming more frequent; I think it is six in total so far, though not all insect eruptions have been with blood; an ink like eruption was scripted Monday night, presumably as a spot to redirect masers that are flitting about. My pillows, sheets and blankets are getting mysterious splatters on them each night now and it won't come off in the laundry. Which really begs the question as to what is really going on while I am sleeping? For that I would need a video camera, and past experience has taught me that all electronic gear can be remotely tapped and sabotaged, especially if it has any likelihood of catching games they don't want me to see.

The clunking noises have started up, and they even went as far as shaking my office chair while I was sitting in it. That is to say, one that sits on a 12" concrete and steel carpeted floor. It is not your average tenant below who somehow can not only accurately locate me but then "somehow" send a vibration through the ceiling to my chair. The reality is not that of course, but the propensity of the perps to apply whatever remote forces and sensations they deem neccessary at any given moment, and often to aggravate me.

These same clunking noises arrived for the first 20 minutes of yoga this morning; no cover story like building maintenance of course, just out and out noise and vibration stalking at a critical early period in yoga.

I was kept nattering after yoga, while I noted the woman in front of me during the class made a hasty retreat. And lo, if there wasn't a woman just like her when I was walking back; the same height, build and hair with that straight ahead look, only the clothes and face were different. It has been apparent for some time that the perps posess the ability to change body features, and it seems that changing facial features is the simplest and that it can be done in less than 10 minutes in my experience. When on the street she was decked out in a bold mid-green colored top and black pants, so I assume the perps are attempting to condition me to this color in new circumstances. She was wearing a white top for all of yoga and black pants. Anyhow, it is one of the more harmless stunts that I get exposed to, but it always leaves me wondering if it isn't someone I know well from earlier days. There has been plenty of past friends and colleagues involved in the ongoing harassment, but I never know to what degree.

And it was a big deal after yoga as a Chicken Run was needed. These are the days when I purchase hot cooked chicken that then serves as my protien source for the next two weeks. It is now a half chicken due to the new lower food intake and associated leftover tortilla stack games the perps have arranged for me. Invariably I am gangstalked all the more on Chicken Run days, and the perps planned it specially so that it would occur after yoga, (also a high gangstalk period), and that the usual eating of it off the carcass for the inital meal. And I did have my gangstalking males hanging around the hot chicken counter; one exchanging locations with me, and a pair on natter/sentry duty in their two tone blue outfits, "happening" to meet and converse in the grocery store right at the location I needed to visit. Just a normal harassment/gangstalking moment, posting these dudes without seeming day jobs all over town.

I had gym in the afternoon and had plenty of ambulatory gangstalkers on my walk there and back, often 10 or more within 60' of me, and even a pair of dudes in red shirts. One had black pants and the other had white pants, the latter fulfilling the hospital staff-like clothing the perps like me to see, likely to stimulate subconscious reactions to the Unfavored. This particular perp theme culminated in one of the more perverse fire alarm events about two months ago. They pulled the fire alarm at lunchtime, and had me take the stais to the first floor lobby and see some idiot male dressed in whites, standing in the doorway of the stopped elevator, and looking like a fish out of water, as he didn't have a cover story. It was just then that someone else said the alarm was over, and I went back up the stairwell, with more gangstalkers coming down of course. The objective of the false alarm was to have me walk downstairs to see some fuckwit operative dressed in white. Go figure.

One freakish male gangstalker "arrived" to walk ahead by 60' at first grasping a pair of boots in his left hand. I get this footwear stalking act about every six months or so, not including my perp-abetting parents playing with their feet at length in the living room while watching TV. The gangstalker with the boots was holding them wide of his torso, as if they smelled and he didn't want them too close to him. They didn't smell, and I assume that he was getting remotely applied gravitic help to hold them in such an uncomfortable manner for so long, over 5 minutes of lead-ahead gangstalking. Then when I was closing in on him to pass by, he stops in the shadow of a utility pole, and only 6" from it, seeming attending to his cell phone, still with the boots in hand. I have no idea whose boots they were, or who this dude was, but what could be the cover story for this piece of stupid theater?

And lo, if the above boot packing dude didn't pass by the "freak stop", leading ahead of me. This is a certain apartment location where there is a 40' wide patch of grass, and for "some reason", the seeming freakish residents are now sitting or squatting outside in some comportment of loitering strangeness. It started out when I was returning from gym, but they have since added a shift of freaks to be in place when I am headed to the gym.

At gym I had the usual shifts of "do-squat" males loitering around me, and it even getting offensive enough to abort my exercises which is probably what the arrangement was all about. I have said it before; I have never seen a gym where 80% of the members were sitting around and doing nothing, but here, it is an everytime occurence. Fucking bizarre.

And another part of this freakshow was what I termed a "Cheech and Chong" act; two seeing Mexicans standing at the same place for over 15 minutes, chatting in Spanish the entire time. First of all, I have never seen any gym member start working out in front of the free weight racks and thereby impeding access to the weights to others. The system is, you select your weights and take them to a bench and work out there, and not start working out in front of the wieght rack. Anyhow, it was the second time the "Cheech and Chong" act have done this, and wasn't too much of a surprise that they followed me to the central wall after their "stand around" act, and then followed me back again to where they had spent 15 minutes standing around.

My usual in-class freaks were there today, the fat ethnic dude "featuring" himself by managing to be seen whenever I looked up, and he also followed me onto some the equipment I had vacated. And the Fatfuck weird also followed me onto the treadmills and then started up beside me. The perps had me pissed over this and curtailed my run to only six minutes. I don't know why they let me run on the treadmill after stopping me from running for over five years, and now they won't let me have at least 10 minutes without jerking me around, e.g imposed accelerated "exhaustion".

I am still in the "special class" at the gym; this means for three of us, we get to do our floor exercises in the public warm up/down area and have others wandering by, and even staring at us as described below. And it also means I get a "feet show" when down on the mat; all these members parading around, and for me to see their feet. This new arrangement means more gangstalkers, more often, and closer than before. It just wasn't enough to have the class members do this in the floor exercise room, now all sorts of weirds can move in close with some ostensible reason. Like I have said before, I think it is time to give this gym thing a rest, and this might be the last straw. Which is probably what is scripted in any event.

I am getting more peripherial vision impairment games of late; these are imposed by direct access to my field of view, and then altering the "seen" contents to what they want, usually of the annoying variety. Now, that kind of depraved harassment has been escalated to create extra movement in my peripherial field that is totally abnormal and never seen before. I don't know quite why they do this except for the ongoing color exposure games that are going on.

I had my 500 to 1,000 vehicle gangstalking when walking to the gym and back, and that many again as parked vehicles. In some locations 8 of 11 vehicles were silver-grey or white, and often there were alternating colors; silver-grey and white, repeated three times with a final deep red metallic fnish vehicle. The emphasis seemed to be more on the whites and silver greys as the mainstay reference colors, and then reds, navy blue and dark green were judiciously added in. The perps are also building up more light tan brown metallic colored vehicles after some 10 minutes of walking, and they often have them cross in front of me, one from each direction.

I got at least two starings today; one weird at the gym, and then a woman at the checkout at the LD store when I stopped by after returning from gym. I wasn't allowed a plastic shopping basket even; all the stacks had gangstalkers dithering over them, and given that it wasn't really needed for one item, mouthwash, it really didn't matter. Anyhow, the woman in front of me gives me this big stare for no reason whatsoever, just before she was to use her debit card that she had been waving around. And lo, if it wasn't from the same bank as mine, and the identical color and livery. This time I paid by cash, but I assume the exposure was to serve as some kind of pre-emptive energy assay on my wallet contents, debit cards included.

The horrendous noise of Harley Davidson motorcycles "passing by" has just ended. After lifting my fingers off my ears to evade listening to it, the perps re-ran the noise again, in two successive iterations. As I have said many times before, there is no biker bar for over five miles, so why all this noise? So far, some six iterations in the last three minutes.

And here is a blog posting from someone who isn't a TI, but is getting targeted by a seeming stalker for no reason. And this is not the first incident either. I often wonder how many others are surveilled and gangstalked but only covertly. There are degrees of escalation of course; influencing employment prospects, creating more chaotic events, increasing the need for maintenance of vehicles, house etc. I hope she isn't being targetted, but when one lives and breathes this kind of stalking everywhere in public from organized individuals with access to one's thoughts, especially evasion, it would not surprise me that this going on to a lesser degree. I read on the excellent Catch Canada site that 15% of all the Canadian stalking complaints are by those who don't know who the stalker is.

More loud ripping chopped Harley noise; they have increased this noise today, and even put on extra motorcycles today when walking to the gym and back. They even put a parked motorcycle outside the yoga class for me to see when exiting. I did not hear it arrive, and yet it was there afterward. As this is at least the third time that this motorcycle has "arrived" without being heard, I am assuming it was teleported into place, a common event around me. It is odd that the perps would pass up an opportunity to blast me with motorcycle noise, but I am wholly ignorant of all the considerations they incurr when they play their dumbshit games.

The latest in jerking me arround is blocking the Save function in blogger, to stop me from updating my template. It most likely the perps dropped the notion in mind in the first place, and the first thing they do is thwart my intention (their planted intention actually). Most TI's know this is an ongoing perp harassment method; set up a scenario and then sabotage the victim's capabilities in dealing with the imposed situation. Big fun and games for sickos.

The seeming "neighbor" vacuuming noise has started up for the fifth time today; it has a habit of turning on when I am being provoked by perp fuckery, or when I have my headphones on (magnets at my ears). The first instance of this noise began when I was making dinner and in a forced rant. Then it "happened" again, and each instance is of a sufficient duration to do the floors of these small apartments twice over. With all the clicking, clanking and marble dropping on smooth concrete floor noise that I hear throughout the day one would think that these "folks" upstairs don't have a carpeted floor and need only sweep them. No matter, all the noise is projected from a remote location on an as needed basis and the cover story really doesn't matter it seems.

Time to blog off and call this one done.

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