Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Particular Grist

The title means there isn't any major harassment or related assaults, only the dull roar level of clunking from "neighbors", street shouting, maser and plasma vision impairments and some of the amplified vehicle noise. The perps main harassment script writers seem to be on holiday this weekend. Even yesterday's trip to the supermarket was low key, save the vagrant clusters that are now forming in my proximity outside. It was three days ago that a cluster of ambulatory vagrants, at least four of them, had a plastic basketed shopping cart (not a local one), and had one of their kind sitting in the cart being pushed by another vagrant in mid-street, 20' from the crosswalk, and coming toward me. The perp's fixation over plastics goes to this level of absurdity at times. And I see the opposite residential tower has two white vinyl chairs on one balcony now, presumably as a persistent surrogate for all those irrigation service vehicles with bundles of PVC pipe on the roof rack that course around me when I am out.

It is indeed strange to have a lapse of the harassment games; the rage-ification of the past three weeks has been relaxed somewhat, though probably not for long once the real sickos get back to work on Tuesday, this being a US holiday, the Memorial Day weekend. Even the wretched loud mufflered vehicle noises and the Harley motorcycle noises have been reduced from yesterday's levels, though still with the same unerring timing, coming on when I have two hands busy, and unable to plug my ears.

The perps gave me a 10.5 hour sleep last night, and had me waking up in a dream state in a typical impasse situation in dealing with the ex. I don't miss those days one bit, dealing with a fucking idiot that was incapable of learning much, and totally obdurate and inflexible as well as covering off the huge lie of being an agent of the perps for the 20 years that went on. The first 10 years were OK, but the latter 10 were ugly owing to a sudden behavior change that was unfathomable at the time, and I could never figure it out. She had no rational explanation for it. But now I know, she was mind-controlled, and was rescripted to be unpleasant once we had a child. I have had other individuals in my life go suddenly unpleasant for no apparent reason, and it seems this behavior control model fits the pattern. Cranking up my angst and exasperation was part of the plan, as much as rage-ifying me all day long is. Those days are done thankfully, and our daughter's high school graduation is in late June. I wonder what the script writers have in mind for that, especially with the gowns and suits.

The post tea and chocolate noise flurries are starting up; the door thudding, the loud mufflered vehicles parading outside etc. Ang getting me cranked up with typo sabotage as I key this in.

Before putting on the kettle I went down to my mailbox to unload it for the week, and what a mistake that was, assuming I had any choice in it of course. I put my runners on, went to the elevator and pressed the down button on the recently modified wall, read, wallpaper removal. The elevator took an inordinant amount of time to arrive, and then came with two dudes onboard, one eating a sandwich and dropping crumbs. That would be "bread stalking" by my definition, not to mention an excuse to keep his mouth open. Then another stop, and a suspicious woman came on board, and finally it made it to the ground floor where two more dudes were waiting with their brown cardboard boxes and gathered them up as I exited. The other elevator also "happened" to arrive, and out steps a slinky babe in red, and a dude in a white colored outfit. After negotiating the people maze, I got to my mailbox and sorted out the flyers from the real mail, a 10 to 1 ratio after a week. Once I finished, I walked back into the lobby an viewed the street outside while heading for the elevator. There were at least three parties of dudes arranged in a T shape at varying distances and sunlit conditions; one party 6' from the building in shade, another party 20' away at the closest sidewalk portion in the shade, and a third party 60' away on the opposite sidewalk in the sun. And lo, if they didn't pass ambulatory gangstalkers in between these parties, also dudes.

That entire arrangement preceded making tea, and then frinking it with chocolate, the perps favorite food for me to eat because it is brown colored. This goes to show how instantly one can go from minimal harassment to high harassment even on a Sunday afternoon. The noise flurries are also ramping up as I continue this, and perhaps I should call this one done for the day. I will be heading out shortly to stay with the First Feral Family tonight, and won't likely be back in the blogger's seat until this time Monday (26th).

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