Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well Timed Phone Calls

A 10 hour sleep was my allotment last night, "only" two hours longer than normal. I suspect the light conditions and the subsequent timing changes to mealtimes and other events is part of the plan behind this game. I don't need extra sleep, and I am never tired from having shorter than normal sleep, so why are my awakening times fluctuating so much? I might as well talk to a wall, the metaphor of the futility of getting an answer as to why my life circumstances, including those I don't recall, are of such abiding interest to an organization of covert psychopaths who arrange every last crumb and dust bunny in my existence.

I notice the phone calls are attaining greater precision as to when they are arranged and also the content of the call, assuming it is not an nuisance call, and I get plenty of those too. yesterday my in-town brother called exactly when I had shutdown this PC in the Windows panel but before it had physically shutdown. The phone call covered the physical shutdown that followed some 20 seconds later, as well, and just got stupider until his scripted content ran out of logical gas. And I note, he didn't need to follow up as he said he would; his PC training "need" has been the biggest bullshit show going, and he never did explain how it arrived at his place and how it was set up that very first day he had it. Part of the game seems to be making it obvious, as the recent followings (stalkings) have made plain.

I got a call from my lawyer this morning, asking about the disposition of the files related to the divorce proceedings; for better or worse (har, har), I said to dispose of them as the income tax harassment has moved on from the nature of the court ordered support payments to jerking me around as to which source supplies me my disability income, (another joke, though of no ironic humor to me at least).

Anyhow, he is a decent person and helped me immeasurably after the three flakes beforehand became impossible to deal with. And of course that was arranged too, all to protract the process and cost me megabucks over a no-brainer negotiated settlement. Soo..., I entertained his questions as to what I am doing, the topic of exercise and working out which is of mutual interest, how blatant the gangstalking has become with specific examples, the doctor follies and this here blog which has photographs of unusual color clusters of vehicles and the other fuckery that can me photographed. He even looked up the blog while we were on the phone and read snippets of it. That was interesting, as it suggests there is some common energetic reason of the perps for him to access my blog while we were on the phone. And of course this test would of been planned out for months with other surrogates, and the rest of the vermin that are the operatives that loiter in my midst. Anyhow, the entire phone call was more social than legal, and it was interesting that the examples of the gangstalking I gave to him had been "developed in mind" over the course of the previous day and even the precise words. Like I have said, I don't have conversations (mostly), but elicitations, as in the perps monitoring me while supplying the very words that they control me to use in accordance with the supplied script and shill/quisling. And it "so happened" that I mentioned the topic of the Duplessis Orphans and their trail of woe and grief and how they are still being monitored by covert means decades after that despicable depravity has ended.

When conversing with the lawyer, I got the "sorry this is happening" line, and he then he happened to elaborate on that sentiment about my probable reaction, and it "so happened" that was my reaction; as in, so what, this is bullshit, and everyone knows about its objectives save me. (Overhead pounding erupted when typeing "me"). One other piece of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) was cleared up with the lawyer, and that had been the back burner issue of when am I relieved of child support payments, (especially when she earns more than I do in a month). As it "so happened" he had my file on hand, or else it was viewable from his PC, and he read out the stock phrase that was used, "until the child remains part of the marriage". And lo, it was a legalistic loophole (or code more like) to mean that the support payments continue as long as the child is residing with a parent and attending an educational institution over the age of majority, age 19 in this jursidiction. I was legitimately pissed that this was left open ended, and remarked as to how that got missed, an unintentional dig at the lawyer of course. Well, as it so happens, it is the language that the court uses, and is supplied by them. What a farce, using a vague term referencing a past legal arrangement, the specific marriage in dispute/dissolution, and applies it to a forward open ended arrangement that is defined by the child's life circumstances. Having got screwed so many times on this topic, it was only one more addition, so I wasn't too bothered, even though I could do with the financial relief. But it isn't going to happen, and this entire exercise was all about letting me know that after a big run-up of FUD, which was also stoked with my mother's recent feigned interest. This was the end of a big show, the FUD, of airing this topic, and hopefully it is settled and not to be engaged upon until some four years hence.

Enough of my legal woes and the machinations about the other associated agendas that are going on and the timing of the phone call, which was when I was wearing my green hearing protection after been annoyed with the faux neighbor's whining water faucets. The above phone call might have been the big excitement for the day, and I suspect it will come up again, though in differing circumstances. After all, it was at least two years ago I last had any dealings with the lawyer, and that he called about a topic his assistant could of resolved is also a giveaway to there being another purpose to the phone call.

This is the post tea and chocolate period, and of considerable interest for its dissapation of brown colored food in the digestion process. The overhead tapping noise has started up, and now stopped thatnkfully. I am getting a severe case of the sleepies while seated at this desk, and it may have to be addressed with an afternoon nap. And too, it was a switchover to a different brand of chocolate, an ongoing stunt that plays out on the supermarket shelves each time I go.

I did some more investigation as to disability benefits on account of meeting one of my "bretheren" at the carpet auction, and lound out he was gaming me; that is, supplying fanciful bullshit about the benefits. He said I was eligible for a year long bus pass, but no, that only applies to the provincially classified disabled, and not the federally classified ones, that being me in this case. So after getting this disinformation, and my mother "happening" to be interested in this topic on Monday morning when there at breakfast, is seems this was another case of "name dropping"; or more accurately, "topic mention" for my harassor's benefit. Given that this disinformation dude and the strange granny at the bus shelter traded exact seating arrangements on the bus shelter bench, there is likely more to this sordid tale than it seems. No doubt both of them are morphovers of people I know, hence the seat swapping games.

A nuisance phone call, the no-one-there trick, which was followed with hallway banter and laughing noise, and then some overhead tapping chimed in at the end of this little run of stunts. I reckon this is part of the "brown investigation" games, per above, and so is the noise. At the time, I was reading about disability payments and offerings and realized the dude at the above mentioned bus stop was full of shit. He was on a provincial government plan even though he said he was on a federal plan. Why do I get this preplanned bullshit coming at me all the time? Some of the Targeted Individuals call this gaming; creating a scenario of activity, or prescribed activity that turns out to be totally pointless. He showed me his annual bus pass, green plastic in his hand, and it is a provincial government issue only for provincial government disability plans. End of story, and that impositional exercise in futility.

I am getting stroboscoped from a flashing light from outside, this being the "reflection" from the opposite residential tower. Even pulling the curtain didn't help like it once did, as they are making the curtain the source of the flashing.

Taken 05-16-2008. 1513h. All the residents of this apartment that faces E. have coordinated the closure of their venetian blinds to provide a (faux) reflective source for the sunlight to beam into my apartment as the "warm up" for the later games shown in the two photographs below. I suspect that there are no residents in the apartment, and it is empty. I once worked on the top floor for a year when the building was office space.

Taken 05-16-2008, 1750h. This is the apparent source of the later evening illumination and stroboscopic games. This mysterious source illuminates as if a reflection of the sun off the smaller windows note, and casts a beam into this apartment, see below. I have never seen such "capable" reflections as these before, ones that can be aimed into my apartment even of differing windows. My assertion is that this is a plasma related stunt, and also, the apartment is empty as so many proximate ones seem to be, including the one that I am living in.

Taken 05-16-2008, 1750h. This is what "happens" to an E. facing apartment in the late evening, even as I type this at a later date of the photo. Light streams in from the outside "source: (above) and illuminates the full length of the apartment, to the base of the door in the central part, next to the closet mirror doors.

Taken 05-12-2008, 1744h. Just the "usual" three red colored vehicle parked in a dispersed file, with a lead white colored vehicle, the left side of the road. On the right side, three white colored vehicles are parked in a tight file with a silver-grey vehicle in front of them, and a bright yellow vehicle at the head of the parked file. Two black colored vehicles are proceeding down the street, running between these two color arranged parked vehicle files. A "secret agent" on the cell phone at the street corner, just "happens" to be at the same location where there are two previous pictures of personnel doing exactly the same. The other pair of dudes seems unremarkable, and not even displaying that hilarious extra arm flinging that is now standard among ambulatory gangstalkers.

Taken 05-16-2008, 1513h. Three white colored vehicles are parked in file with a lead silver-grey colored vehicle as part of the event when taking photographs from my balcony. On the right side, a dude in a green checked shirt and green shorts is packing his red colored jacket over his arm, as if he were a professional waiter.

Taken 05-14-2008, 1640h. This photo was in yesterday's blog posting, but I wanted to show that the same location of the above photo, taken two days later, has a very similar lineup of same colored vehicles. This is four silver-grey vehicles parked in file in the same location, rahter than three white colored vehicles and one silver grey vehicles. The perps frequently use these colors together, and the three day old trip to Sidney, the site of the carpet auction, had about a 50:50 mixture of these two vehicle colors in a single parking lot, totalling at least twenty in all.

The "repairman" act has arrived outside my apartment; someone using a handsaw and then it stopped when I had a notion to go to the door and se what was going on.

And I did go finally go outside to see what the noise was, and lo, if there wasn't a 8' long square and some asshole with his back to me walking away. They appear to be sawing metal, screechy noise metal. Fucking bizarre at this time of day, how loud it came through the ear muffs, and that it is in front of another two apartments.

Then a squeaky bus noise arrived and then it dawned on me; the high pitched squeaky noise in the hallway is coming from the right, a rare condition the perps "needed" to plant on me, as I get mostly left side squeakings.

Now a tapping noise has been added into the noise mix, this time from another direction altogether. I wonder what prompted this squeaky noise assault. And to add insult to injury, the perps are putting a rotten meat smell up my nose while all this is going on, even if there is no such source in my apartment. The fuckery never ends.

Now the hallway "maintenance job" has become a tapping noise, and the overhead pounding (conrete floor note) has been played to provide some bass to the first noise. I cannot believe it, at this time, the assholes start up building maintenance noise in the hallway. I thought the last place, the putative rooming house was outrageous for anytime noise with no cover story, but no, the assholes are up to the same antics in a 12 storey downtown apartment block.

I am getting the knee torque torture tonight; the lower part of my leg is turned to then strain the knee and create pain. The site of the recorded pain in the brain must be a very primative neural circuit and is no doubt close in proximity to where the perps are currently looking. This is following the run-up with the hallway noise and smells which have finally abated. All these methods the perps are using in a rotation of fuckery; noises from overhead, left and right sides, infuriation with typo sabotage, vibration from the drilling and activity in the hallway, knee pain administration, plasma projections off the LCD display, jabbing me in the nuts with sharp pains, creating a "need" to scratch my face or my ears, and other games that keep going on all fucking day.

Time to call this shut-in day done and ponder the potential fuckery for tomorrow, being a yoga and gym day. The latter has all the signs of being removed from my permitted activities. They are changing it so the "advanced" class members work out in the warm up/down area instead of the classroom session for the last half hour. This means that anyone, can walk beside or over top of one as they are on the floor doing their stretches for a duration of 30 minutes. Translated, that means more gangstalking in close, and that is a total piss off. It is bad enough at the gym as it is. Given the vision buggering barrage of irradiation I now get each time I come back from the gym, essentially topping me up to the desired level, I suspect that the perps want to move me off having gym class altogether. This same activity of vision fucking irradiation after hiking in 2006 was identical in practice. They cannot get enough fuckers in close to me for as often as they would like while engaged in an energy dissapating activity, exercise (including the 30 minute walk back), so they cancel it by making out that it was my decision to end the activity due to the imposed changes.

A car alarm has gone off, and it must be the designated noisestalking for when I am about to post this. I shall wait it out, and hopefully not get screwed into a forced "forget".

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