Saturday, May 17, 2008

Long Weekend

A long weekend; one week in advance of the US long weekend, and it is a busy time in this city with a 3 hour parade arranged for Monday. There are many US school bands that come up here and participate to practice for the Memorial Day parade competitions. I don't think that I will be watching the parade any, and will likely stay out of anywhere that has increased crowds. After yesterday's deliberate stalking, I think that a lower profile is in order. Besides, anywhere I have lived in this city, since 2003, the perps have emptied any adjacent suites, rooms and floors, and it would seem that they want to keep their shills and operatives away from me for any sustained durations.

The perps came on with another rage-ified breakfast time this morning, making sure I was infuriated when dealing with brown colored foods, per usual, that being coffee and peanut butter. They arranged for me to be out of chocolate this morning, and this seemed to be a test of less brown food items for whatever reason. Then they increased my sweating to dampen my shirt; this represents the opening salvo of the ongoing "pseudosweat" condtion they impose on me. This is an unabashed intrusion to create conditions more conducive to remote bioenergetics study. They just love to have me soaking my shirt, and having sweat beads flying about. They have had me wear three shirts in one day because of this imposition, and if past practice is any guide, they won't give it up until October.

The usual amplified noise intrusions have been going on all morning, and now into the afternoon, along with plasma and maser activity, now nonstop in my central vision. And they have begun to use bright reflective spots to annoy me all the more and redirect my visual attention.

I see that my email is getting obstructed and/or delayed; the FFCHS mail-out didn't show up all day yesterday, and it seems that the perps want me to know this. I attempted to listen to the recording of it last night, but the perps kept messing with the volume, continually reducing it. Normally, they like to blast my ears with beeping sounds from the PC, as they reset the volume to maximum each session with any website.

I did my Saturday run the the nearby supermarket for a sub-ten minute return trip, and of course, was duly gangstalked, though at a moderate level, save one swarm of four women around me while I was at the aisle end. The main objective is to purchase a national newspaper to read, and I was treated to the infernal noise while doing so, as it affords little opportunity to plug my ears from the noise, which is what I usually do for the sustained trail-offs and loud chopped motorcycle noises. (I suspect there has been over a 100 of the latter today, just as yesterday, and that doesn't include the "performance muffler" noise they also plant in my proximity)

For a sub ten minute round trip to the supermarket, I get to experience some major improbabilites that are known to regular readers. When outside the supermarket the perps put on a negro woman standing outside the silver painted wall, one I suspect the perps put up just for harassment reasons. When inside, and after I had selected the chocolate, the perps put on a second negro woman not 15' away, in position for me to see her on my route through the store. On the freakish front, the perps put on an amazon blonde woman turning a corner with her coffee cup in hand; she had to be over 6' and 250lb, and was quite the specimen in a tight fitting sweater.

Regular readers will know that the event of reading a newspaper is not a straighforward one like it is for most mortals. The pages buckle under new physicality parameters, they also become more constrasted across the fold, the fold is cast in darker shadow, and I am routinely noisestalked when reading across the fold or when reading specific names, celebrities, and obituaries. Or if turning the page brings on a riot of color, there is noisestalking the instant that I see it. And there maybe some plasma games going on in my peripherial vision as well, often the same color as that on the page. I am often dithered and demotivated when reading, all to force me to not read a section, or otherwise re-direct me to the next planned place on the page. Should I exibit any interest in a headline that was unscripted, there is always a simultaneous noisestalking event.

The above trip was my big outing for the day, and is likely to prepare me for the tomorrow's carpet auction where I will be helping. I can expect some extra gangstalking on the bus as well; last time I could not believe that there many hundreds of "people" downtown, and on the bus route, on a Sunday morning at 1000h, long before the stores open. They were gangstalkers, out for the usual games of presenting wood furniture, cardboard (both brown colored, note), shopping buggies full of plastic bottles and bags with the vagrant act in attendance, and other shows of improbable likelihood, save the orchestrated scenario. Regular readers will know that the perps like me to see all these props through regular glass, safety glass, directly, tinted glass and many other combinations and permutations of objects, colors and distance. My life is one relentless laboratory for the Gutless Gestapo, the ones that operate by remote methods and lack the gumption to address me in person, or declare their intent.

The overhead rumbling noise has started up, so this must signify greater examination at this juncture, and the typo sabotage seems to be part of it, as is the plasma projections coming off this LCD display.

Another freak in this ongoing parade that is organized around me was also "on show" today; another freaking dwarf "happened" to be making a lot of door closure and locking noise when the elevator came, and was more content to continue the noise while I got in the elevator. It was some six days ago that a dwarf was hanging around the front of the building for no apparent reason, save the usual gangstalking fuckery. Today's freak sighting in the apartment building, as an apparent tenant on my floor, means that the perps are going to keep up this particular freak variant for whatever purposes they have in mind. And don't ask me if these are the same person as the perps did not want me to look. The perps have also planted a dwarf at one of their faux police takedowns they pulled on me, one that was part of the gangstalking swarm at that event.

For the first elevator trip down today, I also had to wait while a cell phoning dude came out of his apartment for whatever reason, keeping his door open, and continuing with the conversation, again while I was gettting in the elevator. Having two near identical noise and person stalkings in succession while waiting for the elevator smacks of organized harassment does it not?

The car alarm noise outside has erupted for the second time tonight; a bit strange for a parked vehicle to be broken into twice in one evening isn't it?

The overhead back and forth like rumbling noise has started up again, immediately following the perps planting a word in mind, one they introduced to me; ennui,
a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom
A round of cursor placement battles started up with the perps as I was attempting to insert paste buffer contents which provided synomyms, and the overhead rumbling also restarted while I was yelling at the assholes. It is very true, the perps want me to experience ennui often, and have done this in the long past with the aid of employers where there was inexplicably nothing to do, and were not too concerned about it at the time.

More car alarm noise; at least three events since I last blogged. The perps are interesting in their own technology by directing me to read this thoroughly researched piece on Synthetic Telepathy. I have experienced this in unequivocal fashion on occasion, and likely, all thoughts and notions are planted in a way that is similar to my own thought process. Occasionally there will be some strange thoughts, and will immediately question them as to their relevance or that I had the ability to recollect them at all. In this case, the perps noisestalk me while I am monitoring their planted thought quality.

A siren cascade has just erupted, no sign of emergency vehicles of course. Then the car alarm went off again. I think I get it; hammer me with the car alarm for the evening, and then add other noise over top. And they also ran the car alarm noise with the chopped Harley motorcycle noise before that, and lo, if the overhead rumbling noise hasn't started too. Time to give this one a rest.

The vision impairments and eye stinging fuckery is upon me, time to blog off.

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