Sunday, May 11, 2008

TMJ Popping

There is always something new in this abuseworld that I inhabit, not out of choice. Today it is some strange muscle popping with attendant noise of my right side jaw joint, aka the Tempororomandible Joint, or TMJ. I have had this happen twice so far, and it is highly annoying, and not even disguised as being part of normal jaw activity. I have got this coordination with outside noise, the current one being church bells (Sunday, a cover story).

This will be a relatively short post today, as I will be headed to my in-town brother's place for dinner with the First Feral Family, and no doubt his sort-of native Indian girlfriend will be there for the usual brown color skin games the perps are pursuing. And no doubt there will be some kind of incremental introduction as my parents and me will be arriving in their vehicle. The perps delay and mess with just about every multiple person party related transition I make; entry and exiting vehicles, houses, buildings, carports, as long as I am with someone. Regular readers will know that I also get plenty of gangstalker "accompaniment" in these situations when by myself. With family, it becomes near mandatory that the perps disrupt one or more persons to have them backtrack, delay, dither or otherwise foil any all-at once family egress. Once, when at the just opened garage door at my parent's place, and in preparation to get into the vehicle, the perps put on a AWACS radar aircraft overhead, at 1,000' or less. This was totally outrageous because Canada does not own any of this kind of aircraft, so it had to be from a US base in Washington State, likely McCord south of Olympia. There was some kind of grayish wave coming forth, which is nearly always the case for any aircraft loitering in my proximity. The total interaction time of this AWACS aircraft was all of five seconds at most; the garage door had been opened and I was walking around the tailgate to get into the driver's seat, and there it was. This is only one example of many as to how highly scripted and governed I am, and likely always was in the pre-overt harassment days.

This is the post meal digestion period and true to form, the noise flurries have begun including some strange clunking that moves around from the kitchen to overhead (10' away) and elsewhere. And as part of the hijinx, I see that Google claims I have a computer virus and/or malicious spyware. That would be today's "reason" why I am being blocked from visiting various blog sites, Blogger only so far. I have anti-virus software, so why has this erupted? More of the games it would seem, and it may preclude a takedown of this PC. Which might be the segue to get some book reading done as the two titles I have are collecting dust.

The Blogger impasse is still in effect and it might be part of a wider network problem as there are some hints of it via the Yahoo TI's group. It is an exhaustive process to scan one's PC, but that is what I am doing. The timing was impeccable; just when I was set to read a substantial number of blogs, I get the 403 message with a hint suggesting that I have malicious spyware or a virus. A perp managed distraction it would seem. Funnily, I can get into Blogger for writing up this blog, so I don't really understand what the problem can be.

[Postscript] Blogger access is OK now, and I web surfed those formerly inaccessible websites. Which might have been the objective; slow me down in accessing websites as a way to parse out the bioenergetics of the intention, clicking the mouse and the expectation of blog access. That is an example of how tight I am being governed and surveilled.

Tea and chocolate have been consumed, and that is a big deal for the perps who have put on some kind of pulsing in the hallway and have been rattling my door along with it, even as it is locked. This is likely the run-up to getting picked up at 1600 by my parents and heading to my in-town brother's for a First Feral Family dinner. No doubt his native Indian sort of girlfriend will be introduced slowly at some point, her brown skin color being the most of the perp's interest. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over the color brown, and all matters and substances related to it. That includes skin color of course, and I get quite a few negro, East Indian and Asians clustering around me. Last week they put on an absurd show of four individuals, seeming to know each other, exited an adjacent pub as I was walking to the gym. There was a small piece of lawn at the corner of the driveway which was spewing water onto the sidewalk as well as sprinkling the lawn, and the four of them came out and then rounded the driveway corner where the sprinkler was, and proceeded in file some 6' in front of me. I forget the male and female configuration, but a male skinheaded negro was the lastmost of this foursome, and then this multiracial charaded ended when I passed each of them in turn, as I was a much faster walker. I have never seen any party in a public place split apart and walk in file as if directed by some hidden band master before, but here was a classic. The perps routinely use running water to aid in their remote bioenergetics assay fuckery, hence the sprinkler being on at 1415h in the afternoon, which is against the local water restriction bylaws. The perps will even cause a hydrant "blowout" with a 10' projecting stream and have it flooding the street as they did once last year. Anyhow, I am sure that the perps have got their reasons, and they have been very diligent in packing negros around me at work in the previous 10 years, and even had a female swimmer in my swim club lane for one year in 1992 or so.

And I notice that I am getting more round ball shapes being supplied on my web browsing, an emulation of a male bald head, and the recent movie advertising for the film Speed Racer seems to fit the perps bill. I don't know if the graphics of the film's advertisements is happenchance, or not, but suffice to say the perps are extremely busy presenting round shaped objects to me of late, especially of the male skinhead variety. The planted notion from the perps is that this is a subconscious traumatization related to having seen aliens at some point in my developmental years from ages 2 to 6. I have no recall of this of course, though they also claim to have deleted my conscious recall, and "somehow" didn't plan on subconscious recall. Not my problem, so why am I getting chased all over two cities by skinheaded males? One cannot believe the perps of course, but they have been highly diligent in presenting round and bald imagery to me at every possible opportunity.

The siren noise was the only answer to the above question along with the vision impairment fuckery that is constant; plasma an maser beams as well as some kind of sensations of my vision getting fucked with. I also get plenty of flashed "refreshes" of this blog, at least five per minute when I had none a month ago.

An ongoing throbbing of a fake neighbor's bathroom fan has stopped the instant I am yelling at the perps for moving my trackball mouse and making a rattling noise with it. Again, the plan is to have me yelling at the fuckers while the noise campaign continues. Sometimes that refers to stopping a constant noise at the instant I am vocalizing, in euphemistic terms.

Another blazing siren noise as I added some links above; regular readers will know that I am constantly noisestalked when I bookmark or link to another site, and it is constant. All that differs is the type of noise, how loud it is and what other harassment is going on at the same time.

I will call this done for today and blog off to avoid any more typo sabotage.

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