Friday, May 23, 2008

Planted Dreams Go Ugly

Another round of dystopic dreams was planted for the last hour of my sleep, and then I got the siren noise when roused from the dream sleep, ad some voice noise added in as well. It may well be the precursor to at least five more siren cascades so far when up. The reason I know the dream was planted was that it was vivid, detailed, and kept hammering on the theme of reckless and pointless warfare, namely in Iraq. It was as if I was there, and attempting to deal with the futility of everyday existence there. I have never had such detailed and protracted dreams in my life before the harassment started, and it would seem that this is an attempt to play "reality" in mind, and possibly compare it to the real thing, likely another monitored individual in those realworld conditions. Just a guess, but this is way out of line from my pre-harassment onset dream activity.

And it seems to fit with the objectives of the perps, see Pondering the Perps Objectives to check out their other abiding themes.

That wasn't enough harassment though, as I was whacked with vision impairment games for the first 20 minutes of attending to breakfast, no doubt connected in some way, given the foul dream fuckery is a relatively rare event about which subsequrent fuckery would be contingent.

The usual outside noise parade has continued since I got up at 0700h, in a rare normal sleep duration of 8 hours. It seems that the theatre model is applied to when I open the curtains each morning, today having two skits going simutaneously. There were the two same brown dressed individuals walking in an arm flinging near-goose step walk together about 300' away, appearing as a couple, one a blonde woman and the other male. The opposite side of the street was stacked with white and red vehicles parked in file, much like pictures in past postings. Then in front of me, some 70' away, in the orthogonal direction the the goose-stepping couple were two City maintenance pickups, both with white colored cabs of the same manufacturer's heavy duty pickup base with differing box configurations, one north bound, the other south bound, and crossing paths directly in front of this apartment. All this at 0700h, and all for about two seconds of viewing time while opening the curtains. The orchestrational effort devoted to this short of a duration is nothing new to regular readers; every microsecond of my activity is orchestrated for some objective the perps keep mostly to themselves, though are loosely described in the above link.

The motorcycle noises have stopped now, as they were busy in the morning and immediately following lunch. That would make about thirty or so this morning for a city, and a neighborhood that doesn't have any biker crown. The Harley motorcycle noise even came on within a few minutes of getting up, yet another incongrous abberation given that crowd's typical post noon awakening. There maybe exceptions, but not over thiry in a morning. I see the parked vehicle gangstalking has been set up in the local streets, but the perps don't have me in a picture taking mood so far. This looks to be a serious minded shut-in day, as the demotivation is continuing even if there are some needed errands that can be only accomplished on weekdays.

And I am even getting skunked on what to add in here; the perps love scripting these moments of being "spaced out", and it has good infuriation possibilites too, acting like an operative in public, the ones that look at the bus schedule at the bus stop and then wander off as one example.

Some pictures for some relief.

Taken 05-16-2008, 1750h. This is from my balcony, and isn't too remarkable, save the two same red vehicles, with a white one behind the tree that is now flushing out. And the latest obsession of the perps is to place light metallic brown colored vehicles in my proximity and mix them with other colors they are also obsessed with, e.g. red. And the bus at th right is red and white, no coincidence that. Every decade or so, the government has a round of changing the colors of the buses, though this livery has remained since the brown and orange livery of some 30 years ago.

Taken 05-16-2008, 1750h. This is a few seconds later than tht photo above and one vehicle has moved ahead to move past the stop line. This was taken to add to the above picture and show the ordered vehicles around the corner. There are three silver-grey vehicles and one mid-grey vehicle parked in file on the right side of the street that reaches the top of the photo, and one mid-grey vehicle in the shadows on the left side, and one black colored vehicle. The perps demonstrate a high awareness of the sun angle as well as what color vehicles are in the shade at all time.

Taken 05-17-2008, 1729h.This is taken the next day, and for me, they allow tractor units to park on the street, especially if they are large promotions of certain colors, navy blue, and made of multiple materials, steel and glass fiber. Zooming in gets me colors of white, silver-grey, and a mid-grey vehicles on the right side, with a mid-grey top wearing "Plastic Bag Man" in the shadows, just hanging around. On the side of the tractor unit, there are two silver-grey vehicles parked fore and aft of it, and one red vehicle at the tail of the parked vehicles and a mid-grey vehicle proceeding down the street, passing between these arranged vehicles and their colors.

Taken 05-17-2008, 1729h. Looking SE at the same time as immediately above, there is a silver-grey vehicle between a black (I think) vehicle in front of it, obscured by the foliage, and a navy blue vehicle behind it, all on the left side of the street. On the opposite, a near mirror image arrangement, a navy blue vehicle between two silver-grey vehicles arranged in file.

Taken 05-18-2008, 1718h. Excuse the out of focus picture, there was likely some outside fuckery going on as the camera never has this problem unless someone wants it. This is a threesome of same red vehicles, one in pitlamping operation (lights on) to greet me as I exited from a lane that was lined by verdant green foliage and had just turned to the right.

Taken 05-18-2008, 1718h. Immediately to the right, a fourth vehicle in the red cluster the perps had arranged for me, but was not possible to get into the frame of the three above. This foursome of same colored vehicles has been arranged at this location before, and may well be included in a past blog posting. Ordinarily, this foursome is not at this location, and represents some vehicles that do not belong to this neigborhood.

Time to go on a rant in this blog and reveal my conspiratorial beliefs that most of what we see in the news is arranged by the same assholes harassing me, in their quest to be able to remotely detect and assay all the bioenergetics of the human species, the earth, the soil, the vegetation and all the animal kingdom. Hence this news item coming to my attention and getting extra noisestalking while I type this up. An aircraft in Montana flies into a building, crashing on the ground. Suffice to say the perps have already done this stunt more than once, the 9/11 tragedies being the most obvious examples, which was then followed by a commercial aircraft crash into a neighborhood of New York with the aircraft doing an near impossible-to-accomplish flat spin when it crashed. Then, they pulled a private plane crash in NYC with a Yankee's player inexplicably flying into a highrise. For a local stunt, they had an aircraft fly into a building at Vancouver, and now this one in Montana. I am sure there are more that I am unaware of, but all these save the 9/11 events and the exception of the latest one (indeterminate presently) were caused by inexplicable pilot error. And yet no one adds all this up. What the perps are attempting to do, especially the highrise crashes I am not totally sure, but they like to hound me in highrise towers and they also like to hound victims with airline personnel. There is some key energetics that relate to humans, elevation, (or at depth in deep mine shafts), and their interaction that the perps keep hammering at, often resorting to creating these kinds of events. As my high school teacher said once, and I somehow remembered, if you control gravity, you control the world. The number of extra-conventional gravitic stunts that go in in any day here has me convinced that is in fact true. (And I got a big siren noisestalking while I typed this paragraph up, a sure sign of deeper perp interest).

I attempted to find the above referenced blog posting, but to no avail. (And another siren cascade, at least the tenth today, making this about five times more common that when I lived in Seattle, a larger city by far).

Another related piece of "coincidence" is helicopter crashes, and lo, if there wasn't one last week in this province. It crashed into a residential neighborhood onto a street, and not a building. Given the perps' interests in judiciously placing negros around me, I thought it most curious that one of the crash victims was a negro. When will this bizarre merry-go-round of designed coincidences that relate to my interests and personal history, (also arranged by the perps given their lifelong covert surveillance and orchestration of my circumstances), ever end? Cue the sirens.

I am getting a pre-dinner yawning assault where the perps want my mouth to be open as many times as possible. One of yesterday's perp gangstalkers was on street apple eating and also carried a banana in his hand. This stalking prop has been noted in past blog postings. More sirens; this seems to be a big moment for whatever reason, as I have an hour to go before dinner.

I was kept in a near seated sleep when online after tea and chocolate, and that was the segue into taking an hour nap with a siren cascade to wake me up at 1820h. I don't get many of the forced naps these days, but it is always interesting to speculate on what the perps are doing. My only observation is that they are attempting to correlate all their bioenergetics knowledge while seated to that of the prone position and they want to do this in daytime in order not to incur the differences that nightime bring to their illegal fuckery. Regular readers will know the perps are obsessed over dusk onset and routinely play light games that have been documented with photographs in recent blog postings. It looks like they are going to forego the plasma beam emanations from the opposite tower, and have arranged a continuously constant dusktime lighting conditon; there hasn't been much of a change in light levels for the past hour, and this looks to be a continuing priority. I see a bright green teal colored VW Westphalia camper has been arranged in the perps' favorite parked vehicle gangstalking spot, one I can see from my desk, and that might a color reference outside of the usual grayscale colors they so frequently use.

Another siren cascade went off as I typed he above paragraph, and the total must number around 15 so far today, quite the "callout" rate when it is at least five times that of Seattle, and even then my comparisons are too low as surely some of those were put on for eardrum trashing benefit.

And it looks to be a shut-in day, and even the same for the weekend. There was no return call I was expecting, and hence no activity is forseen. One never knows though, a family "emergency" can erupt, though the perps have been relatively contained on this front. The last call was that well timed one from my in-town brother who had and irrational panic over needing near immediate Windows lessons on Tuesday. Totally idiotic and it was meant to seem that way.

A round of street hollaring has erupted while reading about physics in the days of 1920's and the career of Robert Millikan. The overhead rumbing has also been introduced. This suggests some kind of joint noise focus on something relatively important for the assholes who are also keeping up the loud mufflered vehicles every few minutes. Before I pulled the curtains there seemed to be a full house of parked vehicles in color coordinated configurations, much as one sees in the photos above. The smallest moment can be of unfathomable significance to the sickos running my existence.

I was continuing reading the above site, and then got dithered so I wasn't allowed to read any more. That is the way it goes; books, online it doesn't matter, the assholes have a prescribed regimen that cannot be changed. More overhead clunking is erupting from the 12" thick floor/ceiling as I note this and observe other games going on in the Windows border. The perps have removed the bottom bar for side scrolling, and of course have maintained their fuckery in having text spill off to the right side. Therefore, there is no way to see the truncated information on this LCD display. A new trick after this game of right side truncation that has been going on since I got back online in 2004.

Some music listening; some "away time" from harassment central. Time to call this day done and ponder the dulldom for tomorrow.

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