Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diet Change Up

The accelerated decomposition of the chicken in the fridge, even if I reset it to its coldest possible setting was the impetus to get the much travelled sausages out from the freezer and cook them up. These were the very filling and dear Galloping Goose sausages that I bought in a specialty grocer that my brother took me to some six weeks ago. He also "decided" to buy some meat there too, and "happened" to be immediately in front of me at the checkout. Then we went to our parents' place where I transferred them to their fridge, and within a few days it was their freezer. About three weeks ago the frozen sausages made it to my freezer, and then to my fridge two days ago to sit there while I was away staying at my parents' place Sunday night. Finally, I got to cook them up, all four for $8 making these an expensive luxury that was "needed" by planted notions.

The sausages were in a black colored styrofoam flat pack covered with a Cling Wrap like film. Given the harassment I get over my daily use of Cling Wrap, I am sure this was part of today's Big Moment, cooking the sausages. I was also forced to use the teflon surfaced small fry pan, and regular readers will know the perps have an obsession over this substance, and its analogues such as Gore-tex. Another big change up for the perps was the fact that this was the first red meat I have cooked for myself in over six years, possibly longer. Normally I have it once per week at my parents' place, but don't cook it myself, as I buy pre-cooked hot chicken that I use for putting into tortillas, my usual staple through mind-fuck imposition.

I will be heading out the gym in a few minutes, and I suspect that this will be a huge gangstalking day as the perps like to send these fuckers around me to sample me for whatever they are looking for, in this case, my bioenergetics related to eating red meat, packaged in clear film, transferred around town as it was, and that I cooked it in a teflon coated frypan. If all this sounds dull, it is for me too, it is just that the perps have an obsession over these substances and dietary changes, and it will no doubt spawn related activities to disrupt my routines.

The perps forced another massive crap before lunch, effectively de-pooing me so the only substance that I had ingested was the sausages, so it would seem that being primed and truly prepared for the oncoming gangstalking show. [And I was].

Finally, some mellow time after being rage-ified when getting back from gym and the supermarket, and then eating dinner. A high harassment afternoon, with the most of it taking place in my apartment. As predicted above, today was a big gangstalk day, and the perps had me wear my fleece pants to keep warm for the walk in the damp weather conditions. I had a bright reflective blue shirt on today, and that attracted a number of two or three tone blue dressed gangstalkers that kept parading around me, making pointless back and forth trips at the gym.

I had the usual 500 to 1,000 vehicles in formations by color and vehicle type parading past me, and many of them were crossing my path, turning left before or after I crossed a sidestreet. And from the sidestreets, more vehicles are sitting in mid-sidewalk, or in a driveway, and then don't take the opportunity of a break in the traffic to execute their turn. They sit there for far longer than they need to, all the while that I approach them, which is what it seems to be about. I reckon that there was at least another 1,000 vehicles parked in specially arranged configurations as well; whites together with the silver greys with an infrequent add-in of a navy blue, and then repeat, adding a red colored vehicle instead of the navy blue. There were many more black colored vehicles, often in clusters of three or so. I don't know what the greater emphasis on this reference color portends.

I got a police "event" at Oak Bay junction, the one where the assailant attacked me; two seeming police vehicles, one a marked sedan, and the other a tall unmarked brown Mercedes van parked at the side of the road, facing the wrong way. There is no evident activity that could of warranted this bullshit, let alone having both vehicles right beside a park area with their emergency lights on, what I call the "light show", as I see it so often.

The gym class has two new dudes in it, one a waddler with disgusting tatoos on both arms, which make them hard to miss as he always wears short sleeve shirts. And he does these pointless back and forth moves, parading by in each direction, presumably so I get a left and right side exposure, a very common perp "need". Both wear ball caps for whatever reason, and the other new dude's ball cap was red; there is a trend to having ambulatory gangstalkers wearing red today, especially the males for whatever reason, and I suppose he was the assigned "rednik".

There were only two freaks in the class today, still down from the five that they had been running three weeks ago; Fatfuck and Ethnic Gut were on duty today, with the latter "featuring" himself in my view at least four times (a moderate level) when I "happened" to look up or around. The one class coordinator that blonded his hair and cut it short did not show last week after his second appearance in this "freakified" look that he adopted. Today, his hair was cut short and back to his normal color. For the amount of money it would typically cost to get a bleach job and a haircut, that makes it a very odd short term investment. Perhaps the blonde hairdo crossed the line as to being freakish, as determined by my subconscious reaction that the perps can better monitor than I can. I thought it was ugly, but more than once the perps have pulled or modified the look of freakish Unfavored demographic members from my immediate proximity. I had no idea that I didn't like the dumbshit bleach dye jobs on males. I had one dedicated operative hassling me at one apartment complex in 2004-5, even doing the excessive vacuuming outside my apartment himself, and he had this same fugly bleached hairdo.

And another never-before event at the gym today; the perps had me on the treadmill and then fucked with my recall as to which speeds I set it, this time being one km/hr faster than my usual (permitted) habit. And lo, if I "didn't notice", per remotely mind-fuck until they let me in on their fuckery. They pulled this stunt with the free weights about two months ago, and even had me using different weights on each side to add to the fuckery. As always, I never had this problem before, and if I was running one km/hr faster, I would of known for sure.

On my walking beat I noticed that the perps have pulled another road trenching job at the intersection they spent at least three months rebuilding when there was nothing wrong with it. I think this is at least the fifth or more time they have dug into the new asphalt they laid down in Febuary. They cannot stop digging it up; and I noticed they put their usual steel plates over the trench, and created a small temporary ramp up to the plates with new asphalt that I happened to walk by, once in each direction. The new asphalt was in a delivered pile when I was headed to the gym, and on my way back, it had been applied around the steel ditch cover plates. There were at least three MIO's (Men In Orange (overalls)) loitering around the job, and not looking especially busy with their Starbucks coffees in the usual Coffee Corps presentation. Regular readers will know that the perps will expend no end of activity devoted to exposing me to varying ages of asphalt and concrete, separately and together, and have spent many tens of millions of dollars in rebuilding streets, adding pedestrian crossings, "traffic calming" islands, and continue to do so.

I also had three "gangstalk regulars" on my walking beat when coming back to my apartment, two of them timing their arrivals to my much later return as I had my haircut which was a 45 minute delay in walking back. And here they were, out at the same locations. The East Indian Ghandi-like weird with the grim appearance that keeps hounding me on Yates St. passing by oppositely, and then outside my apartment last week, "happened" to be at the Oak Bay junction intersection the location of the assault last November. Another dude who uses a bicycle to cross my path about 1600h on Yates St. "happened" to be getting off the bus at the same location at about 1650h when I was coming back. If there is one definitive action that spells "orchestrated harassment" it is these same gangstalkers who somehow manage to show up the same time on my walking beat, usually when I am returning, and then maintain that same consistency when I make the same trip substantially later.

I also got my haircut after gym, and had to wait 20 minutes for the customer ahead; there were plenty of theme words bantered between the supposed customer and the stylist; magnetics, oxygen, energy, sunlight and others which I am not allowed to recall. A haircut is also a big harassment event, getting this dude in close to me for 15 minutes or so while having a conversation. He is going to close up the shop at the end of July, so I will need to find another on my beat. The nearby shopping plaza has been suggested by the perps, and it may do, as well as server their purposes of having me sitting for a haircut within a half block of my apartment building.

Before the perps went into overt harassment on me in 05-2002, I walked to work in downtown Seattle, and there were many street digging jobs that were going on, and even laying of insulated pipe slathered in tar. There was a concrete and steel building going up beside the office tower I worked in, and another going up beside the apartments I lived in. Invariably, the same noises would emanate from both, covering me at work and then at home. Almost needless to say, there were large numbers of redi-mix trucks delivering concrete to each job site. Today, I had at least one vehicular gangstalk from a redi-mix truck, and I note there is a small 10'x10' concrete pad being developed outside the gym for motorcycles and bicycles. Funny how this keeps "happening" around me. What drives the perps to these extreme pretend games I have no idea; all their "issues" over concrete and ashphalt could of been solved years ago with cooperation, say, having me sit on, lie on, lick or whatever, varying ages of concrete and ashphalt that had been arranged in advance. Instead, this trudging around town while they were engaging in 6 month street rebuild projects pouring 3' deep to bury PVC pipes, and then delivering road base crush over top, and then paving over that, and then digging up the new paving. The avoidance measures and elaborate pretend games they engage in, now for over six years, defies sanity

The perps got me rage-ified, starting at the checkout at the nearby supermarket; they had me dump my wallet down my pants instead of in my pocket, so "naturally" it kept slipping down while walking back, and they cranked me up to be totally pissed off in public, and then really jerked me around when I got into my apartment, also applying the dull head pain while I was yelling at them (in the apartment, and not on the street). I had some of the head pain applied yesterday, and was fucking pissed that they kept this up when in bed, and then again when coming back and unpacking the groceries. Needless to say, there were double the normal amount of freaks and gangstalkers on the job for that half block leg from the supermarket checkout to my apartment. And no less, I had my groceries in a brown paper bag, and I am sure that was a big attraction for the assholes, given the perps extreme interest in the color brown, and planting it around me all the time, usually in increasing increments of exposure to vehicle colors, clothing and tone of brown. I had one gangstalker walking across my path flinging a brown cardboard box for no reason whatsoever, but to get some kind of localized color reading. I had my smooth peanut butter, hemp seed (no THC), olive oil and chocolate in the same grocery bag, and I assume this was also a big event for the sick minded assholes to hound me with the wallet fuck, per above. Regular readers will know of the perps brown color obsession, and expend like inordinant amounts of effort to have this color presented and ingested if it is a food item.

I suspect that the perps also had an interest in my wallet on account that I paid cash today at the stylist's for my haircut. Regular readers will know the perps have an obsession over the contents of my wallet, and by spending $20 (a green colored note with the holographic laser etching in it), that got them cranked up to see if they could notice the remotely assayed bioenergetic color difference. I cannot tell you the number of wallet thefts that have gone on in the long past, as it was too frequent to be normal. Now I know why I "lost" my wallet so often; it was these assholes on my back that seem to have a "problem" with it, and in accordance with their depraved practices, they decide to fuck the victim all the more.

The sirens have started up, the typo sabotage has increased (along with extreme rage-ification), the red and orange plasma flashes have increased right in front of me, the faux neighbor water use noise has started up, and so it seems time to end this journalling session for now.

I am getting rumbled stalked at the moment; while perusing stereo equipment, if I see anything of interest or am even covetous, the rumbling immediately goes off, in one or two second low volume bursts. That is has been tracking me over indentical circumstances for the last 10 minutes, that would suggest that someone is monitoring my neural reactions and then applying the noise as some kind of diagnostic method for deeper neural hounding.

The rumbling hounding stopped after I noted it above, and now forced yawning, and each time my mouth is opened, there are these plasmic emanations coming off the LCD panel, as if it were some kind of flare from being backlit. This is routine now; having my mouth open is an opportunity to up the control of magnetic energy around me, as seen in the form of white colored plasma projections. Similarly, when brushing my teeth, (mouth open of course), the perps start up voice noise or else apply overhead clunking or rumbling. Regular readers will know that the contents of my mouth are of extreme interest to the perps such that the majority of proximate ambulatory gangstalkers are in some way revealing their mouth contents; smoking, eating, open mouthing, chewing gum, moving their tongue to their cheek, drinking (coffee in the case of the Coffee Corps), and other like feints. My theory is that they cannot yet model all the bioenergetic interactions inside my mouth, and in doing so, cannot model my neural responses, as the brain is only an inch away from one's mouth.

I am still playing Jill Barber as my musical escape for a short time; I just cannot get enough of her music. Back to coveting CD's to acquire again, another pointless endeavor given the financial imposition of my puppet masters. Time to blog off and call this wretched day done.

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