Thursday, May 22, 2008

Noise Tracking From the Hallway

Last night's hacksawing noise from the hallway has resumed just as I returned from gym and had my tea and chocolate. Yesterday's blog covered the same noise that erupted in the evening, after dusk and until 2130h. That was outrageous enough. But with two events on today, yoga and gym, why, the noise erupts when I have returned from the latter. Very possibly the noise will track me the entire evening through dusk, as seeming "problem" time for the perps, all stemming from their first problematic move, to apply this nonconsensual human experimentation remotely.

Regular readers will know that the perps will use the same noise and source at differing locations and times of the day. I call this noisetracking, which might be what they call it to. It appears that the same noise is used to plumb my hearing and related neural correlates to compare this to another location and time of day.

The perps have been changing up my shaving routine and today was the first time with starting with a fresh blade for shaving my face on this double activity day. That might be why they are so excited with the extra noise (per above), and the extra gangstalking as well. They covered me each time I was outbound in the elevator with gangstalkers from this floor, something they rarely do. The latter time was a supposed couple, a blonde woman and a hefty dude, each with their Starbucks coffee mugs and packing a vacuum cleaner as well. Go figure. A typical Coffee Corps stalking, just that it was in the elevator and out the front door. It is rare they put the Coffee Corps on this floor, but as they are increasing the amount of brown color exposure in my proximity, it isn't entirely unexpected.

The perps even sent a tractor trailer unit with a deep brown trailer around the block, clearly going back in the direction it came from, all to present a large brown object in a densified material, steel. The gangstalkers are also wearing more brown colors out in public as well, and they are putting on more of the Peanut Butter Men; the dudes in peanut butter colored overalls that seem totally lost, walking along the street, a long way from any jobsite.

And I also note that my new jar of peanut butter, smooth this time, now behaves normally, something that wasn't permitted for at least the last year. When in the fridge, the well mixed Adams peanut butter is a stiff paste, but for some reason, it was less viscous and would drop off the knife with relative ease, making application of it to bread a dicey situation and ripe for perp food flicking games. Well, "for some reason", the very same fridge stored peanut butter has now resumed its normal high viscosity and isn't the pain it was to deal with.

Of course that did not stop the game with the peanut butter and jam on toast today, and yesterday. The normally cohesive gluten free bread slice was from the sabotage defects and yet "somehow" a large piece hinged off. Yesterday, when this happened, I lowered the bread over the plate and stopped the hinge portion from going anywhere. That wasn't good enough it seems; today, the identical circumstances of a break in the bread resulted in the same hinging piece at the same juncture (after the first bite), but this time the perps screwed me in taking any preventitive action and the broken portion spun 270 degrees and landed face down. I have never seen such a piece of animated bread before, but here it was, acting as if there were unseen forces outside of those we conventionally expect. Again, there were no defects in the bread slice that would of been causal to this spontaneous bread breakup, and note that in both circumstances, it happened after the first bite from the bread. Just amazing how anything can be fucked with at any time, remotely and unseen. All to play color and substance interaction games, having the peanut butter and jam on the plate, rather than on the bread. All the food flinging games of small drops of it arriving from nowhere just doesn't cut it anymore. In fact, the perps are even placing crumbs and food samples on the table in advance of me bringing it to the table.

It was a two freak gym class today; there were about six others, and only one woman. The dude thing is getting more emphasis these days, or at least at gym. They added two blonde women as the coordinators, and it was interesting the games that were going on with them, and the agitated asshole who keeps tailing me, especially the class two days ago when he stayed back after departing ahead of me to then tail me out the door. This fucker, although not freakish but most certainly an agitated asshole will be known as AA; he is made out to be an extra obvious gangstalker, and his cover story is that he is agitated as part of his "condition". But he has the most amazing capability to repeat his actions each gym class. He stands in between me and the mirror, putting on some bullshit reason while speaking with the instructor, and then he later places himself beside me in the wall squats exercises. Midway through he takes off for about five minutes and comes back again. He did this two days ago, and I remarked in the blog that he appears to be conforming to the perps' need to slowly introduce the known assholes and freaks in my proximity. The blonde woman coordinator was on the far side of him, and she began by verbally "offering" some help to improve my form. What does AA do when I turn my head to face her; he puts his head in the way in yet another erratic move as part of his cover story. Then he departs in this mandated "break", and when the blonde woman was talking to me again, and I was facing her, AA "happens" to arrive at that instant and stick his fucking head between us again. I call this co-opting blonde "aura"; inserting the freak or asshole near the blonde (or other attractive) woman to bathe in her more Favored auric glow. I have no other explanation for it, but it is so singularly repetitive that there must be something the perp criminals are getting from this proximity arrangement.

The hallway noise has started up, this being the dinner digestion period, having had my one slice leftover tortilla about 30 minutes ago. I have never known an apartment maintenance activity to be hacksawing metal over a 24 hour period like this. And not forgetting that I spent some hours away, and lo, if it didn't start up when I got back. I suspect the vibrational component to metal cutting is also aiding the perp's sick cause.

And by dint of coincidence, a meaningless term in my circumstances, the reflective beams "from" the residential tower are beaming in again. These "reflections" are coming in from differing windows each day, and currently, there appears to be no actual window that is lit up. An "organic" light beam from nowhere.

More hacksawing of metal in the hallway, dogging my reading of blogs, starting and stopping while reading about the Bush Family Nazi ties. Who needs to know about this as I am reading it? Now a round of loud door closings has erupted, adding to the vibrational component of this ongoing noise assault.

Some relative quiet after a string of loud mufflered vehicle noise getting progressively quieter over the past hour, and then a sudden loud onset of the same noise with coincident hallway talking.

Some of today's gangstalking games were on the common themes, "breadstalking"; a supposed staff member was walking through the pharmacy department at LD when I stopped by to get my refill, and then proceeded to reprise at the cleaning supplies section where I went next. The entire LD visit was full of gangstalking, but mostly at the entrance and exit, and they even let me get my Rx and the checkout with no waiting. I got skunked for J Cloths at the LD store. This is part of the ongoing game where these items are inserted into mind, this time as legitimate items to acquire, and lo, there is none to be found at the very location where they should be. One TI calls this bait-and-trigger, I am more profane, calling it suck-and-fuck. Or more politely as "dashed expectations" which is more neutral as to the nature of the setup/intended acquisition, but a very common harassment stunt. Of late, these are mostly small item events, and don't come with huge repercussions should I get skunked in not finding something. I cannot imagine what the perps get from this, but it is such a common theme yet it defies rational analysis.

I had some more stories from today's outings, but I got blanked out as to what they were. More later if I am allowed access to my own recall.

I got screwed out of posting this last night, but I am allowed to recall some of the freak show from yesterday in some detail.

When I exited yoga yesterday, the perps had a MIB on my tail who "happened" to be walking out of a residential area and then following me for three blocks. The dude was in a black suit with dark sunglasses and had white runners on! No kidding, a totally whacko outfit, all to tail me immediately following yoga. Regular readers will know that the first venue for yoga was further away from my apartment, and there was a 70% chance of encountering military personnel on my way back. I have a sense the perps view yoga as a high potential opportunity with all the spine flexing, and want to be able to replicate this detectability on the street while walking in an upright position. There was no end of strange clunking around the room when I first sat down for yoga, and then it settled down to none, obviating the usual cover story of building maintenance activity.

I am getting screwed out of recollecting other stories from yesterday, but anyhow, time to get this posted.

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