Friday, May 16, 2008

Through the Maser Veil

The title refers to the abiding visual impairments I suffer every moment that I view anything, and is worst at my desk or in my apartment. There are the fuzzy greyish balls, the filamentous wisps, the scuzzy greyish soft patterns in a cross hatched pattern on the bias, and then there are the ongoing plasma flashes, seen as light. Often these two distinct phenomenon, both controlled magnetically, will be coordinated to present further visual disruption for whoever is benefiting from this ongoing harassment.

The perps got me up early today, about 0700h for an 8 hour sleep, a rare incidence of normality in this netherworld of distorted and managed "reality". I reckon the reason for that was to expose me to their sunlight games, as today was the first sunny morning this week. The particular game at this early hour is to have the sun rise in the NE., and have the beams pass by the north side of the residential tower some 120', seen in many past blog photos. This way, the perps can project sunlight the full width of my apartment for at least 15 minutes, from the balcony to the door, a distance of 18' or so. And of course, direct it at my feet and legs while sitting at the desk. Last night's reflection games "off" the same tower's windows seemed to be following the same lighting pattern. The annoying spot of light reflection was moved up the tower by at least two stories, such that the spot of light wasn't beaming on me, but on my feet only. And that would include the plastic office chair mat that seems to drive the perps to such vexation, even though they had every opportunity to "lose it" in the past five residence moves. I note that their hole in the center of the office chair mat was enlarged, and there are some recent splits in it that have "shown up" in the last month. This might mean a forced breakup of the plastic possibly, and then a subsequent forced parading of a new one from a downtown office products vendor to my suite perhaps. More than once they have put office chair mat purchasing "customers" in my proximity when in stationary stores, and too, they make sure the displayed stack of them is on my route through the store, often after it being prolonged because I was controlled to go to the wrong aisle.

And more "insect attacks" in the night; the perps have taken to regularly planting the creepy crawlies on me after some 10 to 20 minutes in bed to then force me to touch myself and sweep it off. This is the latest in the games to do their bidding in lieu of the fuckers showing up themselves, largely on account of stunning ineptitude if the plastics pollution problem is what they say it is, which has has been aired in past blog postings. I did get a real insect this morning though, and it was crawling on the pillow inches from my head. Yesterday, the perps arranged for more of the black dot stains on my pillow, three of them around my nose when I first awakened. These black dot stains have been increasing of late; more on the sheets, and now on the blanket, and the recently acquired pillows are getting "splattered" with this mysterious stain that cannot be washed out. Past experience suggests that these are maser and plasma beam loci, and that the substance is metallic in some way to redirect an incoming beam to where they want it, around my head when sleeping I suspect.

Not too much is going on currently; the email and blog comments are near nil, and this might be a shut-in day if keeping with past practice can be relied upon. This seems to be the trend, though I have done the odd Friday Gangstalk Gauntlet trip of three blocks to the casual labor office. These are a huge event of arranged gangstalkers crossing my path, stopping in my path, redoubling their strut in front of me, cellphoning operatives, suits out of place, and various other orchestrated detritus that inhabits my world for some surrepticious benefit for which I am not allowed to know, even if I am one of the most harassed targeted individuals that I know of. Not that I am bragging, but as far as I can tell, I am getting fucked with more often than most. One of the key perp traits is to make sure that I have no one to talk to about the specifics of this harassment, which includes so-called family (aka First Feral Family), and the cooperating clinical community. (And that statement got my first overhead rumbling noisestalking of the day, along with an insect crawlin sensation on my leg). A big deal for the small minds that inflict this sick agenda; go fuck your own crowd, as I have been screwed over enough. Time to blog off, the perps have me cranked up, and are adding to it with forced typo sabotage.

I made my Friday Gangstalk Gauntlet trip, three blocks away to pick up a chit, and the perps didn't make any bones about being obvious. There are few who will walk as fast as I do, but the perps had three of them on me, tailing me within 10', and matching my speed exactly. After the lead-ahead blonde escort on the cell phone, just as there was for every intersection, this fast walking dude with the obligatory red hat was hot on my tail (#1), and the only way he got ahead was to jaywalk at the Don't Walk signal, which he did to get ahead of me by 60' or so. He kept going N. bound on the E. side of the street, while I went E. I picked up my dayglo fuschia bus passes, (insead of dayglo orange like before), and headed out the door. One fast walking dude was tight on my tail as soon as I got outside again, and when I got to the halfway back point, tail #1 was S. bound, after miraculously turning around with the same timing and "joining" me with tail #3 who accompanied me across the street. I kept walking once the traffic control changed, and tail #3 was tight on my ass, and tail #1 backed off and was another 10' behind him. When I turned W., tail #3 kept on my ass, so I crossed in mid street, and kept walking. I got to the apartment door after passing the kiddie stalker in pink, and lo, if tail #3 didn't "arrive" at the apartment entrance and then tail me into the elevator. Unbelievable, and of course they make a point of not looking at me, as they know that might result in some kind of interaction they don't want to engage in. The perps are very specific as to where I look, and who looks at me with what kind of eyeglasses. Even if it is pouring rain, they will have many of the gangstalkers wearing shades, an unheard of stunt in this town.

I have locked into a good read about science related to chemtrails, mind-control, high level atmospheric heating, and now the clunking and pounding noises have started up after a prior run of loud mufflered vehicles. Now the text size has been reduced with more contrast between websites. So far, it has to be about 100 motorcycles being heard, probably the noise only, as so many sound as if they are roaring down a distant freeway when there isn't one anywhere near here.

More loud mufflered or heavy duty vehicle noise from outside, and pressing the limits of believability by getting louder as it moves away. Only in perpland.

After getting some good reading in about the Pertinent History and First Ever Public Discussion of Active Auroral Behavior Modification and Surveillance Technologies (aka "Devilvision") here, I am getting the knee torquing torture, where they manipulate my lower leg to turn without any compensating knee movement. This creates pressure on my knee, which likely has some "needed" neural correlates some asshole wants to also access, remotely of course, and combined with some noise activity, they hope to dig deeper and find more energetics related to thought, the little they don't control. Been there, done that, why should I be tortured any more?

The answer to that was an overhead pounding with a small zapping, yet another manifestation of deeper neural thought investigation IMHO, and accessing subconscious memory and experience. The subconscious thought being the ones the perps created with their early childhood experimentation on me that they now wish to excise as it seems to be a problem for them, with me having Unfavored demographic groups and colors. Not my problem, so why cannot I be left alone. If I don't like brown colors, why do I have hundreds of gangstalkers in a day parading these colors around me?

If you read the above Devilvision link, it seems that there is much more mind control going on than is widely known with the chemtrails characteristics being to create atmospheric electromagnetic arrays that can be utilized to beam specific behaviors to the population at large. I also think that the huge number of cellular phone towers is part of a "electromagnetic lockdown"; the perps have always made sure that I drive by cell towers, and have had me buy cell phones in the past. Their operatives use cell phones in great number; today's outing (per above), was gangstalked with a cell phoning operative at every intersection corner.

Another downside of being harassed is that one isn't allowed to listen to music much, and when permitted, they govern the volume, down as it turns out. They were doing this to me in the "chase days" of hounding me while I lived in Seattle and attempted to hold a paying job. The dark black vehicles would arrive outside the 24 Hours Fitness I went to, and then they would eventually control the headphone cord and then reduce the volume until it is unlistenable.

I was listening to a recorded conference call with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger (here), and the perps have not only made this unlistenable, but have sabotaged my associated web searchs and page viewings to completely cut me off the topic of Morgellon's Disease and her related work. Totally infuriating.

A sudden "need" to shut down the PC came on last night, aided by increasing vison impaiments. Then "I decided " to read Dark Mission, and then I was only allowed to do so for five minutes. I have never, ever read a book for so short of a duration, but I had no choice.

This morning's travails have been a constant infuriation, along with extra-conventional sweating, aka the Pseudosweats. Time to get this posted, and ponder the rest of this ugly day that is shaping up.

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