Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MIB's in the Lobby + 05-28-2008 Updates

I did my once per three months trip to the bank to get rolls of coins for the 20 year old coin operated laundry machines in this building. This is always a big deal for the perps, as they get me out on the street about 1.5 hours after eating breakfast, which for them, is a big deal. Normally, they like to keep me shut-in until I have my regularly scheduled gym class later in the afternoon. And it was a large force out on duty, beginning with the first floor elevator lobby. Two Men In Black (suits) were both on their cell phones, 4' from each other, pretending to be doing business deals in this predominantly bachelor pad apartment block. One leaning against the gold color finished mailboxes was in skinhead mode, the clean shaven disgusting pate for me to see, and then another forced look while I was exiting the door. I find that "hairstyle" disgusting for whatever reason, and the perps make no bones about forcing me to "react" to it unlike ever before. That is of course, one of the Unfavored appearences, along with suits, and then having this scum loiter and pretend to be engaged in a business activity was borderline hilarious.

I got another MIB later on the street, this dude in black fleece and in hikey-bikey clothing, the more universal standard dress in this town. He also had the derigeur silver colored plastic headphones on, not unlike the ones the perps force me to wear after sabotaging three pairs of them, including my Grados of which I am fond.

Another MIB in fleece arrived in the bank behind me, with his white plastic bag no less, presumably containing some deposit money. And he chose the wicket next to me, not that he was addressed by the staff as to which one, as that had been arranged it seemed. I don't know what the deal is with the MIB's this morning, but they were out in greater number at more obvious locations. These are not the MIB's of the 1950's with semi-human features and their hats, but normal looking humans in (mostly) context appropriate styles. Later, I got the males in off-white raincoats, two together, also looking totally stupid with no rain in the offing.

There were other countless acts parading around me when I was out for the two block visit to the bank; one was Cheersing ahead of me, dropping into stores for 20 seconds or so and then proceeding onward, as if he was exchanging greetings among all the proprietors. Straight out of a bad movie, along with his vile brown-yellow pants, the extra wide arm pose, the shabby brown briefcase and the absurd no socks, only barefeet in his shoes. Anyhow, I was allowed to walk past this act, after he got ahead by crossing on the Don't Walk which was arranged to have no crossing traffic. Funny that he was in such a hurry to cross the street against the signal and then "socialized" his way along the stores ahead of me.

I also got the vagrants show; native Indians are playing big these days, and making them look extra stupid in red caps and red jackets with extra large sunglasses for a no-sun day seemed to be important.

Regular readers will know that the perps are also obsessed about my laundry, and have even placed the cell phoning seeming apartment manager outside the door while I was inside. There wasn't any major laundry harassment so far today, but I have yet to extract it from the dryer and go through the hassle of folding it. The perps routinely make this deed a major rage-ification event.

And it would seem that the scripting sickos have returned from their long weekend holiday, rage-ifying my by foiling my finger control to pick up an insect they planted on the stove top. There were other stunts such as crumb inundation where some 20 bread crumbs burst out from the bread after I bit into it. This is the mentality of the sickos I deal with all day long.

Last night wasn't too bad as Mondays go; "only" an hour of being kept awake and having the sensations of insects crawling on me, all to have me scratch them off to make contact with my hand on my face, eyebrow, head etc. doing their work for them as they lack the gumption to show up and conduct their experimentation in person. And they usually plant a real insect into this session of faked creepie crawlies, and lo, if it didn't get plastered under my thumb on the wall with a 3/4" seeming blood burst. (I have had no bites to date). In the morning, it "so happened" that some kind of odd black liquid seeped out, all to force me to clean it up before changing into my clothes and disrupting the normal order of events. And saddling me with extra hand washing at that time is also a big deal for them. I have never washed my hands so much before they struck in 2002.

And I made lunch from scratch today following laundry folding and putting away. The perps are back to rage-ifying me with extra sounds and touches of no apparent causal, and then garbling my vocalizations at these affronts, all to enrage me all the more. This has been typical of the past four weeks as it would seem the perps are "needing" to crank me up all the more, as it is their first choice as to harassment method. In between, they had me take my Tuesday crap, and ensured I used the towel cleaned last week to dry myself, stand on the newly laundered towel, and later wash my hands again with the dish towel and the new dishes detergent with the just-laundered dish towel. The perps have been ragging me to undertake extra handwashing, and have created stunts to do so, starting with the above mentioned squashed bug fuckery that was cleaned before I had even got my clothes on.

The new system at gym turned out to be the gangstalking event I thought it would be; this is in lieu of the organized class in the floor exercise room. The "experienced" class members now get to work out in the public warm up/down area; this means while I am stretched out on the mat, no end of fuckers are parading around me, and I get controlled to look at their feet. So, I looked at a wall instead, and lo, if the coordinator didn't arrive and park his feet in my view, on the pretense of asking me about how I wanted to deal with the new exercise book. The drift was that he and the other coordinator were asking about how I felt about this new (gangstalk conducive) "format", and I told them it was like there was no real class, just us doing our own thing. Anyhow, the perps kept playing this up in mind, so I don't know what the big deal is.

I had a three freak class, mostly they kept out of sight save for that digusting Ethnic Gut dude, who made sure I saw his new skinhead haircut more than once, "happening" to be in my view at least a half dozen times. And I see one of the class "irregulars", who comes for big gangstalking days like today was there in an absurd flesh brown shirt and kept hanging around me for the first 10 minutes. Later on my way back, he trailed me on my way back for 20 minutes on the opposite side of the street. Funny, as he was there from the get go, presumably more "experienced" and they didn't put him in the new "non-class" public area. I sense the perps were attempting to do some through the wall bioenergetics games, and he was the reference fucker for the floor exercise room. I have a sneaking suspicion he might be my brother in morphover, as they bring him out for big gangstalk days at the gym, and have him tail me extensively.

In other words, the entire gym thing sucks, and by perp design. This twice a week activity involves a 30 minute walk each way, and I work out for an hour, so if I drop it, a big part of my exercise routine is dispensed with. But as I am getting severe vision perturbances each time when I come back, it suggests that it is the same situation when they had me quit hiking. For the three months prior to stopping hiking the perps would dish out heavy irradiations that would mess with my vision, much the same as now. I took this to be irradiating me up to a specific level, something they couldn't realistically do when I was on a backwoods trail for three hours, or the half hour drive back. It seemed that the physical activity depleted their energetic irradiations more than they could apply to me as I was always moving. So, they topped me up with vision buggering extra dosage for some four hours once I got back. It seems that the same thing is happening now; the 30 minute walk there, the work out, and the 30 minute walk back is too much for them to keep me irradiated at their current base level, so they apply extra once I get back and settled in my place, in front of the LCD display where some of it comes from.

The perps pulled another checkout obstruction stunt at the supermarket again today; all I needed was goat milk, and they had all checkouts jammed with their shills and operatives. The strange curly headed dude in front of me in the checkout line came in parallel with his operative confreres from the aisles, and yet he had no groceries in hand. Closer to the checkout, he goes to the ice freezer by the store windows and returns to the line with a plastic bagful of ice. If that is all he needed, they why was he in the aisle area, beating me to the checkout, when he didn't need to go there? Just another anomaly for me to ponder, one of those purposeful ones, like the freakshow they put on outside this one apartment building.

And while at the tiresome checkout obstruction stunt I noted that one malingering customer/gangstalker was putting her navy blue colored appointment calendar in hand on display, making sure I saw the thing in her hand for some reason. Why she even had it out and not in her briefcase is even more curious, making out she was a business person doing grocery shopping at 1600h on a weekday, and "for some reason" needed it when protractedly picking up her groceries. And so, when I got outside and turned 90 degrees to head to my place, there was the blond male halfwit act some 80' distant, the one who loiters in this building and sometimes makes himself out to be a employee, standing in mid sidewalk for no apparent reason, dressed in grey pants and a navy blue jacket. It would seem that the perps were attempting to correlate the grey (dude in front of me) and navy blue (appointment calendar act) colors when inside the supermarket to those I was to see outside, "happening" to be worn by a more persistent gangstalker/operative who skulks around this building. (And who might be someone I know in morphover). Which tells me, if this is where the perps are at, color correlations at one location to another, 80' apart under differing lighting conditions and directions, then they have years to go on this depravity streak.

This one location on my walk to/from the gym I call the freakstop; not unlike a busstop, except these over-obvious loafers are strutting their beer guts in profile for me to see, doing nothing but stand on the grass and smoking cigarettes. There was two at this location today, both of the odd persuasion, and loitering for no genuine reason except to look stupid.

And I got plenty of larged gutted males wandering around me at the gym, at this new setup where it is like being in a train station for all the gangstalkers wandering around me. I suppose the perps "need" to add more variety, and having the class member rotation wasn't enough. So now, more large gutted males (two Unfavored attributes there) wearing brown and red clothing (two more Unfavored attributes) hanging around was just what was needed. The facility rebuild began in 2003, the year they figured out this was a long haul harassment fuckover. And seemingly, it isn't enough to have two shades of brown occluded rubber chips in the black rubber floor. Now they have to put more fuckers around me, as loathsome as it is. And in fact, the perps had me over-react and put away my pad prematurely. Which is another reason this gym act needs to go; having me behave unlike how I usually do is pissing me off, and the less opportunities for this kind of fuckery, the better. Why not cooperatively arrange a weekly vagrant fashion show for me instead, and then other variants of the Unfavored in later showings?

I get plenty of ambulatory gangstalkers on my walking route, more than before; I reckon there was at least 80 all told, not counting the ones outside the shopping area. There were more shiftless males without a seeming day job; I have never seen so many in any town loitering around as they do. Even the posted bus schedules at the busstops are "interesting" and then they wander off.

And the all-time honor of the vagrant show was awarded by inference today. The perps had lined up seven shopping baskets side by side with the usual assortment of plastic bags, tin cans, plastic bottles etc. Except there were only two vagrants at best tending to the shopping cart parade, with the remainder of them missing. These unusual agglomerations of motive gangstalking devices are unusual, but the same deal has gone on with utility boom trucks. It wasn't enough to have one for me to drive under, then it was two, then three, and recently, they had be walk by four of them, one "doing time" idling on the other side of the road.

Regular readers will know that I frequently get gangstalked with the vagrant-with-shopping-basket act, and recently they had them in trains of twos and threes, making out that the the vagrant community was one big happy family and all they had to do was find each other. The shopping carts were not local, some coming from at least three miles away, and even the rare plastic basket kind. As the perps are obsessed over plastics in my proximity, and likely all bioenergetic interactions, they sometimes "need" to up the plastic interaction. So, only last week, they had one supposed vagrant hop inside the plastic basketed shopping cart to be pushed by another one in mid-street, ashphalt surfaced. And here I thought that was the highlight/honor of the vagrant division, but no, a seven basket parking job beside the sidewalk that I walked past on. I assume they wanted more cart interaction, and had the vagrants "disappear", hence this absurdity. Or, at least, for this city, as there hasn't been even half of the vagrants before the harassment started up, and more to the point, since I moved to this location.

And from last week, the gym class member I called AA was on my tail again when leaving the building, and then doing the half-on jacket routine when outside. I cannot count the number of shills and operatives half wearing their jackets or sweaters, or else changing them in my proximity. It gets totally nutty all these extra garments being packed around, or grasped or draped over their arm or shoulders, like a professional waiter might do with a towel. Bizarre.

An overhead pounding with a zap erupted when I had the earmuffs on; that they are made from plastic and aren't worn for longer than 10 minutes or so until some ruction makes them pointless to have on. This seems to be one of the biggest games going; on and offing the earmuffs, and of course, noxious acoustical effects to cause me to put them on in the first place.

Another sudden pounding and a zapping and an instant "over reaction" to this ongoing fuckover stunt. Now the other noises are chiming in as well. I have been getting pointless no-one-there phone calls of late, usually in the evening and largely coincident with web page and navigation events that interest the perps, e.g. bookmarking, copy and paste etc.

A 10.5 hour sleep and then a rage-ified morning. The big event for the perps was to force a "forget" in getting a new loaf of bread from the freezer yesterday, something I don't forget when finishing up a loaf. And then have the slice thawed in the oven on a broil setting. As part of the fuckery, the glass dish I was going to use was dusted with some white debris, so I was obliged to put the bread directly on the oven rack. As I did, a sunflower seed erupted from nowhere to arrive below on the bottom of the oven. Cleaning the dish and the unexpected unavailibility of the bread slice created extra wait time, and lo, if the assholes didn't fill it with putting two insects on the wall for me to deal with. No associated blood bursts on the wall this time, but it created more back and forth from carpeted area to the kitchen action for the perps, and that is what they like, after disruption of routines. Anyhow, it was no doubt an exciting jerkaround for tha assholes, and this serves only as one example of how they plot out this fuckery and on what pretense and the degree of detail. I go through a loaf of bread every 20 days or so, and I am sure they will have something next in mind. Even dealing with the plastic bag seal got noisestalked with the portable overhead thudding noise. (This is a concrete and steel building with 12" thick floors- go figure.)

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