Sunday, May 04, 2008

Noise Assault With Imposed Infuriation

I am getting the ongoing noise of faux Harley Davidson motorcycles an other loud mufflered vehicles at every turn. This occured most of the morning when web surfing, and is ameliorated by plugging my ears with my fingers. The hearing protection "doesn't work" for this noise seemingly. And then when making lunch from scratch, why the same noises came everytime I had two hands busy, hence no ability to block the noise, but instead I was treated to the long roll-off of the noise, as if retreating into the distance. Anytime I look outside, there is rarely any actual source. But that wasn't enough harassment when making lunch; I was rage-ified with dithering of my finger control, sensations of crumbs placed on my fingertips or under my fingernails (when there were no actual crumbs, the cheese, always a big harassment target, was crumbled and was under the control of extra-conventional gravitic control (meaning flying crumbs and chunks), and a few others to infuriate me. All the time the faked "neighbor" water noise was going, and for extra measure, the infernal motorcycle and loud mufflered vehicle noise was arranged while swearing at the assholes provocations.

It has been a brutal morning so far, even if I am sitting in my office chair as the noise and typo sabotage is continuing. Occasionally I get street shouters from outside, and jibbering Asian voices from the hallway to satisfy the respective left and right side sources for unintelligible voice noise. The plasma, maser and vision impairment fuckery has also been increased today. The perps are on a nutty streak to say the least. And of note, the masers that float off my LCD display seem to be originating from specific words onscreen; the name of an agency, person or place is now "fair game" for masers of the wispy filamentous kind to lift off from the very word location and travel toward me. Some localized muscle spasming on my back or shoulder may also be added in simultaneously.

As this is the post-meal digestion period, I reckon the perps wanted me rage-ified to better remotely assess my energetics related to food digestion, especially that of brown colored food, e.g. the tortillas I eat twice per day.

I got tagged in the night I see; a 3/4" round red welt with a tiny pimple in the middle of it "arrived" on my left shoulder, and I assume this is for some kind of localized red skin color referencing. That the welt sits in my left side peripherial vision is likely part of the harassment methods, as it seems that peripherial vision is the first place the perps attempt to "acclimate", or more like inculcate, me to their Unfavored colors, beings and objects.

Another method the perps use for inculcation of the Unfavored is to have them displayed online on this LCD panel, with a fractional component visible at the bottom of the screen, and then when I scroll down, I get to see more of it, usually in a progressive manner, often delayed by imposed "problems" with the scroll button or the Windows mouse action. This way, they can say, display the very top of a fugly skinhead, and then introduce the rest of the picture of this Unfavored being into my central vision. Usually I then skip by it if the down scroll capabilities are working. And of course other round, smooth and reflective objects are also placed in the same circumstances for comparative purposes; a ball, the moon, building dome, etc.

At the gym, similar games of partial visual obstruction are put on. For example, the perps will have me spin and look at a skinhead behind the bars and metalwork of exercise equipment, effectively gridding the image into smaller pieces. This went on all the time with New Bald and Ethnic Gut who posed behind objects to be seen only partially.

At this post tea and chocolate juncture, the infernal noise has begun again, one after the other in an apparent train of loud mufflered vehicles and over-revving four cycle motorbikes, as if there is some kind of expressway nearby, which there isn't. It is all projected noise from some remote location. And it is falling at the time that my brown chocolate is digesting in my gut, and the perps have just put on the overhead pounding to remind me further that this is an important harassment event. Not my problem, so why am I involved in it? And not allowed to keep a job?

There won't be any answer to that save more noise, and that is how it goes. While two hands were busy when doing the dishes afterward, they put on the most loathed Harley Davidson motorcycle noise and added high pitched beeping as well. A combination of low and high requencies at a moment with both hands were busy. Where have I heard that before?

This looks to be a shut-in day, the demotivated pall has been cast upon me, as they want me for a 0900h volunteer project tomorrow. It is rare that they get me out after following breakfast, but there is a first time for everything.

That makes for a dull day when there hasn't been any other diversions, which I sense is one of the conditions they like to impose on their victims. In the long past there has been employer arranged periods of doing nothing, and this enforced idleness is all part of the show. Even the email spam has slowed down; amazing how that can happen just when it is getting very dull.

I attempted to get a page hit counter installed on this website last night; but the Google Blogger tools are so lame. And of course this makes the situation ripe for harassment games, as the added code did something odd, and I backed out of it. As mentioned before, I have no idea as to how many page hits and unique visits per day there are.

More loud vehicle noises for the past 60 minutes, but more distant, but still as persistent in duration. Then a recent siren cascade with a strange interuption; no actual emergency vehicles of course. And now, overhead pounding has erupted for the first time today. A consistent pattern to that of yesterday. Now, bus squealing noise and overhead tapping. It is fucking tiresome along with the plasma and vision impairments and fuckery; adding small 1/4" dots of red plasma seems to be a big deal, often in concert with onscreen same colored reds.

Another round with the ear muffs, then taken off as sound is "somehow" getting through, and once off there is immediate voice noise from the hallway, and then the motorcycle noises again, as if ripping through town at high speed which is impossible to do safely. And then a whistling noise erupted, as if it were coming from a location within this apartment. This is the "no shame" causality now; that is, there is no ostensible cause, and the perps don't care if it is plain noise planting. Maybe it is time to eat again to change the entire harassment set up.

More continued distant loud mufflered vehicles with augmented faux neighbor water use noise, and then some overhead rumbling as soon as I finished up on some fine articles on fats, nutrition and the horrors of the food processing industry. This is the object of perp interest as I read it, The Oiling of America, by Sally Fallon. Why this topic gets so much perp interest is unknown, and their interest picks up when mine does while web page reading content.

The one tortilla slice dinner, and back to the grind of listening to loud mufflered vehicles ripping up and down the street, all projected noise. Then some Bookmark upkeep, then a forced pee, and then back to loud mufflered vehicles. The timing of when I take a pee seems to be very important of late, and as Bookmark maintenance is are noisestalked, it isn't too much of a stretch that the activity is "pee stalked". Regular readers and TI's will know that there a more focussed and specific timing as to when I am allowed to take a pee, and it seems to follow the pattern of what the perps are interested in when online. I was surprised that they didn't script a pee when I paid my ISP bill online today, but perhaps they are not up to that level of examination yet, whatever it may be. And as this is getting close to dusk, I was not surprised to see that my keyboard was darkened down with large shadows across the keys. An accelerated dusk-like condition in preparation for me when coming back from the bathroom. This is a E. facing apartment and there is no direct light at this time, but adding shadows onto my walls is mere trifling for the perps and their control of light properties. I got a window reflection from the tower opposite directly beamed on me again; this seems to be the late day direct sunshine games.

An exciting moment for the perps must be in progress, judging by the inanity of the noise flurries; even a train whistle some two hours after the only train that visits this city, about a half mile away. Additionally, hyperactive door closing noise, faux neighbor water use in on/off patterns, and I had better stop before they add more for me to journal.

The perps have reading about Vitamin D and the effects of lighting, especially UV light. Given the background of noisestalking that is presently going on, I assume this topic is of intense interest to them, and might explain why two pairs of sunglasses have "disintegrated" by themselves, and that all sunglasses of the past somehow were "lost" in short order. It might also explain why at least one of their operatives for any significant outing I undertake is wearing orange colored shades. The perps had me buy a specialized pair in 2002 when they had me "thinking" it was for blocking laser beams. It cost me $110 for them, and it was all about aiding the assholes hounding me as I came to learn. There is also a connection between Vitamin D uptake from sunlight and that it has connections with skin and body oils, the latter being of intense fascination to the perps. Regular readers will recall that the perps once pulled a shopping bag from my hand that only contained olive oil, and then smashed it on the asphalt driveway. This created a 12" spot of oil to walk past for the next few months I lived there, but I suppose this is a tie-in to their petroleum product games that are so prominent of late. More noisestalking as I wrote the above, just to confirm that it isn't really me that is interested in Vitamin D.

Just as I was reading about a person engaging in retributive action on a webpage, the almighty zapping and clunking attack came on, all for me to yell at the fuckwit who pulled that stunt. The big deal seems to have me empathetically engaged in either listening or reading and then zap with associated noise. It seems that this is the most difficult thing to do, undertake remote bioenergetics monitoring and hope for the best.

Time to wrap this one up and call it done. I spent some time following the work of George Merkl and his discoveries related to crystalline forms of ATP for cellular energy, subcellular life forms and the interrelationship of photons, electrons and neutrons -fascinating but not much corroborative science behind it.

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