Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Idleness

An all-quiet order has gone out; none of the usual noisescape, and hardly any noise at all from any source. It is eerie when this "happens", living at the center of so much directed activity, noise being only one component. But there was a red plasma flash in my peripherial vision, and the typo sabotage is being increased as I write this. And once a few out-loud swearings have been scripted, why the noisescape is increased with coughings, overhead clunkings, two sneezes of varying volume, faked neighbor water usage noise and so it goes. A whole setup over starting a blog entry.

Now the keyboard tray has started its creakings, a relatively new "source", and the vision impairments too. This is likely to be the lead-up to heading outside to the supermarket and getting a national newspaper to read, as the perps have got me back into the habit of late, though one never knows for how long. They might like me to have habits, but are also just as keen to disrupt them for whatever reason. As mentioned in past blogs, the entire harassment campaign seems to be an exercise in functional decomposition of everything I do, right down to blinking for all the maser and plasma fuckery that I see. The overhead clunking has started up, and that is usualy reserved for late afternoon and evening, so it is interesting to find so many of the perp impositions that have shifted from evening to daytime. And that includes looking at various websites and blogs; all the film blogs were read in the evening, and by decrementing the activity by a half hour each day for the past three weeks, film blogs are now reviewed in the afternoon, less than an hour after lunch.

I get the impression that the perps are confounded by my bioenergetics within my apartment; seated at this desk, when in the bathroom, and then again in the kitchen. The linoleum covered floor surface there seems to be of obsessive interest vis a vis the grey carpet everywhere else, save the bathroom. There is plenty of noisestalking when I transit from one floor covering to the other, desk to kitchen or vice versa. Hence the plethora of wheelchairs that are chasing me around town; these are seated individuals in the presence of a largely vertical ambulatory population, including the victim, me. Also, the number of individual seated in their vehicles for no reason has increased of late; often for three or minutes by the time I see them, and walk past. It just doesn't add up, all these operatives sitting in their vehicles for no apparent reason. This was my first introduction to gangstalking back in 2002 before they struck. I would drive from Victoria to Everett in one leg (no stops) and do some Sunday night grocery shopping at my usual store. There were a number of creepy males sitting in their vehicles for no reason then, and there would be even more when I came back out. Apart from some strange drug deal I could not figure that one out. And the perps are still at it, overpopulating my proximity with shiftless males who should be at their day jobs in an office somewhere. Little did I know that there are a large orchestrated number of them whose job it is to look shiftless and loiter around like some kind of flake brigade. The real education I have had is the huge number of black projects there has been, black operations, and that it is getting stronger all the time. The entire MKULTRA was a huge project, and I suspect we don't know even a tenth of what went on. Something that large, that operational for that long, 1954 to 1972(?) just doesn't stop from a lack of momentum or public revelations, it just gets more hidden.

There seems to be many tie-ins with the black projects, and that most are not what they seem, even to the participants. It is as if the the "puppet masters" are controlling these for similar means as the direct intervention that the TI community knows all too well. Brice Taylor had two vehicle accidents many years apart in exactly the same location. Given that I was constantly harassed and hounded wherever I drove until I gave up my vehicle in 2006, and the perps are still setting up vehicular gangstalking and other interactions (e.g., taking runs at me on the crosswalk), it seems that the real perps may have been covertly lurking in, if not directing, the background all the time Brice Taylor was abused and harassed as she knew it. Just my opinion, and with the usual caveat, that it all may be planted into my mind by the puppet masters/assholes who are engaged in this current life-rape exercise, now going on for six years, all because they wish to operate from remote locations, and have a litany of past incursions creating traumatizations that seem to be a "problem" for them. It isn't my problem, so why am I being harassed all the time at every breath I take?

I made it through the Gangstalk Gauntlet to the supermarket to get a newspaper and some groceries. It is now nearly an all the time experience to go to a location in a store to find gangstalkers there doing nothing much, and then "deciding" that I won't bother with the item. They put two grannies with long grey hair on me when getting the tortillas, and normally I get at least five gangstalkers there each time. One would think that they need to run through the Unfavored at each location I temporarily inhabit.

I got the "Blues Dudes" in the elevator on the way down, one with a large plastic garbage bag, playing the Plastic Bag Man as well. One was in a navy blue sweat top, and the other in a light sky blue seat top. The former dude managed to "hang around" the apartment entrance when I was on my way back, doing the jaywalk number across the street in front of the entrance. When returning, I also got a blond woman in socks standing at the door, inside, and looking totally stupid as most of the ersatz sentries do.

There were other freaks in the supermarket; I got a double "he and she" negro act as I first passed the E. end checkouts, and then some five minutes later when I went to the W. end checkouts, lo, if the he negro hadn't moved to another W. end checkout, somehow "needing" to be at a checkout again.

I got the extra large yellow backpack act, a woman, making a 180 degree spin in front of me as I intended to walk by, and then she "shows up" again behind me at the checkout. At least they left an availible checkout for me so there was no waiting this time, and no freaks loitering like my last visit. I had my red haired gangstalker in black with some white stripes in the parking lot on my exit, and regular readers will know that I had this identical situation (clothing, garments, gender and size of person) tailing me some three days ago. Regular readers will know that red hair is an Unfavored demographic group, and that the perps like me to be aware of that. I had no idea that there was a subconscious reaction to this demographic group, and now I know. Which is true of all the Unfavored; the perps have made me react to them, after scripting them in my purview, when I didn't before. In other words, I really don't know why there are doing this, except that it is so consistent that there must be a reason for it.

The overhead pounding got going in earnest when reading the newspapers, especially when viewing the swimsuit feature in the Globe and Mail. Back to those days again, where they forced me to look at porn for hours every night in 2002. And here they are, still at it in less confrontive ways, and who knows what is the objective here, except to no that it is also a consistent noisestalked theme? And as I type this up I am getting faux neighbor water use noise from the right and the left sides simultaneously, and then a forced sneeze when typing this up. More tiresome fuckery around me.

Even the outside vehicle parking games have been relaxed over the past two days; in other words, no photo opportunities of arranged vehicles, e.g. three same red vehicles in file etc. The perps seem to be wanting to limit their exposure all the more, and this is one aspect of it. Perhaps one day they won't be around, and will have dropped me as their very important subject.

I am getting blanked out as to what to write, which means that it must be time to change up the game and have some dinner.

After jamming a rotten meat smell up my nose for most of the afternoon, the perps allowed me to do something about it, namely, open the window and get some air moving. This would be the first window opening for at least three weeks, and I have no idea why this is important to them as it has "happened" at past residences. And lo, itf the perps didn't decide to keep jamming that smell up my nose, even with the window open. I didn't smell it when I came back from the supermarket, so why do I smell it now when I didn't cook for dinner? All because some asshole wants me to smell this particular odour at just the right moment; viewing something of interest (stereo components), simultaneously with orchestrated sounds and other planned "coincidences" that are arranged. It is getting awfully tiresome to be under the microscope all this time, and that someone finds every keystroke to be of compelling interest.

I got a series of electrified jabbings in my left foot arch earlier, all "because" I skipped to the conclusion section of a stereo component review, rather than reading it in the entirety.

I am getting my voice noise from two sides at the moment; from the hallway, and street shouters from outside. This is the dusk time, when the perps go silly with extra harassment and noise.

With the headphones just on another round of overhead pounding erupted. Before that, I got at least an hour of web page reading on stereo equipment and associated cabling. That is how it goes, the odd duration where no assault or harassment, and then it gets re-applied. And I now know I got a forced "forget" on listening to the TI conference call tonight as they had an interesting guest speaker.

05-11-2008, 0940h
I got screwed out of posting this last night, another forced "forget".

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