Friday, May 02, 2008

Clicks, Cheeps and Clunks

I got screwed out of shaving my mustache today; as I have been shaving the same way for over 35 years how is it that I would forget? Regular readers will know that my mind-keepers can dither one out of long established habits by some kind of remotely applied means, and nearly all other neurally encoded abilities; recall, speech, handedness, vision, perception, thought, -one's entire world.

A shut-in day is unfolding, save doing the laundry, always a perp fascination. It was augmented by a force play/mind-fuck where the month old purchased navy blue stretch cotton shirt was handwashed in parallel, using the same detergent. This particular garment had been machine washed twice but "somehow" it attracted more lint on it when laundered than what it had going in. Ergo, hand wash it was the planted notion. And that cascaded into a number of other noisestalking and vehicular gangstalking events.

The infernal coin operated laundry machines take quarters, five and six at a time, and so I buy rolls of them to have quarters on hand for this express purpose. While accessing the roll and counting them off, the navy blue colored refuse truck arrived outside and went through its loud noises of purportedly processing the refuse from this 12 story apartment block. (I maintain that I am the only one who lives here going by the lack of apparent real tenants and not the gangstalkers). No big deal, so with quarters in hand I go the laundry room down the hall and attend to the task of loading the washing machine and charging it with detergent, and bring back the aformentioned navy blue colored shirt to handwash.

And lo, if the navy blue colored BFI refuse truck isn't still down below, idling the engine, and seeming doing nothing much. So all the while that I handwashed the navy blue garment in the sink, the navy blue refuse truck was loitering below, engine running. I rarely hand wash, but it was clear that this was an exercise in navy blue variations; wet navy blue turns almost a black color, or did by way of light color fuckery. Anyhow, once I was done washing and rinsing of the garment in the kitchen sink, the refuse truck departed. I since hung the shirt up in the bathroom to dry, and I suppose this will become a slow gradation of the dark wet navy blue color to the true navy blue color when dry. And, I wouldn't be surprised if this "happens" to other colored shirts in time. The "sticky lint" laundry fuckover stunt all to force hand washing clothes. Surely I have been here before, and I probably have, but that doesn't matter to the sickos.

Today's blog posting title refers to the persistent noise barrage occuring now, and most of the day so far; backup beeping noise for 30 minutes at a time or more, clunks much like the ones that "erupted" at yoga yesterday (more than usual), unattributable cheeping noise like logging whistles, and just now, hallway voices and the longtime arranged coincident vacuum cleaner activity. On with the show, and so an aircraft is now flying overhead, and the bus noise was cranked up. This is some 30 minutes after lunch, that being the new smaller portioned one tortilla slice instead of the two per meal.

And it was tortilla preparation time at lunch, making it from scratch, and it drew a huge amount of persistent noisestalking, especialy for chicken meat chopping and the olive oil pouring into the frypan. With the smaller portions I will be cooking once every three days instead of once per day, so it would seem the perps need to make the most of their less frequently scripted activity.

And the perps even put on some photo baiting on the street; orchestrated configurations of street traffic to have me go out there and take some pictures. One round of silliness had a tractor trailer unit parked in the city street stalls to be totally absurd, white colored with some horizontal red banded livery, the driver wearing red and hanging his arm out the window. Anyhow, the noisestalking and vacuuming has ramped up as I blog this, likely because I also wrote down this same tale in my book journal.

I see a rain shower has "erupted" outside, timed for the later food digestion, close to 1.5 hours later, or an upcoming tea and chocolate break. As the perps were all over me at breakfast in creating crumbs, foiling my grasp of their crumbs, moving the chocolate packaging foil by itself, and other games to annoy me when eating chocolate, the reason may fall in the latter category. Regular readers and TI's will know that the perps have a fascination with water, and seem to apply it to situations to improve their remote energetics detection abilities. They also use it to clean the streets as there seems to be some buildup that they need to ameliorate. That I swam as a club swimmer for 12 years 3x per week with all the members in on the harassment fuckery, especially the dude with the "habit" of smacking into me, seems to not have served the purposes to the extent the perps were seeking. Hence this realtime purgatory.

The sore right jaw area that erupted last evening is still continuing, and seems to be unrelated to my teeth thankfully. This new harassment stunt seems to be created for an on-demand pain that comes on when I am swearing at the perps owing to some vexacious provocation, or else it comes on when I am blocking my ears with my fingers, the pain location being near my ear. This is new game, creating soreness for "as-needed" pain administration. Very often I get fingertip jabbings when handling something that is remotely close to being sharp, even cardboard, and I also get a regular round of light jabbing in my nuts on Thursdays to "accompany" me to yoga, and then later, gym. And with today being a Friday, the perps have extended the nut jabbing to today in my apartment. Big of them.

Some hallway business noise has erupted, my reminder that this is the pre-dinnertime surge, as it appears that remote monitoring and measuring is not fully understood when digestion takes place, possibly because of food color, but there maybe other implications I am unaware of.

And the vision impairment and plasma activity online is getting worse; I have my attendant "zingers", the fuzzy greyish balls that flit about in my vision all day long, this is "normal" now, and they don't usually impair reading. Sometimes a wispy maser will float in right beside the area where I am shaving, especially at the side of my neck so the vertical lines can be confused. Just too much fun for sick minds.

The rain shower has stopped and the streets are drying up with the exception of the large greyish courtyard opposite with all the puddles. I cannot see how they designed it except to trap water and keep it there for a few days. And now, more jibbering Asians in the hallway with simultaneous faux neighbor water usage noise. Funny how the putative neighbors from two sides can "erupt" in noise at the same time.

Now post-mealtime, and the jibbering Asians noise has started up with light overhound pounding noise. (A 12" thick concrete floor ceiling is overhead). This just might be some kind of noise continuity testing, before and after dinner, linking specific noises to neural energetic activity that is remotely monitored.

A haze of plasmic fog and maser "debris" keep circulating in my field of view. I am also getting only partially warmed; left side is OK, right side is chilled for no apparent reason. Sounds like a perp stunt to me, given that they crave sending oncoming ambulatory gangstalkers to pass me on my right side, doing the most absurd things. It is fucking nuts that I cannot be left alone to be warm. Now, a plasma flash and a resounding thumping from above as I noted that. Even noting or describing the perp delivered phenomenon gets noisestalked of all things. One would wonder what special knowledge that I have and they don't when it comes to extra-conventional gravitic harassment capabilities.

Another dull evening is planned for me; the Youtube video feeds are getting interupted and made to be jerky and discontinuous. End of my dull-day plans to spend the evening.

Now the overhead tapping has started up during a break in listening to audio only.

While listening to audio only music, a sudden siren chirping started outside with a simultaneous forced jerking "surpise" reaction. I was deleting a bookmark from my bookmarks list, another pet perp interest for whatever reason.

Still looking for audio only sites as the videos won't play unless they "happen" to be repeats that were fucked out of my recall in one instance.

A background of ebullient talkative girls is coming from outside, heard over the voice of a audio only interview, Gina Romano interviewing Hartley Dean. He has a near identical situation as to my own; gangstalking, enforced social isolation, and governed work possibilities. Amazing, and who is going to tell me that these identical complaints are clinical? Not many have mentioned the "clinical" word in the past four years, after it was totally plain it wasn't.

Time to call this dull day done and gird myself for another one tomorrow; Saturdays are a dog day on this schedule, and it will be the second of likely three dog days. It turns out there is an activity scripted for Monday, helping in a moving situation; all to hug brown colored boxes for the harassment cause.

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