Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rage-ify Victim Over Brown Colored Food

True to form, the perps cranked me up to rage-ified levels when making breakfast, specifically before making coffee and then when applying peanut butter and jam to my gluten free bread slice. This has been going on for a long time, over a year now, where they annoy me with transitory finger control impairments, flicking food around, planting crumbs or the sensation thereof on my fingertips, look-at-the-wrong object games (e.g. looking in the wrong cupboard for the coffe pot), and other annoyances that I am not allowed to recall at the moment. So many of the games come back to the color brown if one looks at the list of incursions, impositions and gangstalking color organization.

I have also been getting major vision impairment games all morning; not only the constant swirl of filamentous masers drifting in my field of vision, but vision dithering for a few seconds before I move my head to shake it off. Or more like, they have me shake my head and then relent on applying the vision impairments as if they were connected events of my doing, which it surely isn't.

Another bullshit game erupted this morning; they had me enter an appointment in my diary two weeks into the past, screwing me out of knowing what the date was and which way to page through the book. Another forced never-before behavior, making an appointment entry of a future commitment by paging through the diary in the wrong direction. But they did allow me to write in down for the correct day of the week, another realm of mind-fuck skirmishes that has also been imposed.

This is, and will be, a disruptive week for the perps;

Sunday -no parental visit or arrival back at my apartment for Monday
Monday -activity to help relocate someone
Tuesday (today) -no gym, but instead pickup my mother at the airport,
Wednesday -a dental appointment for teeth cleaning and
Thursday -no yoga, only gym later.

There may well be more disruption to come, as the perps like to keep me clueless about events and all the associated ramifications. And that is an exciting moment for the perps, disrupting my schedule for whatever reason. I expect a vehicular gangstalk show when travelling to the airport and back to be thousands of vehicles owing to larger roads and faster highway traffic.

I am back to my apartment after busing to my parent's place, driving their vehicle to run an errand in getting Hoagland's book, Dark Mission, and then out to the airport as my mother arrived at 1430h. I had to wait some twenty minutes, and was treated to the freakshow while in the seat next to a crimson red Mercedes that was placed in the arrivals lobby. As the perps are so cranked on getting red color exposure of late, especially with an "eruption" of red zits on my chest, this seemed like a perfect set up for them. And plenty of irregular fuckwits were coursing by, even a Paint Man, the faux commercial painter act with coveralls that were dabbed in yellow and brown pastels. One fucker went out of his way to pass within an inch of me, and when I whispered "asshole" he turns around and gives me this spaced out look. And lo, if the perps didn't bring out the cardboard box packing operative to turn a corner in front of me; a stunt that has been pictured in past blog postings. At the luggage conveyor the two seedy ethnic dudes loitering in my proximity after doing some back and forths with cardboard boxes, and who were not on the flight, "happened" to have a plastic wrapped brown box that they pulled off beside me and at the same time as I pulled off my mother's light brown colored luggage. And some 6' away and still in the luggage area were a young couple with an upside bicycle and its cardboard box, seemingly assembling it. Every day I am outside the perps are sending bicycles after and by me on the sidewalks and here in an airport arrivals area they are pulling the same kind of stunt. It is fucking tiresome to be hounded all the time.

Then a drive back with a stop-by shop at a grocery store, and then onto their place. Then some tea with a Kitkat bar, and then we drove downtown to drop me off and she drove back. I wasn't sure as to the evening arrangements and had my pack with me as well, though didn't use any of the contents. And it was a vehicular gangstalking of at least 2,000 vehicles on the wider and faster highway portions, and there were plenty of clusters of same colored vehicles; a white colored cluster of eight, a silver-grey cluster of five, and ditto for an all black color cluster of vehicles. It was phenomenonal as to how many vehicles had been arranged, and I had my own posse around me that stopped me from weaving in and out. I had three black colored vehicles in file ahead of me when driving into downtown led by a red and white painted VW van, of the vintage that I once owned. Two of them split off the cluster, and then it was only the black BMW in between me and the VW van. Normally I get a white colored in-file posse of vehicles between me and the red lead gangstalk vehicle, but today for whatever reason, they switched over to a black colored vehicle posse for their color reference purposes.

Other activity at the airport was having these dudes in insipid green checked shirts hanging around, as if they were needing a day job. On the bus to my parent's place there was a minor freakshow; at one point they had four green dressed gangstalkers seated around me, and an additional fuckwit with green dyed hair. I had my Asian dudes in front of me and they stayed there for most of the bus trip. Normally, they are pulled off halfway through the bus trip. And at the bus stop where the perps loaded up at least 10 passengers, many wearing red colors, they were drilling 12" holes in the sidewalk and deeper, and when I returned, they were poking large steel bars into the hole for whatever reason. This is the second instance of seeming pointless hole drilling within 20' of a gas station I have encountered in the past six months. I also got at least three petroleum tankers placed nearby when bus travelling or driving, and even one directly in front of me who drove over the center of the roundabout, a red brick colored surface, rather than driving around the arc. Traffic roundabouts are the lastest civic road maintenance "upgrade" in this city, and are totally needless IMHO.

My mother wasted no time in fishing as to my helping job yesterday, and it did cause me to wonder if she had been there, just in morphover. There was one seeming friend of the apartment owner who was helping and who seemed particularly adept in following me in the course of the moving activity. She was dressed in light yellow sweater and deep brown pants. As in, isn't that a common color combination? Yep.

She was also going on about the terrible cyclone in Burma, and how devastating it was. I take these lead-ins to be perp directed topics, as they have such a morbid fascination with demise and disasters, and all the associations that go with it. See the Pondering The Perp's Objectives at the right to get a summary of this particular fascination for them.

After seeing the Hoagland interviews on Project Camelot, I bought his book, Dark Mission, about NASA coverups and other secrets that they keep. It is painfully clear that they have been masking what we see for a long time, either the Moon, Mars or possibly other planets where there have been fly pasts. It remains to be seen if I will be allowed to read the book, as the perps began some maser annoyances to stop me reading after about 20 pages. They have done this to me with other books, even ones I have long coveted.

Another round of directed "reflections" off the nearby residential tower is beaming into my apartment. Seemingly, it wasn't enough to bug me in my left side peripherial vision with this bright spot, so now the perps have taken to flickering and strobing the light, especially as I read about important topics, those described in the Pondering the Perp's Objectives, link to the right.

The flickering "reflections" were diminished some by pulling the curtains and having the light grey curtain dim the intensity. Of late, the perps have increased the intensity to keep up the annoyance level again. Yet another game with small minds, this at dusk where they go extra silly. See yesterday's blog for the pictures, some of them rather telling that something odd is going on IMHO.

I was also treated to a whack of plasma fuckery when driving earlier; a deep yellow vehicle and a white colored vehicle were driving side by side and boxing me in when the perps scattered yellow and blue plasma around each side of the yellow colored vehicle. This went on for five seconds or so, and wasn't debilitating in any way, something they are capable of if they chose so.

There is an increase of Harley Davidson motorcycle noise and loud mufflered vehicles, and this too is coordinated with content or images that I am viewing online, or web page changes. Other ongoing fuckery is overloading my mouth with saliva and thereby forcing more swallowing, and noise augmented swallowing to keep up the internal head noise that is constantly maintained.

It is dusk time still, and the perps had me send an email to my brother about two minutes ago, before I got up to turn the lights on here. It seems that the quality, source and intensity of light is a big part of the harassment game.

Taken 05-01-2008, 1747h. A east-west oriented street that is visible from my balcony. On the left side of the street is a navy blue vehicle parked behind the power pole, then a white vehicle beside the mid-street white vehicle, then a silver-grey vehicle with a mid-grey one immediately behind it. On the right side of the street is parked silver grey vehicle, then a navy blue vehicle, then a white trades van "laddered up", a white VW Vanagon (with a white fiberglas canopy/roof) and a black or mid-grey vehicle at the head of the file. The white vehicle in mid street is mobile, and I reckon this setup was all about testing the same vehicle colors on either side of the street, one side in shade (left side of the street), and the right side in the sun.

Taken 05-02-2008, 1103h. Here is "Ladder Patrol" as I call them; the two closest laddered vehicles are waiting at the traffic light, and the silver-grey pickup behind is parked. Note that there is no common association among these vehicles, and that having a Ladder Patrol in my proximity is nothing unusual. I suspect that the rungs, as an ordered array of tubes, has some gravitic properties that the perps are attempting to leverage. See this posting for the Grebennikov Cavity Structures Effect.

Taken 05-02-2008, 1103h, only a few seconds later to show the entire scene of all parked and stopped vehicles. This seems to be a full-on test of the copper color (lead vehicle in closest lane) to that of deep metallic red, parked beside it. Regular readers will know that the perps have an obsession over the copper color and all things copper, and this seems to be some kind of color testing in place with plenty of adjacent "reference colors"; black, white, and silver-grey, which covers the rest of the vehicles, save the white colored commercial pickup with the green livery. That should be enough symmetry to convince the most adverse denial asshole that there is something totally irregular about the color of vehicles in my proximity. If you can zoom in there is a similar vehicle arrangement on the side street to the left.

Taken 05-01-2008, 1747h, same time as the topmost photo. Here is a cute little setup of parked vehicles orchestrated by color and basking in the shadow of this apartment building, the direct light just catching the tail of that fugly Lexus sports car on the right. The second to last vehicle has a black fiberglas roof pod, a very common accessory in the vehicular gangstalking realm. That infernal white plastic bag is still stuck in the tree, and has served the perps to be some kind of color and material reference all fall and winter, and now spring. A Plastic Bag man is walking in the courtyard of the residential tower, a very common sight whenever I am "happening" to look outside, even for subsecond long glances.

I have a notion that jeans, as in the denim pants that are so ubiquitous, with copper rivets in them, just might be some kind of perp created garment to make one more readable, and more controllable from afar. Perhaps this is why they are so obsessed over copper metal. And of course, that is the only pants that I wear, save for exercise. Just a passing notion.

I am getting some kind of cognitive disruption where I am not allowed to read this over and undertake any repairs. I hope the above reads OK, launching it out while under duress.

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