Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dental Cleaning

I had a dental cleaning appointment earlier, a twice per year event that has my mouth wide open for the better part of an hour. And as the perps are intensely obsessed with my mouth contents, and any and all food that passes through it, or anything else, this surely was a major event. Strangely, they did not enrage me this morning before breakfast which is the usual "preparation" for later big events. It is all done, and there was a moderate amount of gangstalking afterward, as I would have been "glowing" from the bright green specialized mouthwash that was the final event. As it "so happened", yesterday's bus travel was when the bright green clothed gangstalkers were out, which suggests that the perps might be proving out their color and energetic model of what goes on in my mouth, less than an inch away from my brain.

I had to wait 25 minutes in the dental office, 10 minutes longer than the appointment time which was odd, except that there was a gangstalking plan in progress. The chirpy and chatty dental assistant was overheard for 10 minutes, then the middle aged males in sick checked shirts arrived to chat, and then finally, the geriatrics arrived. And a couple of starings as well; they definitely are directed as there is nothing remarkable about me, and even the doctor confirmed that. The blondish dental hygeinist was in a fugly pastel (hospital) green outfit. Last week's jaw pain was the scripted event for the dentist to examine me for jaw pain or whatever cause it could be, so that will be another $30 on the bill. And the assistant took Xrays as part of the standard practice of every two years, and lo, if I didn't complain as surely that will have cost me some extra I cannot afford.

Then afterward, the waiting for the bus game; a grey haired woman was eating her sandwich and yogurt in the bus shelter for chrissakes, more "breadstalking" as I call it. Then some middle aged male halfwit arrives and boldly sits between us and then starts yapping about various topics that I had been "prepped on" in the last few days, and finally the bus arrives with the availible seating arranged so the three of us were seated on the same side of the bus. Anyhow, I was glad it was over, and suffered the freakshow again when walking back to my apartment.

The perps put on a severe freakshow on the streets when I was headed to the bus stop; the open mouthers and the chinless were highly featured, as was the tiresome vagrant act. It was getting to be like a Fellini movie where everyone is strange.

So now, back to being online for the rest of yesterday, and no chocolate allowed as it ran out this morning. I sometimes get these chocolate breaks where the perps want me to back off, often in concert with other events, say, today's dental appointment. My experience is that the perps like a prolonged shut-in session after a big event of a dental appointment. And they even cancelled yoga for tomorrow morning to keep a longer shut-in duration.

The noise flurries have come on strong, and continued through and after my short dinner. The fuckers even zapped me with a simultanteous overhead clunk. After screaming at the assholes they have reverted to mor clunks, fake neighbor water usage noise and vehicle horns from outside. This dusk onset time seems to be a bigger deal with each passing day. Before that, they would only let me read Hoagland's Dark Mission for about five minutes before dithering me and making reading impossible. Just another day of fuckery it seems.

A siren cascade has erupted, this is at least the third multi-vehicle siren noise event today, even if I was gone for the dental appointment for two hours. Earlier, the most loathed Harley motorcycle noise "erupted" when my hands were busy to prevent me from blocking the sound with my fingers. This noise was scripted for when I was eating dinner, and again when doing the dishes.

More outside motorcycle noise and the overhead tapping has started up again. The perps are going beserk it seems, and to add to that, hallway voice noise has been added into the noise mix.

The perps have setlled down some thankfully. Some more pictures to show examples of what goes on around me.

Taken 05-02-2008, 1135:03h. Here we have three white vehicles parked in file, the most amazing is that a tractor trailer unit came to park in the bus stop for a few minutes. the red livery on the trailer is intentional as regular readers and TI's will know that the red and white color combination is ubiquitous, e.g. a vehicle backing up with red brake lights and white backup lights. There are some orchestrated looking color combinations on the side streets. There are extra ambulatory gangstalkers on duty IMHO, though that is a judgement call based on personal experience. A mid-grey colored vehicle is in motion and can be seen on the right just behind a tree.

Taken 05-02-2008, 1135:06h. Only three seconds later, the mobile vehicles are added into the picture, the above mentioned mid-grey vehicle and the white vehicle in the opposite direction, crossing paths exactly when "I" took the picture. This kind of ordered vehicle color is constant.

Taken 05-04-2008, 1655h:32sec. I would of expected more parked vehicles on this part retail shopping area at 4:55pm, but that is not what the perps wanted, and as they seem to run the town, that is what they get. Only four parked vehicles, the lead two (through the trees) are the same crimson red, and the latter two are white.

Taken 05-04-2008, 1655h:37sec. A small "convoy" of a mobile white and yellow vehicle are travelling side by side, with the white vehicle visually coalescing with the two parked white vehicles beside it. I reckon the moblile white vehicle is acting as a color reference for the fugly yellow cab beside it.

Taken 05-04-2008, 1655h:40sec. The lead mobile yellow and white vehicle are now beside the parked red vehicle, as seen through the trees. Two light colored vehicles have "arrived"; one is silver-grey, and the other is another mobile white colored vehicle, presumbably for more reference color use. And between these two mobile clusters is a lone black colored sedan, seen above on the right, and through the trees. It seems as if a dark grey vehicle is moving in from the right, in keeping with the white, silver-grey, grey and black colored theme which is ubiquitous when I first go outside in public. I reckon this little vehicle "surge" that is seen in these three photos is all about introducing the fugly yellow color (hate it) from that distance (400') as the mobile yellow vehicle passed by parked white vehicles, and then parked red vehicles accompanied by a white vehicle with black and white vehicles trailing it in some kind of greyscale color calibration exercise. The perps have been big on putting bright red and bright yellow vehicles together of late, and this looks to be some arrangements in support of this vile color combination.

The perps' next move will be to put the vile red and yellows ("ketchup" and "mustard") one in front of the other, something they seem to have been doing at the airport yesterday. They had a red Mercedes in the arrivals area (inside, as a "promotion") near where I was sitting, and then put an Asian couple mysteriously loitering behind the vehicle (brown skin behind red painted vehicle), and then later, some geriatrics sat behind the red Mercedes, with their heads directly visible. The Asian couple were in their 50's, but were oddly walking around in a loop, then out, then back, and then again outside which demonstrated that they were not waiting for anyone. Just a gangstalk show, ill dressed as they were.

Yesterday, when driving my mother to do some shopping before getting to the house, the perps pulled another "breadstalking". In the parking lot, and on this light blue colored vehicle about 40', "someone" had placed a loaf of bread in a plastic bag on the hood of the vehicle, and there was no one around to suggest that it might have been an temporary expeditious measure.

Street shouting and lound mufflered vehicle noise has started up simultaneously. Before that, an annoying persistent red plasma pattern, about 3" diameter and sitting off this display by 6". the assholes put it in place twice, at more than a second long each time just to make sure that I was truly annoyed.

A near serial noise session for the last 30 minutes with plenty of ear pluggings to abate the annoying long trail-off sounds. Going by the noise, one would think there is a race-track around here, which there isn't. All to keep up the harassment games for some current perp need.

Two more siren cascades in the last five minutes, but little of the more annoying sounds.

Time to call this one done for the day. My current music fave is now She & Him, though I am not entirely convinced that they are for my continued listening. I am sure late evening music is serving other purposes, but it does provide me some relief, an escape.

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