Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coordinated Overhead Thuds

I am in a lazy mood today, all to manage the imposed boredom of my mind-keepers. And laziness is a highly governed mind-state/predilection I have come to know. All those odd moments of past decades of inexplicable torpor now make sense in the paradigm of being mind-controlled.

I was allowed out today to get a new watchband after the last one began splitting, and then onto the local supermarket with my vagrant posse of gangstalkers all around me until I got inside. Then it was the "regular" freaks ditzing in my path, and putting on incongrous acts of association and aisleway dithering and retracing their steps in front of me. I noticed that some of the stationary (parked) brown colored vehicles are a deeper brown than the light metallic tan color that is the current rage. It would seem that the perps are on increasing brown color exposure quest, aided in part by greyscale vehicles nearby, white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black colors.

The perps also planned the day such that my weekly allowed newspaper reading occured before going online which was scripted after lunch. It is rare that they don't have me go online first thing once my dental hygeine and shower is done after breakfast.

The jewellers that I went to for a new watch strap are Asian, and oddly, there were two extra Asians there behind the counter, presumably for more color sampling; brown skinned Asians in bight green and navy blue colored tops. When I got back to the apartment, a native Indian was sitting in the first floor lobby couch doing nothing but keeping his white pant covered legs apart as much as he could, as well as looking at nothing. He being browner than the Asians. Regular readers will know that the perps are utterly consumed with presenting me with brown colors of all objects, materials and beings. The more the brown combinations the better. Hence my much noisestalked breakfast of cereal, peanut butter and jam on bread, chocolate and all with coffee. All brown substances, and all of significant interest by the perps, as denoted by the managed noises that are coincident with me touching, chewing or otherwise handling these foods.

I am getting the overhead rumbling and squeaking currently and it has been timed exactly to when I touch something, or concieve or type any of the keywords of the day. When in the bathroom after breakfast, and when I touched my pink face cloth to grasp it, I got an immediate overhead thud and a coincident zapping. And of course I yelled at the assholes, which I assume aids their cause. Presently, the noisescape has arranged about 100 motorcycle noise events, and plenty of loud mufflered vehicles and buses too, much more than the bus schedule indicates. Regular readers will know that these are mostly noise-only events, and not by real world causal. The perps capability in projecting any noise to any location is incredible. At one time I could detect the difference as the projected noises always had a metallic ring to them, but they were able to address that problem in 2006 it seemed.

The siren count is much less today, less than five events, and there has been no hallway hacksawing either. I should count myself lucky. I haven't been rage-fied to the levels of the recent past either, which is odd, as normally the weekend is when they get worse. Perhaps the Memorial Day weekend in the US has drawn down the intensity level some. It used to be that weekends were automatically worse, but for now, this is not the case.

There has been an increase in light flashes on the walls and near this LCD display today, and even a "shadow flash" as I call them, where a momentary flash of darker light passes across me and the display.

Another dusk onset "beaming" where the plasma reflection (source) comes off the opposite residential tower and lights up me, this desk and apartment. For some reason they won't let me see the actual offending window as the "reflector", and I am tired of taking more photos of it. These strange reflection beams at this time of day have been photographed in one of this week's blog postings, and I am too lazy to look up the link. And I just saw a 3' x40' horizontal green plasma beam outside that flashed for about a second or so, spectacular even.

Though it is time to bring in more of the lastmost pictures for recording the orchestrated inanity around me, and here are some more.

Taken 05-19-2008, 1719h. This is the opposite house to my parents'; they don't own either of these black colored vehicles, but appear to have "visitors" who do, parking them in file, face to face. I have no idea what caused the flare in the pictures below, and it could be plain extra-conventional fuckery with direct access to my camera. The perps have modified TV shows to have more of this backlit flare as well as create it for me to see.

Beyond the above pair of black vehicles is one more black vehicle 90 degrees offset with three silver grey vehicles at differing orthogonal directions. A rare yellow vehicle is partially obscured, suggesting that the perps need some of both; full direct yellow, and yellow from behind a silver-grey vehicle, one of their favorite reference colors. I suspect a fourth silver-grey vehicle is behind (or "backing") the black vehicle that is ahead of the yellow one.

Three more vehicles in the white and silver-grey combination are on the opposite side of the street and a deep red metallic colored vehicle is buried in this cluster too. A further white or silver grey vehicle is in the distance, looking straight down the street. None of these "neighbors" normally have this many same colored vehicles, save when I am in the neighborhood.

An ongoing procession of loud muffled vehicles is still going on and is coordinated with any scratches to deal with imposed itching. I am also getting the overhead pounding noise, as if the upstairs dweller was capable of pounding the floor while walking back and forth, the floor/ceiling being 12" of reinforced concrete. Another ongoing jerkarounds have been forced smells in my nose, and the knee torquing torture. The latter is the condition where the lower leg is remotely twisted to create pain on the knee joint. I suspect the knee nerves are a deep neurological connection, and the perps leverage this to explore other nerve connections in the same brain region. That is what it seems like at any rate.

The loud mufflered vehicles can take one of two forms; the ill-maintained muffler or exhaust system, or else the "performance" muffler, aka hotrod exhaust system. So far, I estimate some 200 loud mufflered vehicles have "passed by". The quotes refer to the fact that is the apparent noise source, when in fact it is likely projected noise from a remote location. The Harley motorcycle noise is not included in that estimate; I reckon about 80 of them today. The usual proviso applies; there is no bikers bar within five miles, and there is no real expressways around to drive vehicles the speed they sound like they are doing. Just more of the noise show.

More music listening; another muse (Kate Maki) that likely fits the bill for whatever the perps are plumbing for. They like me to listen repetitively to some performers, and also like to introduce new performers on a one time basis. Other variations of this are listening to new cuts of familiar songs, even by the same artist. Even song length is of interest to them; truncated samples or a near album length series of songs. It is all planned in some way, it is just that I don't know the science behind it. Then there is the forced yawning at certain intervals of a song or album; all to expose my mouth contents at the right time it would seem.

Regular readers will know that the perps have a foot fetish; constantly seeking new juxtapositions of my foot, footwear and socks. My father, a purported dementia sufferer, is constantly playing with his feet in my proximity to aid this outrageous abuse he has consigned me to since birth. And when doing floor exercises in the gym, why, there is a whole class of us (me and the perp operatives) displaying feet in a coordinated way; upward, horizontally and in the normal standing orientation. And still the stunts go on; when coming back from gym Thursday (two days ago), and after leaving the LD store after stopping for shopping in this shopping plaza, there was a motorized wheelchair with the seat and surfaces arranged such that the owner/rider was 3' off the ground and totally horizontal, feet facing me, 6' away, as I rounded a corner at the bread shop. The dude was making out that he was sunning himself, lying immobile on his exotic motorized wheelchair; it was fucking absurd to say the least.

Now it could be that the perps are behind this news story, where human right feet are "showing up" in the waters of this region. The count is four so far, and who knows what is going down with where they came from or how they have ended up in local waters. The police don't seem too moved to investigate from what the story suggests. I often wonder if they are a mind controlled arm of the perps, even if as they are actively cooperating with them, at least in this city. There has been too many major police investigations that were slow to start, or even seemed inept. I can never figure out how this happens, and when the perps have such a surrepticious and abiding interest in human bioenergetics, which seems to be aided by incurring victim duress, I wonder if they aren't controlling the whole thing. Just a thought, but it comes from a six year history of seeing too many coincidences arranged around my circumstances.

Time to call this one done, and blog off.

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