Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Progressive Pounding in the Hallway

After a visit by the garbage truck below, its third visit in as many days, a pounding noise started up in the hallway with no apparent human causal. It then slowly lessened in the usual fashion of noise and vibration introduction. It is either a progressively greater succession of noises, or the reverse, a full-on loud noise assault and then lessening.

It turned out that the above hallway slamming noise was the delivery of yet another phone book to each apartment. This is the alternate version to the yellow pages, something that has done on for some ten years or more in this city. All those white and yellow telephone book pages are positioned for me to walk by on my laundry room runs. The perps fouled my track pants (below) to create an extra laundry trip just for them.

The above phonebooks arrived while my laundry was in the dryer, some wrapped in plastic, others not, and some "spare" plastic was also scattered in the hallway in advance of me fetching my clothes from the dryer, and then later for two more hallway trips. One extra trip was necessitated by my track pants picking up lint while being washed, and then it wouldn't come off in the dryer. These lint attacks have been going on for months now, and so far, it is a case of white lint that gets applied to dark colored clothing. So, I put the track pants back in, using up another six quarters, and then returning to my apartment to then make a Chicken Run visit to the grocery store. I ate all the sausages up yesterday, and so it was overdue to get a hot cooked chicken for lunch. The usual procedure is that I bring it back after the gangstalk gauntlet, strip off all the skin and associated fat, and then eat some of it directly off the carcass, saving having a formal meal, that being the tortilla preparation.

After the laundry hijinx, with an forced pee before going out, I expected a big gangstalking for my likely only foray outside today, but in fact, it was on the moderate side, just like the extra-conventional physicality harassment; very few crumbs, no or little imposed adversity, and as a consequence, little ranting or raging at the harassment fuckery. Most strange after two straight days of being rage-ified all day. Instead of the vagrant act outside my apartment, I got the attractive woman in a white coat with a white plastic bag walking toward me. This was very different than any exit from this building since I moved here in 05-2007. Though, that didn't take long to dissapate with the various strange dudes clustering at the intersection, wearing shades of red colored clothing. Then more freaks on my way to the supermarket, and a black dressed cute babe at the entrance doing sentry duty with her cell phone, and another two freaks exited the doorway. I was then coralled by some dithering shoppers to then have a male-female pair, seemingly unassociated, doing interference on me to slow down my progress to the hot cooked chicken counter. The dude had a deep blue coat on with white trim and then a perverse orange patch on the coat's collar, and the female was in black and doing the "look around" stunt, as if a tourist. (Wasn't dressed like one).

This time, when at the chicken counter, I was allowed to get a half free range chicken, instead of being screwed into a whole one like last time, as that was all there was "availible". I was about to set off to get chocolate, but lo, if there wasn't a gangstalking pair preceding me, so I got to the checkout to suffer extensive delays from the brown dressed brown skinned Hispanic looking dude ahead of me. Then out of there once done, paying cash with two fives (blue colored bills), only to find more gangstalkers coming at me at the exit, the 90 degree turn in front of me act, and then the swarm of about eight walking toward me, and then another dude in the parking lot anxious to make a right side pass-by. Then two ogres where arranged for me to see at the tables outside; two massive blonde haired women at differing tables, spaced 10' apart, and staring into space. They looked to be sisters, but in the world of morphovers, who knows. The Hispanic dude was also walking my route, and some other gangstalkers arrived to run interference on me getting back to the apartment, yet another male-femals pair again, both of whom turned a 90 degree corner to get ahead of me. Somehow, I never saw them coming or else I was blanked out as to what these fuckers were likely to do. Anyhow, I passed them in their deliberate same slow paced walk in file, and then suffered through the elevator games, where they were held up for no seeming reason as no one exited the one that arrived. While the wait was on, an freakish woman in white and red tones was coursing around and accessing her mail box. Once gone, I visited mine to get the mail, one piece being the brown envelope from the income tax people.

I thought the tax "problem" had been solved, and that I was to get $85 back, but no, by some mysterious process, I owe $285. That will be an afternoon or evening project to figure that one out, as it seems that the perps decided to protract this particular hassle this year, and in more complex ways. Regular readers will know that I get my income tax "re-assessed" every year now; this has become routine over the most frivolous reasons, and even when they had all the data in hand. This year, they unilaterally doubled my income, which I had "corrected", as they were asking for $2,500 or so. A re-assessment is code for rejected, and with the demand for lots more income tax payable. Then, I re-submit, and they have been content with the supplied documentation they requested. This year, the perps decided to command the income tax people to take this particular annual skirmish to two rounds. I have "won" every re-assessment since this ongoing mini-battle began in 2003. Strange that the perps don't command them to give me extra money, an error in the in my favor, but instead, only these excessive and wilful demands for more money which I then have to answer with requested documentation.

I just got zapped with a simultaneous overhead rumbling as I spotted a picture of a negro on an album cover image online. This augments the perps obsession in placing negro gangstalkers around me, though for what reason I don't know. That they are of the Unfavored doesn't explain anything, it means what my controlled and governed "reaction" is.

I went over my income tax return, and there was some major sabotage going on in that my claim for child support payments was stated on the return, and disallowed without mention by the income tax authorities. As it turns out, it may not be an allowable deduction in any event, which begs the question, how did they know to automatically apply it? There was ongoing roaring of motorcycle noise while I was sweating the details and wondering how I got screwed; either tax return sabotage or else mind-fucked into actions I would not have undertaken if allowed full access to my cognition. Anyhow, I worked the numbers, and it seems that I likely am required to pay some $285 for 2007 income tax on my disability payments. That should put me close to the limit on my line of credit, and spur me on to do some odd jobs if they can be found.

Time to blog off and contemplate the newly imposed fiscal realities the perps arranged for me.

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