Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An Early Shift Variant

The perps pulled a sleep-then-awaken-to-noise cycle some six times in the night. I was likely in a light sleep and then I would be awakened to hear their noisescape augmentations; faint talking, extra loud vehicles, "neighbor water use" on-offing, yobos calling out in the street etc. all from 2400h to 0400h thereabouts. Any countermeasures like placing my finger over my ear to block out faint human voice were met with "increased volume" that somehow continued to bypass my countermeasures. When the sickos want to apply their noise to my ears they have no concerns about penetrating hearing protection, or any other measure.

More wierd activity is happening; the perps seem to be modifying the shape and countours of my forehead, making it larger. I noticed it yesterday, and it is still persisting. Past posts have identified what I call morph-overs, or shape-shifting of the perp's operatives, many who I have known in the past, and are slightly modified enough for me to figure it out. In fact, the perps more or less introduced me to this, as I had no idea this capability existed. They gangstalked me with gradations of morph-over to known operatives, they let me in on this mother of all stealth techniques. From past swim club and forestry associations, I must know at least 40 of the assholes, never mind the newer ones that followed me from Seattle since 1999.

But it does explain the behavior of the shills/operatives masquerading as patients when they illegally jerked me into hospital for five months in 2003. The "patients" seemed to all know where I was, often getting in my path from behind corners and other gangstalk routines, and each had an act that was at times, laid on extra thick. But they didn't look like the usual young or mid-age operative types and in fact, seemed representative of a normal patient population. These were all morph-over operatives I later came to realize. No wonder my mother/perp abettor mother laughed at their apparent demographic when it came up in conversation.

And for those who missed the mention of age regression here, this also has occured to me. Yessir, I am 52 and look younger than my youngest brother aged 47. Possibly as young as 32 years old, and I aim to get some photograph scans up as I got my pictures from stored boxes two days ago when I was 47 at the time. Given that I was allowed to find them, I am suspicious as to why the perps would let me find the photos and broadcast evidence of such amazing capability. Something is bound to go wrong on this one somehow. Post photograph exposure modification has been known to happen to me, even with film.

Today's excitement is doing laundry; it used to be that I was gangstalked by the cleaners and cleaning trolly (brown plastic composition), then other apartment "dwellers", and various other stunts. But they have stopped that, and seem content to keep the place appearing to be devoid of any human habitation. True to form, the perps keep jerking the iron in its backet, threatening to dump it on the floor again to create an extreme rage show. They did this to my last iron and trashed it.

More maser and plasma activity; the perps seem to be laying it on extra today for some reason. Last night was worse, so they appear to build it up over the day.

And a disruptive jerkaround; my last package of brown tortillas "suddenly" got moldy in the fridge, all of them. And that necessitated a whole package throwout, one of those situations they are fond of. Hence, the entire mealtime preparation had to be aborted and a simpler substitute meal was made up. And more color assay possibilities as there were fewer food items I ate for lunch. No doubt they will be out in force for a shopping visit.

True enough, the perps had me lined up again for an major post-abrreviated lunch gangstalk to and in the grocery store and back. First the "plastic bag people", toting white shopping bags, black garbage bags with the street shouter act, then the lead-me cell phoner act (black pants and electic blue shirt), then confine me in at the entryway and force the selection of a shopping basket with a gimped handle, then block three aisles to force me down one that is unblocked, and on and on, which included a planned "forget" on acquiring blueberries. More plastic bag games at the checkout; one shill bringing one in to "reuse" and a returnee to ask for a bag to put her water containers in which came with a handle in the first place (didn't need a bag). As it turned out, all my grocery items were brown colored variants, hence the perps control what I buy and what color and type of packaging it is, everytime I go grocery shopping. Totally beserk.

And I could pick out a few of my morph-over former friends, now utter scum as I see them now, as they decended on me for gangstalking my inbound (return) trip. Just to type this paragraph up took multiple logins for the motorcycle noise that went on. (Explained; I don't wear my ear muffs when typing as the perps increase the noise to puch through them. But four of four times when I logged in without earmuffs on the perps put on screaming motorcycle noise. This is absolutely maddening.)

Anyhow, enough for a post; another shit day of enforced dulldom.

----blog to blog communication---
JM sounds like some rough days are being meted out on you for no reason whatsoever. My sympathies, as I have had total provocation days where they keep up intense rage reaction (mind-conttrolled in fact) all day long. A totally ugly scene, and I hope that your domicle situation is stable enough that you don't get evicted (my current perp created challenge).


James F. Marino said...

John as you well know, the perps
create these situations to drive you mad. They enjoy torturing people and they excel at it.

A few minutes back a little chippie perhaps 16 or so was sent up with a white Jeep cruising along side her as she rotated her arms in a fashion that I sometimes do at night. This is to allow me to know that I am being watched within my home and quite possibly not just by the NSA but by the people at 23 Wenwood Dr., which from the 24 hour activity there,
appears to be a some type of FBI/perp undercover facility.

The real issue here is that when these federal fuckers decide to wage a we don't like you so you are going to pay for it vendetta as they have with me, every second of your life is now being judged,
as your Constitutional rights get tossed down the old crapper.

Be careful of hugging someone, taking their hand, even how you look at them, lest the feds will write you up for it.

You can't exercise your rights as an American citizen because they will spy on everything you do,
in the complete absence of Due Process.

The mere fact that they have NO RIGHT to be spying on you in your own home seems to fall on deaf ears.

Do these fuckers mention my being bedridden on and off for nearly a decade, or using their directed energy weapons to zap my heart muscle while I was critically ill with chronic Lyme disease? Of course not. It doesn't serve their purpose anymore than allowing me to have a normal conversation with another TI or more importantly my own family would.

It's called Isolation, a very effective means of attacking one's

When you have the feds holding a gun to the heads of the people you care about we are no longer talking about the law -- we are talking about organized crime -- coercion. and that is EXACTLY what this federal trash heap has perped on us.

Feel free to keep posting in regard to me if you like, I will use them as lessons to other TI's of what to look out for and of prime examples of how other TIs can be used wittingly or unwittingly
in the perps attacks on still other TI's.

The lesson here is supposed to be one of futility and that may well be the case for most people.

For myself it is a truimph of overcoming ridiculous odds that I was never supposed to. Yet I have,
and emerged all the better for it,
and aware of truisms that most Americans are not.

And that must certainly stick in the craws of ever perp I have had to deal with federal or otherwise.

Such is the life of a TI and the absolute shit that we must endure daily.


James F. Marino said...

John I found this same post on
Janis' blog and thought it was meant for me.. so who knows for certain?? Janis has been used as a regular provocateur against me for the past year and a half.
However, I feel so badly for what she is being put through that I still try to support her whenever I can.

I just ignore the triggers she includes in her e-mails now.. No one should be subjected to what she is going through -- to what any of us are going through..

I have read so many articles on the phenomenon of gangstalking and
even re-read some just to learn more about these crimes. I just this minute finished David Larson's
abbreviated version of Terrorist Stalking in America.

These are networks of criminals who coopt everyone out of fear.
I am getting a tapping on my ceiling as I write this to you.

The real issue is the criminals have overrun our society and that means keeping our individuality,
exposing them, and if necessary fighting to the death to defend ourselves. We aren't the first ones to have to do it and we won't be the last.

I sense you are more restrained then I when it comes to confronting these perps. After years of being tortured by chronic Lyme disease -- a nightmare of a biological weapon -- just ask anyone who has spent years and most of their money attempting to heal from it -- and the past three
(three of the most miserable years
I might add imaginable) I no longer have any patience for this shit.

I will not hit anyone unless it is in self defense, but as I stated in a recent blog I am more then ready to pound the shit out of anyone who threatens me or my family. I do not say this out of bravado -- I say it out of indignance and fact.

And these stalkers know that I am not some typical frightened TI who
will back down at a confrontation.
They know I will fight -- but they also know that I will not get sucked into their game.

As the saying goes the juice has to be worth the squeeze otherwise why bother??

As for the FBI Vehicle Surveillance article on Janis' Website it is good read because our stalkers employ the same Gestapo type precision and psywarefare against us.

Don't hate you enemy because it clouds your judgement. Get close enough to them to understand how they think -- then you know all their tricks -- it makes it much tougher for them to get to you.

We are dealing with lunatics who
love the ultimate mind fuck.

But when you get them to mind fuck themselves, you have sent a message that you are no longer
playing their game and that the rules have now changed.

And to get to you they are not going to be able to cower in the shadows any longer or hide behind someone else.

They are going to have to get up real close to you and that means
risking injury to themselves.

And cowards never risk injury to themselves -- that is why they are cowards -- that is why they join gangstalking groups.

And you know what?? In the final
chapter if they have any conscience left at all they are going to see themselves for the completely worthless scum that they are.

I will answer your blog to blog
on my next blog.

Keep up the good fight against these obscenities of humanity.

Write to expose them and to prevent these cancers on humanity
from destroying your psyche.

You are obviously a strong enough willed person, and have managed to last all these years when many others would have cashed it in, so I know that you have the ability as do I and a number of others, to outwit, and expose this trashbin
of inhumanity for what it is.


AJH said...

A lot to respond to; this isn't in any specific order.

I wouldn't call myself restrained as I was evicted for too much yelling at the assholes for fucking with fundamental abilities to control my fingers, what I say and what I look at. (This was in 07-2006, I moved in 09-2006)

Mind you, it was all a big stunt to confine me to smaller quarters and thereby get more energetics measurments from me, my interpretation as to what they are doing. The joke was that they emptied a 140 unit apartment block and there were no neighbors to complain!

And their Number one harassment act is to piss me off to extreme levels, which incurrs more activity of deeper neural structures, the locations they wish to assay.

But I do know what you mean; I avoid touches, hugs handshaking and the "accidentally on purpose" blundering into me as much as possible. And they like to ask for money, usually in the form of coins.

And yes, these assholes are depraved as they come, and more stunning, is that they are organized around this characteristic so to apply more of it and more consistently. Every second of their "work" is centered on a criminal act.