Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Public Gangstalking Family

1000h Today I join the fossils, aka so-called parents, to drive some 20 km to Sooke to tour a woodwork show. Every now and again the perps have the three of us go totally public in being gangstalked. The last time a similar event was July, some kind of ethnic days, and we took home brown food, baklava to eat at their place. And from what I can tell, this will be another brown show. There is the wood objects of course, and there will be plenty of brown and deep red colored vehicles in this sick-minded free for all. One TI/perp helper (it seemed) whom I spoke to on the phone, asked me why I consort with the two assholes that foolishly sold me into this nightmare at birth, and even got screwed over royally in my father's case, and my reply was that I was mind-controlled into aquiescing. If left to my own judgement, I wouldn't have anything to do with these sickos who stepped way out of their league and signed up for this First Feral Family Fuckover (as I see it).

I already got plenty gangstalked by the assholes (perps) when I went to the grocery store earlier today, and I am not looking forward to the event out of town. But the fossils do like me to drive (legitimately) as my father cannot, and my mother has never been driving savvy. Both my parents have been long time tenuous drivers, not having grown up with this freedom in their native Britain. It is something their benefactors could of fixed decades ago via their sorceric methods, but didn't help any. In my mother's case, she has been brighter and more capable over the last four years than before, and she has not taken any medication (or other action) to account for this cognitive awareness boost she exhibits. Meanwhile, it seems that my father has slipped into age-related senility, though he is a dutiful gangstalker whenever I am about.

Enough of them. And still no place to move to yet, and I am still totally dociled about this, and not getting fussed about it, which is totally unlike me in any respect.

2015h A day pass in effect. I drove the fossils to Sooke to an art show on a fabulous piece of waterfront property with a view of the Olympic Mountains of Washington State, and watched, if not prodded along, by the gangstalking action that was set up for me. There were plenty of reds, burgundies and pink tops or shirts, then onto lime greens and dull yellows. And the limitations of egress were the terrain, as there were buildings and rocks and none of the usual city conditions of sidewalks and streets of the current majority of gangstalking activity. The ambulatory gangstalkers keep attempting to pass me on my right side (as if left hand drive), opposite of the usual pedestrian habits. Now that I am very obviously vibrating (or color pulsating) in some energetic way, I am sure no one could miss me there, as I must seem like a lighthouse to those whose vision hasn't been buggered by these irradiations.

I picked out one possible former friend morphover, but that was it. For all I know that could of been some 100 people who each knew me well, but were morphed enough that I couldn't recognize them. Anytime I can detect a morphover is a "gimee", or bait, for my recognition skills to be usurped my the perps. And there were plenty of red and burgundy vehicle colors on the route, but a very slow introduction of red; some 20 km had elapsed before they had introduced three red vehicles in file on my tail. Then a line of parked vehicles on the side of the road in the same color configurations which we walked beside as there wasn't a sidewalk out there. There were quite a few silver-grey vehicles, my former vehicle's color, as well as the seeming calibration colors of black, white or grey. the usual few dumb-shit parking attempts and/ 180 degree turns in mid-road ahead of me. Naturally I couldn't do any evasion type driving with the fossils on board and it is their vehicle afterall.

With the 8 miles of 4 lane highway driving, the rest city or two lane roads, I would estimate the vehicular gangstalk numbers to be 1500 to 1800 vehicles, round trip. The perps kept the traffic as busy as they could but still maintain >50mph average speeds on the highway portions. The usual formations of dark colored vehicles, then lighter colored ones, with red vehicles often embedded in the center of the pack. Absurdeum as nauseum yet again.

From the perp's perspective, I would surmise today was an important event, as they don't get the three of us out in extended traffic conditions very often. For me, it was just another ludicrous round of gutless banality; why won't the perps seek cooperation? That is, pay me (plenty), instead of the scum that they plant around me in the enormous quantities in their elaborate plans every minute I am out in public.

Then later, at their place in the garden when having tea and scones, my father who is supposed to have dementia, went over to a nearby landscape bush and crushed dead leaves of the plant to contribute crackling noise for the perp's noise assaults. He had no cover story to do this, and dementia patients rarely, if ever, think of some unusual and odd thing to do for no purpose. As I have written, he makes obvious gangstalking ploys all the time, and does a good job for someone with dementia. Nothing ever adds up with the fossils and their behavior changes over the past four years, especially in consideration of any "discussions" (elicitations really) of what the harassment facts are. And today, with 10 days to go, did they ask about my moving and relocation efforts (such as they are)? Not a bit of it; totally wierd. But my mother knew enough to offer the newspaper to me to take home.

And when driving back to this cellblock, a Sunday evening, there was about ten times the normal traffic out. The same deal; silver-grey vehicles, then building up to red vehicles about me by way of black, white and grey and the odd navy blue colored vehicle. When I pull in to the curb to allow my mother to drive back, what happens? Some dude does a mid-street (no curb pullover is good enough for him) stop to let out a woman passenger who then gangstalks behind me into the cellblock. Not wishing to make company, or being mind-controlled more like, I take the stairs at the building's east end to the fourth floor where my apartment is. And as I was going up the last flight of stairs, who pops out into the stairwell, but this woman again, this time going down the stairs. It is at least the second time some asshole gangstalker has pulled this stunt where one of us takes the elevator and the other the stairs and we "cross over" again on the third or fourth floor. What is going on, and why are they getting so blatant about it?

Enough for a post, getting out of here, even if gangstalked, is a relief from doing squat.

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