Saturday, August 19, 2006

Remotely Invoked Dithering and Zombie-ification

This is the second attempt to write this blog posting; I got the "sudden browser shutdown" and lost what was typed.

The perps were up to laundry capers again; both the nearest washing machines were "busy" at 0900h and so off to the 9th floor to get it done. And then they delayed the washing machine cycle by 6 minutes so an extra trip to the laundry room was made just for the pleasure of jerking me around it seems.

Nothing too scintillating otherwise for today's activity; extra conventional physical forces provocations and consequent ranting at the perp's extreme juvenility as suggested by these pranks is the new "normal". There has been a resumption of chocolate melting games. This time the (planted) chocolate crumbs landed on the back of my left index finger and when I attempted to remove it, they flattened the crumbs out for more skin contact. All their previous chocolate crumb melting and smearing activity had been on my finger tips, so it seems they are working it all over, for whatever difference that makes to them. Just like yesterday's news item where a chocolate factory worker fell in a vat and couldn't get out for two hours, why don't the perps come clean and pay me for that? What is the big objective they are after and why does it mean they continue this outrage of psychopathic "pretend" all the time?

And still no place to move to yet, and a resumption of the perps dociling me about it, as if in an altered state and possibly ready to be blindsided by them. What else should I expect? After yesterday's blatant set up and jerkaround, they made sure I was truly pissed by it so to not be keen in resuming my efforts. Rest assured, they always have a plan and I am the last to know.

There is more evidence to suggest that they can mind control me all the more and not even know about it. When pouring the milk into the cereal bowl this morning, I (in the mind-controlled sense) did not realize what I was doing until partway through this activity. In other words, they zombie-ed me via their remote mind-control technologies and then brought me back in mid task. I am still pissed at that, because it means they can mind control me to do anything at all, and I wouldn't be the wiser unless they decided to let me in on it. Frightening to say the least.

In another example of above mind-control, they had me "forget" to put on my glasses and I didn't realize it until well into the task that they were not on. And that too, could of been managed by the perps.

My "coincidence meter" abilities have also been broached and are controllable by the perps I came to learn yesterday. This had been one of my prime perp activity detection methods; to observe irregular events with what else was going on; e.g. the application of noise when I handle the olive oil for example, the association of the perp's pranks with visual or written words about war, death and destruction etc. Yesterday's stand-there gangstalker dressed in the same colors as the 5 tonne truck he was beside "wasn't noticed" until many hour later upon reflection (or more likely, planted thoughts and images by the perps). This represents a serious blow to figuring out what they are doing and why as I conduct myself in all matters that I deal with. Now this can be selectively dithered by the perps to their extreme advantage. And by extension, everyone else, though it would likely be back tested upon current TI's first until they smoothed out all the jerkaround routines with it.

All the time of noticing excessive numbers of red colored vehicles, swarms of gangstalkers, various odd behaviors by bums on the street (disappearing) etc. can now be controlled so one does not "notice". It is very fightening to me, as I know exactly what these assholes are up to and a major piece of my small remaining defenses has been broached for all time.

That is about all for today's blog posting; the perps ability to make me misspell words and not correct my errors is getting extremely annoying. Three or more attempts to spell a word I could manage handily in grade one. As usual, the spell checker isn't working in this configuration, so what you see it what I managed to find out through either detection that they don't yet control, or errors the perps created and let me in on.

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