Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to Reality

1000h A four block walk to the downtown ATM, and it was color coordinated gangstalking all the way, both vehicular and ambulatory. The (parked) red vehicles thing again, how about four in file at the meters, a break and another three in the same block and side of the street as I was. The "plastic bagmen" (or women) were on me as soon as I set off, as a newly opened recycling depot opened up as the cover story for that one. And too, 20 - 40 shopping carts outside as well, another gangstalker favorite for all the metal surfaces I would guess. And the glass bottle crashing noise is heard through the windows of the apartment even. And to make sure I wasn't out of earshot of that noise, a curbside recycling truck was making the same noise at my destination. I suspect that the vibrations of the banging glass also provide some analysis information for the perps. They once hounded me relentlessly in a liquor store where my brother was in on the gangstalking too. Later, another round in the same circumstances with my mother as the "reference" gangstalker. Also, having kids pound on the store's windows as I enter is another gangstalk stunt. Smashing glass near me, or better yet for them, having me smash it is another perp stunt/energetics assay method.

The perps put on a police "light show", the term I use to describe their flashing lights usually a faux emergency event, sometimes without any other contributing vehicles. Another police vehicle came to turn a corner in front of me waiting at the light. Having these assholes on show is another "priveledge" in being gangstalked.

Another intended destination to acquire packing supplies was closed, oddly, but they appear to be doing renovations. All too often, the set up (e.g. intent to go to a specific location, acquire something etc.) and the letdown, even if it is inconsequential. I wonder what the perps get out of that as they have been working on this stunt all the time in the past four years of overt harassment and surveillance.

The perps pulled another mandatory nap on me after lunch, with the usual recovery time. And they are making sure there is precious little relief from boredom; they won't let me read a book for > 10 minutes, and online reading gets sabotaged too. And should I not have ready internet access at the next residence, then what? I try not to think too far ahead even if it is allowed. The perps like me to be clueless about my next move, plans etc. Hence the ADD & LD (Learning Disabilities) cover story all those decades.

2200h The day is winding down; I devoted some four hours in the Firefox Bookmark Manager to clean it up of frames type bookmarks which are nonspecific and not a whole lot of good for ready or programmatic retrieval. All that select/cut/paste time which the perps love me to do, and at their very favorite research time, dusk. They couldn't of had it any better. And plenty of masers in the line of vision or emanating from the LCD display itself.

It has been like this since they began their overt operations, their interest in the word "the" is one. For bookmarking film titles from IMDB, "I" (though mind controlled), select the definite or indefinite article (e.g. A or The), cut it from the title, and place it at the end with a preceding comma and space, much like libraries do in their cataloging. To make a long story short, I have an incredible number of film titles, more than I could view in a lifetime, and this is all about the perp's fixation with having me select/cut/paste this same grammatic construct again and again. This method has been applied to all my bookmarks, so the perps have a huge number of occurrences, some 30,000 or more I reckon. Not all are bookmarks, but in searching, the same or in reverse is also performed. I asked the Mind Control/Covert Harassment Forum group if anyone else had experienced this form of sabotage/surveillance, and as far as I know, I am the only one.

More food flicking by the perps today; their fixation with guacamole drove them to flick a knob of it 8" laterally onto the counter instead of the fry pan immediately underneath the container. And more noisestalking each time I poured the olive oil into the fry pan. And some olive oil splats "appeared" on the kitchen floor as well. It is worse than having infants, as they soon grow up, whereas the perps appear to regress.

The perps have pulled a few near rage level stunts/mind-controlled reaction today. In other words, the month of "good behavior" I was granted is now being violated. More ugly mood days ahead I suspect.

Anyhow; I had some more pointed remarks to make of today's perp harassment, but I sense that they have purged them from recall which they can do readily. When this overt harassment began in 05-2002 all I knew was that it was harassment, and was totally unaware of the mind control quest behind it. At the time, I always wondered how it was when seeing the doctor that "I" would "forget" some of the most compelling nonclinical examples to convey to the doctor. In other words, I wasn't allowed to defend myself adequately. Now I know why.

Tomorrow is a big day; I see the housing people and find out where I can live on $985/month, my so-called disability payments.

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