Thursday, August 03, 2006

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A clipping from a TI blog posting; and surely not a coincidence in the very city where I am gangstalked up the asshole. Ten thousand or more in this sick place could of written this, so why is it posted for me to find and read?

Spy & CounterSpy and Spy school for the rest of us and How To Make People Say Yes!...[link]
Lee Adams Seminars is a division of Here's-how, Right-now! Seminars Inc.
OFFICE: 3273 Tennyson Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
MAIL: PO Box 8026, Victoria BC, CANADA V8W 3R7.
TELEPHONE: (250) 475-1450
And a tussle with the perp running my computer to get the normal formatting back, all the while someone was pounding doors in the hallway.

All in a day of in-public gangstalking; a 15 minute walk downtown to the ATM then on the bus toget my haircut, then a bus trip back. The usual gangstalking density (very high); even passing vehicle formations by me again, just like old times. As an example, some 15 vehicles turned from either S. or N. directions and proceeded E. past me on Fort St. where I was waiting at the bus stop. These were in two sucessinve formations, and all were black, white or silver grey colored. That was the most obvious ones, but plenty of red and dark red also. Navy blue was significant on both the vehicular and ambulatory gangstalkers. Then it was navy blue and light brown (tan) color. And why were so many people (~30) were leaving downtown at 1000h on the bus?

And musical seat games on the bus again; Asians and East Indians partaking of the brown skin cake walk charade, with Monday's Caucasian male bum act bus traveller with me at the back again today. I will save the details, as it gets so dull unless someone lets me know otherwise. I also got three independent starings this morning; no apparent cause, me doing nothing but "happening" to look their way before they turned to look at me, all were women. No argumentative acts broke out, as happened at one staring some time ago, and I didn't start it either. Another "fellow traveller"; an Asian woman in a blue suit got on with me and then sat near me, then got off at the same stop as I did, with an Asian boy who made it his business to cross my path. In three of three return trips this week, there has been at least one "fellow traveller" (on and off at the same stops as I do). Putting dyed red haired women gangtalkers near me was another commonality when on the buses today.

A take on two significantpast jerkarounds; preventing me from getting exercise running or swimming. I like to workout at least once per day, and with all the time in the world to do so, the perps ensure that I am not allowed. The hiking ended in June with the end of my vehicle ownership. In 2004 the perps were gangstalking swimming at noon bigtime, but I didn't care that much, as swimming was the priority. There were the usual feints; running into me, standing about in long poolside debates, swimming up my asshole nearly, but I could figure them out easily enough. Then one time they created some kind of panic sensation which caused me to stop and end my session early. And what happened? Why eight of the male gangstalkers were walking in tight file, in a coordinated left-right soldier's type of march, exiting the men's change room when I was headed in there. I didn't know it at the time, but that was my last swim session as I have never "felt motivated" to go back. That spells mind control writ large.

The take-out of my running was quite different; they gradually increased the dithering of my running to cause me to be exhausted in one block or so, and it was pointless to carry on. So it would seem that while exercise was once encouraged, they took this away from me. And I suspect that exercise causes one to dissapate the irradiated energy, and that they can't handle it seems. While hiking was permitted until 06-2006, any time I came back, there began punishing irradiations in the eyes for the rest of the day, coming from the LCD display. Needless to say, I am truly pissed to be constrained like this, by an agency that has no permission and no authority to do so. This also creates the situation where I have nothing much to do; another state they like to keep me in, this one going back decades. (Mentioned in an earlier blog).

The masers and plasma activity was in place at the hair stylists, as it is here. After some 10 minutes on the bus they can set them up there too. Some four "floaters" (optometrist term) or zingers are simutaneously on duty in my vision field. These are grey fuzzy objects that they won't let me focus on, and often travel in pairs, usually on a up and down beat, but often at an oblique angle when they first arrive.

And why is it that the perps must go harassment crazy when I am paying my bills? It is every time I do this, online or by mail. In the case of the latter they cause envelopes contents to hang up and not besmoothly placed inside. Any of these vexations and they make me rage away. And no less, they have stopped me from paying my bills online in some cases. More examples of unwanted intrusion in my life.

Enough of the noise assaults and vision impairments for the day; it is a post

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