Thursday, August 17, 2006

Into Storage

I arranged the storage locker today, and it so happened it was the last one at that location, but nothing can believed from any perp source. It is close by, and will be likely on the tight side. By month's end I will have my belongings over two locations at least; my brother's and the storage locker. This is looking to be a duplicate of the 2003 situation where I had to arrange storage in Seattle when I was in Victoria.

I got a white 245 Volvo gangstalk first off, one parked, then 2 minutes later, one passing me by one block away, headed in the same direction. This city has a lot of Volvos, but rarely do I see two identical models and colors in such a short time span. Not a big deal.

The storage arrangements seemed to have the dark hand of the perps upon it; it was managed by an East Indian with whom I have no problem with, though for the perps it was a brown skin gangstalk situation that they so assiduously covet and create. There were the usual extra back and forth trips along the hallway where I was mind-controlled in looking for his office at the wrong end of the building and for some reason "I" (in the mind-controlled sense) didn't go back in the appropriate direction. Also an interuption to separate him from me for a minute or so "happened" per gangstalker arrival (a blonde woman, the benchmark calibration gangstalker, IMHO).

At at one point, the perps organized/mind-controlled a minor situation where he turned back momentarily as "my" hand was in motion to attend to my briefcase, and in doing so, my finger grazed his arm with no scratches or adverse outcome. Another one of those "just happened" inadvertent touch events to join the myriad of others. One of my brothers is married to an fine East Indian woman, the other has an on-off relationship with a Native Indian women. One could surmise that the perps seem to be keeping up the "brown pressure" on the family as surrogates for myself, though no one but me has suggested that. But I was the one who was warped with the perp's irradiations in all my developmental years, so how can they be precise surrogates? In the perp world, with full family consensual participation, me excepted, close enough is good enough it seems.

In the adjacent parking lot the perps arranged a 5 tonne delivery truck and some activity at the rear of the building. It had a white box, some 15' to 18' and a soft green cab. When I had another look at the truck in the course of the storage locker arrangements, the perps put on a gangstalker standing at the rear of the box with white hair and the same soft green colored sweater. Fucking absurd, coordinating gangstalking truck and operatives in the same color.

The perps have an obsession about putting on white haired gangstalkers proximate to me, and it may relate to their past depredations during my developmental years when my grandmother visited when I was about 4 years old. She had white hair and wasn't the most pleasant individual and I may have taken an visceral loathing for that color of hair on anyone since then. The irradiations may have caused improper neural development over the sight of white hair. I say, leave me alone, I am fine as it is, and don't care enough to be fixed by anyone in all their juvenility and pranks. Of course I have no say in the matter.

And true to form, my checkbook "happened" to be depleted of new checks and I had to pay cash, which necessitates another trip there to give him post-dated checks (no debit card pre-arrangements there). It is a very common perp stunt to "arrange" repeat visits, often the next day. Nor was I permitted to examine how many bank checks I had before I set off, though "somehow" I remembered to take a lock there. And I thought it interesting that the manager didn't scrutinize the cash I gave him, but gave me a reciept for it all the same. Fucking absurd are the levels to which the perps will go to govern my existence (it is not a life).

I stopped at the grocery store on the way back, and the perps were ready for me bigtime; a swarm at the entrance and then at the stack of shopping hand baskets, and later repeat male gangstalkers in bright blue doing their assigned head rotations and getting in the way of me getting out. This was the fruit section where I bought blueberries, which also turned into a much bigger gangstalk event than I expected. Then I bought chocolate (think brown food) and when I got to the checkout I was arranged in a "brown sandwich" (brown dressed gangstalkers either side). The brown-sweatered man ahead was in those infernal Medichairs (deep metallic red color), and the woman behind me had a tight brown top. He was buying some kind of cooking oil, a perp theme for me.

As usual, the waddling male gangstalkers were on the street when I finished at the checkout and set off to return to my apartment. One was wearing brown with a brown toque (on a summer's day no less), and then stopped and pulled the faux tourist stunt and took out his map after leading ahead of me for 60' of sidewalk. All these "cool dudes" wandering about on weekdays with no apparent source of income. The number of pedestrian stop/start events around me has increased considerably around me of late; at least one per outing, no matter how brief.

There does seem to be a preference for the perps to plant female gangstalkers around me at first, then males, even if these working age men look absurd (in quantity) shopping on a weekday. And too, the males seem to start with blue colored clothing after an initial round of black and white (not technically colors). And it so happens that blue is one of my favored colors, so that may have something to do with it. Only minutes earlier a portly jaywalking elderly (and almost didn't make it) gangstalker had on an aqua blue shirt and light brown shorts.

And size of a gangstalker is important as well; I get quite a few lard-butts on the job, and one of their two "girlfriend" plants of 2000 to 2002 was oversized. Another common feature of the male gangstalkers is baldness, no hair at all, only a bright reflective scalp. These go under my vernacular of "skinheads", and there are quite a number of them in this city. I wonder what the perps pay for this hairstyle on top of gangstalk duties.

The perps have taken up a new harassment method of late; turning on Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have never had this complaint and it has erupted in the past six months. It is now an everytime event as a prelude to taking a crap. Usually they put it on for the day until I have unloaded, but sometimes it is over two days. And it is highly annoying having this sensation of needing to go but not quite. I had no idea as to what this condition was like until my perp invoked situation. And as an auditory and vibratory prelude as well, the perps put on some rhythmic pounding noise/vibration overhead with a simutaneous musical droning. As always, they know more about what is coming than I do. New conditions for the depraved perp's quest, whatever it is.

Another new harassment annoyance is the "dead leg" syndrome. Now that the perps can manipulate perceptions directly, they cause me to "think" that at least one of my legs "isn't there" because of the lack of sensation brought upon by the perp's sorceric methods. Beyond that circular description, I cannot explain. But it is highly annoying but can only be effected when I am sitting or lying down (not using the leg).

The irradiations are causing my eyes to blink substantially and will likely be very red tonight. Enough for a post.

Blogger to blogger Communication
To James Marino; blog of 08-17-2006
Thank you for your supportive thoughts about being jerked around over where I am to live. Your later thesis suggests that we are resisting and not driven nuts by the perps' venality. They have in the past (2000) reduced me to a near suicide state and given their progress they have made on mind-controlling me since they went overt on 05-2002, I am quite sure they could reduce me (or anyone) to a babbling and drooling care case for the rest of my life if they chose. There is enough replicability to what they are doing to be nonconsensual experimentation, and much of this gangstalk activity is consistent enough to see their intent; e.g. in my case, blonde women gangstalkers then color stalking leading through a progression. And no, I am not excusing them in any way.

I will maintain, like you, their actions are sadistic and depraved. Any of their operatives, shills or other cohorts are despicable and utter trash in participating in this venal exercise that renders us into virtual captives in a so-called free country guaranteed by a Constitution (or like- Canadian Bill of Rights). I have a notion that even Pres. Bush could not get us out of this infernal purgatory, that is how powerful these interests are.

As for the Lyme Disease, it is very unfortuneate indeed and could be perp invoked (with a cover story likely). This won't cheer you up any, but there is a good chance that the perps know how to cure the disease if Tom Bearden and his biological energetics theories are correct. And in my experience I think he is fundamentally correct. There were often suffering individuals posted around me, or my surrogate spouse, in pre-overt days; macular degeneration, HIV, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette's, Multiple Schlerosis etc.

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