Friday, August 11, 2006

Vision Attacks & a Trigger Concept Example

As I write this I am under highly annoying vision impairment of various kinds which should be itemized by kind for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the Targetted Individual (TI) so-called life. They are:

  • floaters, zingers but technically masers of some kind that travel together with an additional veil like verticals,
  • ghosting by way of plasmic replication of seen objects including parts of myself,
  • plasmic beams of no relation to seen objects,
  • generalized transitory degradation; an overall blurriness, one or both eyes, often with simutaneous noise, head turn or Windows web page change or combinations thereof,
  • "trailing hairs"; hair like visual perturbations placed in the same location of one's peripherial vision, no matter how short one's hair is or other ameliorative measures such as sweeping hair out of the way,
  • white light sources flickering or strobing in peripherial vision,
  • point sources of light, usually blue-ish white, which I take to be a axial view of a maser, which are normally grey when seen from oblique angles,
  • full vision strobing of color plasma, usually red, sometimes under the cover of blinking one's eyes, other times a blatant and debilitating strobe for some five seconds or so.

For whatever reason, I don't feel that I am myself today; a stoned-like wierdness has usurped my sense of normality. Perhaps I am being totally "run" today, instead of partially. Certainly the lassitude over getting a new place is an example of totally uncharacteristic behavior. Call it enforced docility.

Anyhow, I finally did make contact with a moving company as to booking a "mystery move"; as in I don't know where to, but possibly storage. The perps have put me through at least 30 lifetime moves, and always like it when I throw things out in the process. And I noticed, with guiding mind-control as part of the event. As an example, they had me throw out an unfinished woodwork project when I could of stashed it in my parent's crawl space with the rest of my rare woods. As it was of rare-ish Pacific Yew with enough supply to make two end tables. I am still pissed with this venal intervention of three years ago. I was never allowed to get the design complete in the 15 years the project was begun. Only the table tops were glued up, and they looked real sharp with sapwood edged creamy white wane with the red brown heartwood.

A Trigger Word/Concept Example

I am sure I am serving the perp's trigger word objectives in discussing this very issue, but I am attempting to give an example of the exhaustive trivia that is put upon a TI over these perp's "obsessions", fetishes or whatever one wishes to call it. I t would be more likened to a trigger concept than a word. The trigger concept is "copper", as in the metal, and its characteristic color. I have no idea as to why, and have no more experience with this metal than the average person save the odd rewiring job in the days when I was allowed to own a house. (I have copper or copper plated cupboard and drawer pulls in the kitchen of this apartment.)

For two months earlier this year the perps had me conceptually design the ideal fast PC from components that could be sourced from PC suppliers. This was to be a fast and quiet machine, and as part of it, it was to have CPU cooling. The current CPU cooler designs are largely configured around heat fins and heat pipes, often in aluminum or you guessed it, copper. Some are a combination of both metals. The PC esearch was exhaustive, but invariably there was a new CPU cooler design on the market every week that deserved an examination as it offered to meet the often divergent criteria of quiet and efficient.

I thought the exercise was a time waster as I did not have the money to proceed with a PC build, and furthermore, it would require paying someone to do it. (I cannot make or build anything of substance as it will be surely sabotaged, especially something new). Then somewhere in all of that there was a mention in another context of the word "copper" (as in copper beech tree) by someone in the family (of perp abettors), and then it finally dawned on me, this was all about a "trigger concept" exercise, this PC building activity.

Once I figured that out (or was led to it), the activity over this trigger concept diminished, but very now and again, it comes up in the "news" (as it is fed to me), and does even currently; e.g. copper miners strike in Chile, using copper surfaces for hygeine in Africa (wierd to say the least), and so it goes. As inconsequential as this seems, this is one of hundreds of trigger concepts or themes that the perps keep playing in their victim's lives, or through their thoughts mostly. It is simply exhausting to be dealing with their garbage as well as attempting to fend off or parry their venal intrusions. Most times I don't really care about these trigger concepts as there are so many and cover all aspects of one's life. Rarely do the perps blatantly mention a trigger word/concept directly, with the exception of the last two visits to the housing office where the same headcase/yapper "happened" to mention one, each per two visits.

1700h I am getting the sleep-while-in-my-chair-in-front-of-the-PC attacks again, and I surmise that this might have something to do with reduced cognitive and visual function while being monitored for other activities that the perps are exploring. Earlier there was a combination of exercise bike-like pounding overhead with accompanying loud music. This racket went on for at least 40 minutes post tea and chocolate, and I assume it had to do with attempting to determine all the energetics of digestion. The perp's interest in my digestion has been there from the get-go when all I knew was harassment. For over a year I could not understand why they were so fanatical about this until they revealed their mind-control objectives. Four years later the mystery remains as to what else they are after and why cannot they come clean and buy a cooperative subject instead of everyone else, e.g. doctors, hospitals, employers etc.

Enough for a post, the noise asault is on high, as is keystroke dithering.


James F. Marino said...

Now today I am to post...

The following is an excellent
(the best one I have seen in fact)
link to the terrorist attack against TWA Flight 800.

On an aside, I have just received a letter from my long time Lyme treating physician Dr. Joseph Burascano, that he intends to sell his practice (once a veritable gold mine) within the next few months.

This doctor was used by the perps
to falsify documentation in regard to my treatment. He presented me with bogus lab work from Igenex Labs in Palo Alto California that listed fake titer numbers while claiming that they showed that I had a new Lyme disease infection.

Burascano wanted to treat me for it, which was additional fraud on top of what he had already done.

Making matter worse, I was charged $1000 for these tests which were obviously false.

I had these false documents on my desk, as evidence of such. They have since disappeared.

As for this doctor, he was a good physician who helped many Lyme patients including myself. It is my contention that as in the case with my family he was coerced by the FEDS into taking part in what is most certainly a very large and complex conspiracy.

One would have to wonder that if this doctor's practice was not hurting, he could have easily sold it for big money, and stayed on as a paid consultant. Instead we are to believe that he is just closing it down to pursue other interests?

Very strange indeed. It is more likely that he has lost business as a result of the FEDS harassing him and intimidating his patients to go elsewhere.

He has also been a bane to the mainstream medical community since he testified before a Senate Health Committee back in 1993, that the mainstream medical community was as he quoted "dropping the ball on Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment,"
and that unless something was immediately done to remedy the situation that the situation was going to erupt into a major confrontation.

And that exactly what happened, pitting the mainstream community
against this Doctor and others who
were treating Lyme disease far more aggressively/

All broke loose in 2000, when Dr. Burrascano's Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Protcols For Lyme Disease and other Tickborne disorders made in to the mainstream medical community when it was published in the prestigious medical journal Conn's
Current Therapy.

It was shortly after that that Burrascano found himself being targeted by the New York State Office Of Professional Medical Conduct Board on some very bogus
charges, which took him out of commission for two years, and cost him well over $100,000 in legal fees. He was for the most part
exonerated of any wrong doing especially in the most important areas of the investigation, yet the added stress would result in
his immune system breaking down and
IMHO his developing prostate cancer.

Since that time, his health appears to be improving, but not his finances. He will be missed by many of his patients who, including myself, owe him a debt of gratitude for saving our lives.

I also believe that the perps who have stalked and harassed my family were definitely involved with the decline in Burascano's
medical practice. And I am certain that there are many low life scum bags in the medical community including Alan Steere
and Raymond Dattwyler who were
dancing in the streets when
Burascano was forced to pack it in.

No justice was served here.

A good doctor was taken from his patients who will now have to find
other means of medical support.

And given the climate in the medical community which concerns
an all out witch hunt on Lyme Literate Physicians, this situation is only going to be complicated by the exist of Burrascano..

AJH said...

I did visit that site, and it was an excellent resource, as usual, your bookmarking talents are most adroit.

I have told you about my circumstances when the TWA 800 aircraft went down. For the record, I was in France, and it played big on the news there, as it was Paris bound. I could not understand the language, and only the visuals. Meanwhile, my wife went into a another grump and wouldn't watch any news. Very curious that.