Sunday, August 13, 2006

Musings on Loafing, Feral Family Dinner & Causal Attribution

1100h As past readers may know, my athletic activity has been slowly reduced to zip; once a twice per day runner and swimmer, then down to hiking twice per week, and now without the vehicle, nothing but dysthymic coasting (aka loafing); and I loathe doing nothing, especially for some other party that requires it, and mind-controls one into uncharacteristic torpor. But this too is a perp managed state, as I have had jobs where there a confluence of conditions where there no work can be done, and no one seemed to want to ameliorate this condition. Unemployment is another area of significant perp interest for whatever reason.

And to be very clear, it has nothing to do with any clinical condition, as there has been no correlation with it and any medications. When a remote party governs when one farts, e.g. when turning off the LCD display at that exact moment the switch is contacted, then there is not a single notion, mood, thought or action that isn't overseen and governed by this unknown party. And this is likely true for a number of other people, it is just that they don't know it. Only TI's have that knowledge, for which they are cast into a living purgatory 24x7.

With over 550 stories on Mind Control Forums that are astonishingly similar, it is about time someone in a position of responsibility woke up and understood this significant reduction of one's freedoms by stealth incursion is a moral outrage. Even if there is no evidence to show for it. A jailed convict has more priveledges that this state of depraved micro-governance by venal juveniles.

I came across (assuming it was me, and not being guided by mind-control) a reasoned write up of a story with much commonality with mine yesterday at this link. The author also rationally describes known and patented mind-control technology of the 1960 to 1970's on this page. and in summary form as follows:
  • Neurophone (US Patent # 3,393,279. July 16th, 1968),
  • Psycho-Acoustic Projector U.S. patent #3,566,347, (23/2/71) A device/weapon which can actually deafen the target.
  • Methods and Systems of Altering Consciousness US Patent # 5,123,844. June 23rd, 1992
  • Microwave Weapons A hearing system" U.S. patent #4,877,027, 31/10/89. Wayne Brunker & A hearing device" U.S. patent #4,858,612, 22/8/89. Philip L.Stocklin.
  • Silent Subliminal Messages: U.S. Patent #5,159,703.October 27th, 1992. Inventor - Dr Oliver M. Lowry.
Personally, I would not make his claims as to satellite technologies as none have been publically documented, but these above devices for direct external and remote control of some of the brain's messaging are documented. Yet the paper trails stop cold, and seemingly, there are no successive improvements that one would expect. It is another game of delusion, along with the perps, abettors and gangstalkers who will not answer fundamental questions as to what is going on. Meanwhile, they collect significant rewards in doing so. The golden trail begins behind me.

2030h Back to blogging after a Feral Gamily Dinner (at my perp abetting parents place). At this time of year, I take the bus there and they drive me back. They are not keen on nightime driving, so it is likely that this arrangement is for summer months only. I only have to take the bus to be reminded as to how nutty the perps are on gangstalking me, and they aren't going anywhere soon. They keep planting the notion in mind that they are about to ceases hostilities, but I have been through about 50 of these little deceits and all I need is a trip to the grocery store, or a bus ride to be reminded that they are looking for some huge payoff/outcome which can only be detected if they keep playing pretend.

The bus was at 1730h and on a Sunday, and unusually, was packed. Standing room for a time. I thought last week was absurd with 30 passengers, but today it had to be 50 or more. At that time of day that bus route runs every half hour. And it was another Asian exposure trip to be sure. In fact, two immediately in front of me were wearing the identical color of top, an aqua blue. And in front of them, a Caucasian woman also wearing an aqua blue top. Anyhow, the same musical chairs-like atmosphere and a lot of "stories" (dress, age, on & off stops, carry-ons etc.) didn't add up to be typical bus passengers. And when I got the navy blue dressed woman moving in front of me where the aqua blue Asian were formerly, with her black backpack, I soon got the maser/laser sting in the toe, a regular harassment feature that often coincides with noisestalking, keystroke blundering, Windows select, cut & paste operations, web page display changes, transitory vision impairments or any other subtleties the perps deem vital. So it would seem, the perps are bringing their full in-apartment harassment act as close to me as they can. The zinger/masers in my vision started up withing a minute of me sitting down at the bustop, last week it was at least 3 minutes reprieve.

As usual, there was the energized/vibrational look to the bus, passengers, and me especially. It is hard not to notice when one sits still and observes. The same goes for my parent's place and the television.

The theme color was yellow while visiting; a 18" x 7" x 3" thick foam gardening pad was posted facing the fron door when I came in, my mother was in a yellow sweater with a salmon colored one over top, for extra garishness/contrast I suppose. Yellow sponge cake for desert, yellow ladders (4!) on a dark green gangstalking vehicle and a yellow driving lighted vehicle, deep red in color, tailing me 90% of the trip back, lights aimed at my eyes via the mirror of course. The dusk lighting conditions is when the perps put on considerable effort, especially with red colored gangstalking vehicles. And they put on a 20' x 3' horizontal plasma flash 8' above the ground between two landscape trees when setting off in my parent's light brown Ford Escape. My father was in the front seat, and he would of seen it, though he didn't say anything. Normally I get these large outdoor plasma displays rarely, but they also pulled them at the bus stop today and last week, green both times.

And it was interesting to observe my father get ready to leave early, when nothing was said to him and he having dementia supposedly. Somebody is telling him something or else he is being "run". And as always, the feints, entrances and exits to create more (needless) activity, not to mention the seemingly important walk-in-front-of-the-TV time. It is the same every week, or any other time I see them.

And a new trick over some kind of "attribution/continuity energy" that the perps appear to be seeking: there was a (white) golf ball on the sports news, and the perps had a house fly track it's trajectory and then beyond the hole on the television. This "happened" more than once, and they have done the same with zinger/masers in the rare moments I see motion on the LCD display (PC sourced). That flying insects take unusual trajectories around me is quite common.

The perps have pulled this "continuity association" or "causal attribution" off in other ways in the past; once my ex-wife was at my back, and she had (was scripted and rehearsed) a hold of the back belt loop of my pants in some kind of agreed upon arrangement. I couldn't see her very well as I was occupied with something facing forward. But oddly, "she" kept this sensation of the pant's waist being tightened for much longer than I expected, some 20 seconds or so, and when I turned around to look, she was long gone. In other words, she departed, and yet the perps kept up this sustained pressure on the pants without me detecting any transition as to the causal party. I surmise from that artful and complex coordination that the perps want to detect some kind of "causal energy/attribution" that would of been apparent once she ceased and the perp's sorcery took over.

Similarly, they have redoubled their efforts in placing the zinger/masers over the precise location where I am focussed to read, as I have complained about in past posts. Another variant of this is them placing the mouse cursor exactly where I want to clean up spelling mistakes (created through mind-control; my spelling has never been as bad as this, ever). In a similar vein in the past, the perps have set me up up for an public announcement, then dither the sound or me such that the key piece of information is missed no matter my attentiveness. Any thoughts as to what all of this might mean would be appreciated as I am throwing words about in an attempt to name the common thread in all of this; causal, attribution etc.

A similar tactic of what a politely call "dashed expectations" is likely part of this theme. In my vernacular, I call it "Suck and Fuck"; that is, raising expectations of some kind of favorable event outcome, and then dashing those expectations with some kind of unexpected intervening event, scripted by the perps of course. One of their favorites being mentioned above; planted thoughts on cessation of hostilities and when the day arrives, nada, same old gangstalking, noisestalking and the rest of the harassment. And sometimes they will even back off a few days beforehand to give the story more credence.

Another past example was me, (or more correctly the mind-controlled and set up "me"), thinking that I was going to get hauled into hospital on July 31, the day of my doctor's appointment. I was wrong bigtime, but there had been a long train of analysis and supporting thoughts as to how it would suit the the perps perfectly. Guess what, they are at it again with a doctor's appointment for Aug. 21, when this envisioned scenario could yet again occur, or "I" could be wrong again. One thing I do know, is with the eviction notice hanging over my head, there will be something very different Sept. 01 as I must be out of here by then. No imagined event that.

Enough musing; the emanations from this LCD display panel are getting very strong.

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